113 Bus Route - Bishopston - Mumbles (Limeslade)

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113 - Bishopston - Mumbles (Limeslade) Operated by Briggs Coaches Ltd.

Outbound Journey

Inbound Journey

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Bishopston - Mumbles (Limeslade) Bus Route which is situated in the Wales of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Car ParkLimeslade
2Pier HotelBracelet Bay
3George HotelMumbles
4Southend ParkMumbles
5All Saint's ChurchMumbles
6Newton RoadOystermouth
7Underhill ParkOystermouth
8Langland CornerLangland Bay
9Groves AvenueLangland Bay
10Southward LaneNewton
11Rock & FountainNewton
12Picket MeadNewton
13Miles LaneManselfield
14Post OfficeMurton
15Lime Kiln LaneOldway
16Pyle CornerPyle
17Brandy Cove RoadPyle
18Bishopston RoadPyle
19South CloseBishopston
20The ValleyBishopston
21Murton CommonMurton
22Copley LodgeMurton
23Campion GardensNorthway