10 Bus Route - Hull Interchange - Wawne

DistrictsCity of Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire ,
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Hull Interchange - Wawne Bus Route which is situated in the Yorkshire of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Dalkeith CloseNorth Bransholme
2Ladyside CloseNorth Bransholme
3Moorfoot CloseNorth Bransholme
4Appin CloseNorth Bransholme
5The Pennine Rambler PHNorth Bransholme
6Whernside CloseNorth Bransholme
7Redmire CloseNorth Bransholme
8Foredyke BridgeNorth Bransholme
9Dulverton CloseKingswood
10Exton CloseBransholme
11Penrose CloseBransholme
12Camelford CloseBransholme
13Davidstow CloseBransholme
14Tiverton RoadBransholme
15Honiton RoadBransholme
16Bransholme Centre The ForedykeBransholme
17Midmere AvenueBransholme
18Peacehaven CloseBransholme
19Tenterden CloseBransholme
20The Whistling Goose PHBransholme
21Sutton Fields Recycling CentreBransholme
22Leads RoadSutton Fields
23Apex ParkSutton Fields
24Foredyke AvenueSutton Fields
25Rix RoadStoneferry
26Lorraine StreetStoneferry
27Woodhall StreetStoneferry
28Foster StreetStoneferry
29Bedford StreetWilmington
30Cornwall StreetWilmington
31Church RowWilmington
32Egton StreetWilmington
33Spyvee StreetWilmington
34Charlotte StreetHull
35Bond Street EHull
37Hull Royal InfirmaryThornton
38Tadman StreetSt Andrews
39St James StreetSt Andrews
40Kingston ParkSt Andrews
41George Street CHull
42Wawne Green LaneWawne
43Wawne Main StreetWawne
44Wawne Sutton RoadWawne
45HillTop FarmNorth Bransholme
46South FieldNorth Bransholme
47Kentmere CloseNorth Bransholme
48Carlamhill BridgeNorth Bransholme
49Old Main DrainNorth Bransholme
50Leitholm CloseNorth Bransholme
51Dalkeith CloseNorth Bransholme