122 Bus Route - Hull - Beverley - Butterfly Meadows

DistrictsEast Riding of Yorkshire , City of Kingston upon Hull,
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Hull - Beverley - Butterfly Meadows Bus Route which is situated in the Yorkshire of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Beverley Lockwood RoadBeverley
2Beverley Lockwood RoadBeverley
3Beverley Lockwood RoadBeverley
4Beverley Lockwood RoadBeverley
5Beverley Woodhall WayBeverley
6Beverley Woodhall WayBeverley
7Beverley Woodhall WayBeverley
8Beverley Woodhall WayBeverley
9Beverley Scrubwood LaneBeverley
10Beverley Copandale RoadBeverley
11Beverley Manor RoadBeverley
12Beverley Bus StationBeverley
13Beverley NorwoodBeverley
14Beverley NorwoodBeverley
15Beverley Hull Bridge RoadBeverley
16Beverley Hull Bridge RoadBeverley
17Beverley Swinemoor LaneBeverley
18Beverley Swinemoor LaneBeverley
19Beverley Swinemoor LaneBeverley
20Beverley Hull RoadBeverley
21Beverley TokenspireBeverley
22Woodmansey Beverley RdWoodmansey
23Woodmansey Hull RoadWoodmansey
24Woodmansey Hull RoadWoodmansey
25Woodmansey Hull RoadWoodmansey
26Woodmansey Hull RoadWoodmansey
27Woodmansey Hull RoadWoodmansey
28Woodmansey Hull RoadWoodmansey
29Dunswell Beverley RoadDunswell
30Dunswell Beverley RoadDunswell
31Dunswell Beverley RoadDunswell
32Evergreen DriveGhost Estate
33Orchard Park Beverley RoadGhost Estate
34Emmott RoadGhost Estate
35Sutton RoadGhost Estate
36Riversdale RoadNewland
37Etherington RoadNewland
38Desmond AvenueNewland
39Wellesley AvenueNewland
40Beresford AvenueNewland
41Clough RoadNewland
42Washington StreetNewland
43Ryde StreetNewland
44Melwood GroveSculcoates
45Epworth StreetSculcoates
46Temple StreetSculcoates
47Endeavour High SchoolSculcoates
48Somerscales StreetSculcoates
49Harley StreetSculcoates
50College StreetSculcoates
51Prospect Street AHull
52Hull InterchangeHull