133 Bus Route - University Of Essex - Colchester - Braintree - Stansted Airport

Bus OperatorSxconnect (operated By Arriva)
RegionSouth East
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - University Of Essex - Colchester - Braintree - Stansted Airport Bus Route which is situated in the South East of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Coach StationStansted Airport
2Coopers VillasTakeley
3Coopers VillasTakeley
4Chestnut WayTakeley
5Chestnut WayTakeley
6Canfield RoadTakeley
7Warwick RoadTakeley
8Canfield RoadTakeley
9Canfield RoadTakeley
10Woodside WayGreat Dunmow
11Woodside WayGreat Dunmow
12The Queen VictoriaGreat Dunmow
13The Queen VictoriaGreat Dunmow
14High StreetGreat Dunmow
15High StreetGreat Dunmow
16High StreetGreat Dunmow
17Homelye ChaseLittle Dunmow
18Homelye ChaseLittle Dunmow
19Homelye ChaseLittle Dunmow
20Homelye ChaseLittle Dunmow
21Homelye ChaseLittle Dunmow
22Baynard AvenueFelsted
23Baynard AvenueFelsted
25The ChequersFelsted
26The ChequersFelsted
27The ChequersFelsted
28The ChequersFelsted
29The ChequersFelsted
30Blake EndBlake End
31Blake EndBlake End
32Perkins GarageRayne
33Pods LaneRayne
34The StreetRayne
35The CockRayne
36The Welsh PrincessRayne
37The SwanRayne
38Gilda TerraceBraintree
39Nayling RoadBraintree
41Brandon RoadBraintree
42St. Michael'sBraintree
43Peel CrescentBraintree
44DanlecsBraintree Town Centre
45Blyth's MeadowBraintree Town Centre
46Mount RoadBraintree Town Centre
47Railway StreetBraintree Town Centre
48Manor StreetBraintree Town Centre
49Braintree CollegeBocking
50Bus ParkBraintree Town Centre
51Albert RoadBraintree
52Kings HeadBraintree
53Dallwood WayBraintree
54Wheatley AvenueBraintree
55Bartram Avenue NorthBraintree
56Kings Park VillageBraintree
57Tesco StoreBraintree
58Tesco StoreBraintree
59The DolphinBradwell
60The DolphinBradwell
61The DolphinBradwell
62The DolphinBradwell
63The DolphinBradwell
64The DolphinBradwell
65The DolphinBradwell
66Salmons LaneLittle Tey
67Salmons LaneLittle Tey
68Godbolt's FarmLittle Tey
69ChurchGreat Tey
70Domsey BankMarks Tey
71WellsideMarks Tey
72Norbury CloseMarks Tey
73ChurchGreat Tey
74ChurchGreat Tey
75Railway StationMarks Tey
76The FoxRivenhall End
77High StreetColchester Town Centre
78Causton RoadColchester
79Stanwell StreetColchester Town Centre
80Colchester RoadColchester