113 Bus Route - Arlingham - Frampton on Severn - Upper Framilode - Longney - Quedgeley - Gloucester

Bus OperatorStagecoach West
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


113 - Arlingham - Frampton on Severn - Upper Framilode - Longney - Quedgeley - Gloucester Operated by Stagecoach West

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Bus Station - Gloucester13:0013:00
New Look - Gloucester13:0113:01
St Michael's Square - Gloucester13:0213:02
The Warehouse - Gloucester13:0313:03
The Docks - Gloucester13:0313:03
Spa Road - Gloucester13:0413:04
Gloucester Quays - Gloucester13:0513:05
Sainsbury's Supermarket - Hempsted13:0713:07
Monks Corner - Hempsted13:0913:09
Sandalwood Drive - Hempsted13:0913:09
Newark Farm - Hempsted13:1013:10
Village Stores - Hempsted13:1213:12
Court Gardens - Hempsted13:1213:12
Sims Lane - Quedgeley13:1613:16
Plumbing Trade Supplies - Quedgeley13:1613:16
Goshawk Road - Quedgeley13:1613:16
Elmore Lane East - Quedgeley13:1713:17
Welland Road - Quedgeley13:1713:17
Nene Close - Quedgeley13:1813:18
Welland Road - Quedgeley13:1813:18
Elmore Lane West - Quedgeley13:1913:19
Goshawk Road - Quedgeley13:1913:19
Plumbing Trade Supplies - Quedgeley13:2013:20
Old Elmore Lane - Quedgeley13:2013:20
Friar Tuck's - Quedgeley13:2113:21
Highliffe Drive - Quedgeley13:2313:23
Holly End - Quedgeley13:2313:23
The Holly Grove - Quedgeley13:2513:25
Overbrook Road - Quedgeley13:2513:25
Chiltern Road - Quedgeley13:2513:25
Fisher's Bridge - Quedgeley13:2613:26
Sunnyfield Road - Hardwicke ( Stroud)13:2613:26
Pilot Inn - Hardwicke ( Stroud)13:2713:27
Farm Turn - Hardwicke ( Stroud)13:2813:28
Stonebench Turn - Elmore13:2913:29
Elmore Farm - Elmore13:3013:30
Village Hall - Elmore13:3213:32
Kenton Green - Elmore13:3313:33
Church Farm - Farleys End13:3313:33
St John the Baptist - Farleys End13:3413:34
Yew Tree Farm - Longney13:3613:36
Bow Lane Farm - Longney13:3713:37
Churchend - Longney13:3913:39
Primary School - Longney13:4013:40
Bellamy Farm - Longney13:4113:41
Plate of Elvers - Longney13:4213:42
Phone Box - Epney13:4313:43
Anchor Inn - Epney13:4413:44
Lea Court Farm - Upper Framilode13:4513:45
The Ship Inn - Upper Framilode13:4713:47
Saul Bridge - Upper Framilode13:4713:47
Passage Road - Saul13:4813:48
St James' Church - Saul13:4913:49
Sandfield Crescent - Saul13:5013:50
Sandfield Bridge - Saul13:5013:50
Oatfield - Frampton on Severn13:5213:52
Oatfield Road - Frampton on Severn13:5313:53
The Old Police House - Frampton on Severn13:5313:53
Top O' the Green - Frampton on Severn13:5413:54
Post Office - Frampton on Severn13:5413:54
Village Hall - Frampton on Severn13:5513:55
Church End - Frampton on Severn13:5813:58
Village Hall - Frampton on Severn13:5913:59
Post Office - Frampton on Severn14:0014:00
Bell Inn - Frampton on Severn14:0114:01
Lake Lane - Frampton on Severn14:0114:01
Darell Gardens - Frampton on Severn14:0114:01
Fretherne Bridge North - Frampton on Severn14:0114:01
Court Lodge - Fretherne14:0314:03
St Mary's Church - Fretherne14:0414:04
Farm - Overton ( Gloucs)14:0514:05
Upper Milton End Turn - Arlingham14:0714:07
Lower Milton End Turn - Arlingham14:0714:07
Red Lion - Arlingham14:0914:09

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Red Lion - Arlingham09:3009:30
Lower Milton End Turn - Arlingham09:3109:31
Upper Milton End Turn - Arlingham09:3109:31
Farm - Overton ( Gloucs)09:3309:33
St Mary's Church - Fretherne09:3509:35
Court Lodge - Fretherne09:3509:35
Fretherne Bridge South - Frampton on Severn09:3709:37
Darell Gardens - Frampton on Severn09:3709:37
Lake Lane - Frampton on Severn09:3709:37
Bell Inn - Frampton on Severn09:3809:38
Post Office - Frampton on Severn09:3809:38
Village Hall - Frampton on Severn09:3909:39
Church End - Frampton on Severn09:4109:41
Village Hall - Frampton on Severn09:4209:42
Post Office - Frampton on Severn09:4409:44
Top O' the Green - Frampton on Severn09:4509:45
The Old Police House - Frampton on Severn09:4509:45
Oatfield Road - Frampton on Severn09:4509:45
Oatfield - Frampton on Severn09:4709:47
Factory Outlet - Saul09:4809:48
Sandfield Crescent - Saul09:4909:49
St James' Church - Saul09:5009:50
Passage Road - Saul09:5009:50
Saul Bridge - Upper Framilode09:5109:51
The Ship Inn - Upper Framilode09:5209:52
Lea Court Farm - Upper Framilode09:5309:53
Anchor Inn - Epney09:5509:55
Phone Box - Epney09:5509:55
Plate of Elvers - Longney09:5609:56
Bellamy Farm - Longney09:5809:58
Primary School - Longney09:5809:58
Churchend - Longney09:5909:59
Bow Lane Farm - Longney10:0010:00
Yew Tree Farm - Longney10:0110:01
St John the Baptist - Farleys End10:0310:03
Church Farm - Farleys End10:0410:04
Kenton Green - Elmore10:0510:05
Village Hall - Elmore10:0710:07
Elmore Farm - Elmore10:0810:08
Stonebench Turn - Elmore10:0910:09
Farm Turn - Hardwicke ( Stroud)10:1110:11
Pilot Corner - Hardwicke ( Stroud)10:1310:13
Sunnyfield Road - Hardwicke ( Stroud)10:1310:13
Chiltern Road - Quedgeley10:1410:14
Overbrook Road - Quedgeley10:1510:15
Lower Meadow - Quedgeley10:1510:15
The Holly Grove - Quedgeley10:1610:16
Naas Lane - Quedgeley10:1610:16
Holly End - Quedgeley10:1610:16
Highliffe Drive - Quedgeley10:1810:18
Friar Tuck's - Quedgeley10:1810:18
Old Elmore Lane - Quedgeley10:1910:19
Plumbing Trade Supplies - Quedgeley10:2010:20
Goshawk Road - Quedgeley10:2010:20
Elmore Lane East - Quedgeley10:2010:20
Welland Road - Quedgeley10:2110:21
Nene Close - Quedgeley10:2210:22
Welland Road - Quedgeley10:2210:22
Elmore Lane West - Quedgeley10:2210:22
Goshawk Road - Quedgeley10:2310:23
Plumbing Trade Supplies - Quedgeley10:2310:23
Sims Lane - Quedgeley10:2410:24
Barn Owl Center - Hempsted10:2610:26
Court Gardens - Hempsted10:2810:28
Village Stores - Hempsted10:2910:29
Newark Farm - Hempsted10:3010:30
Sandalwood Drive - Hempsted10:3110:31
Monks Corner - Hempsted10:3210:32
Sainsbury's Supermarket - Hempsted10:3410:34
Gloucester Quays - Gloucester10:3610:36
Spa Road - Gloucester10:3810:38
The Docks - Gloucester10:3910:39
The Warehouse - Gloucester10:4010:40
St Michael's Square - Gloucester10:4110:41
New Look - Gloucester10:4210:42
Bus Station - Gloucester10:4410:44

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Red Lion - Arlingham14:1214:12
Lower Milton End Turn - Arlingham14:1314:13
Upper Milton End Turn - Arlingham14:1314:13
Farm - Overton ( Gloucs)14:1514:15
St Mary's Church - Fretherne14:1714:17
Court Lodge - Fretherne14:1714:17
Fretherne Bridge South - Frampton on Severn14:1914:19
Darell Gardens - Frampton on Severn14:1914:19
Lake Lane - Frampton on Severn14:1914:19
Bell Inn - Frampton on Severn14:2014:20
Frampton Turn - Fromebridge14:2314:23
Fromebridge Lane - Fromebridge14:2314:23
Whitminster Inn - Whitminster14:2514:25
Garden Centre - Whitminster14:2514:25
Northfield Park - Whitminster14:2614:26
Standish Lane - Moreton Valence14:2614:26
Putloe Cottage - Moreton Valence14:2714:27
Epney Turn - Moreton Valence14:2814:28
Parkend House - Moreton Valence14:2814:28
The Lodge - Hardwicke ( Stroud)14:3014:30
Pound Lane - Hardwicke ( Stroud)14:3114:31
Business Park - Hardwicke ( Stroud)14:3114:31
Bypass Bridge - Hardwicke ( Stroud)14:3214:32
The Starting Gate - Hardwicke ( Stroud)14:3314:33
Naas Lane - Quedgeley14:3314:33
Holly End - Quedgeley14:3414:34
Highliffe Drive - Quedgeley14:3514:35
Friar Tuck's - Quedgeley14:3614:36
Old Elmore Lane - Quedgeley14:3714:37
Sims Lane - Quedgeley14:3814:38
Barn Owl Center - Hempsted14:4014:40
The Forge - Hempsted14:4214:42
Soren Larsen Way - Hempsted14:4414:44
Monk Meadow Trading Estate - Hempsted14:4614:46
Sainsbury's Supermarket - Hempsted14:4814:48
Gloucester Quays - Gloucester14:5014:50
Spa Road - Gloucester14:5114:51
The Docks - Gloucester14:5214:52
The Warehouse - Gloucester14:5214:52
St Michael's Square - Gloucester14:5314:53
New Look - Gloucester14:5414:54
Bus Station - Gloucester14:5614:56

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Arlingham - Frampton on Severn - Upper Framilode - Longney - Quedgeley - Gloucester Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Bus StationGloucester
2New LookGloucester
3St Michael's SquareGloucester
4The WarehouseGloucester
5The DocksGloucester
6Spa RoadGloucester
7Gloucester QuaysGloucester
8Sainsbury's SupermarketHempsted
9Monks CornerHempsted
10Sandalwood DriveHempsted
11Newark FarmHempsted
12Village StoresHempsted
13Court GardensHempsted
14Sims LaneQuedgeley
15Plumbing Trade SuppliesQuedgeley
16Goshawk RoadQuedgeley
17Elmore Lane EastQuedgeley
18Welland RoadQuedgeley
19Nene CloseQuedgeley
20Welland RoadQuedgeley
21Elmore Lane WestQuedgeley
22Goshawk RoadQuedgeley
23Plumbing Trade SuppliesQuedgeley
24Old Elmore LaneQuedgeley
25Friar Tuck'sQuedgeley
26Highliffe DriveQuedgeley
27Holly EndQuedgeley
28The Holly GroveQuedgeley
29Overbrook RoadQuedgeley
30Chiltern RoadQuedgeley
31Fisher's BridgeQuedgeley
32Sunnyfield RoadHardwicke
33Pilot InnHardwicke
34Farm TurnHardwicke
35Stonebench TurnElmore
36Elmore FarmElmore
37Village HallElmore
38Kenton GreenElmore
39Church FarmFarleys End
40St John the BaptistFarleys End
41Yew Tree FarmLongney
42Bow Lane FarmLongney
44Primary SchoolLongney
45Bellamy FarmLongney
46Plate of ElversLongney
47Phone BoxEpney
48Anchor InnEpney
49Lea Court FarmUpper Framilode
50The Ship InnUpper Framilode
51Saul BridgeUpper Framilode
52Passage RoadSaul
53St James' ChurchSaul
54Sandfield CrescentSaul
55Sandfield BridgeSaul
56OatfieldFrampton on Severn
57Oatfield RoadFrampton on Severn
58The Old Police HouseFrampton on Severn
59Top O' the GreenFrampton on Severn
60Post OfficeFrampton on Severn
61Village HallFrampton on Severn
62Church EndFrampton on Severn
63Village HallFrampton on Severn
64Post OfficeFrampton on Severn
65Bell InnFrampton on Severn
66Lake LaneFrampton on Severn
67Darell GardensFrampton on Severn
68Fretherne Bridge NorthFrampton on Severn
69Court LodgeFretherne
70St Mary's ChurchFretherne
72Upper Milton End TurnArlingham
73Lower Milton End TurnArlingham
74Red LionArlingham