144 Bus Route - Castleford - Pontefract

DistrictWest Yorkshire
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Castleford - Pontefract Bus Route which is situated in the Yorkshire of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Halfpenny Lane St Giles AvePontefract
2Minden Close Halfpenny LanePontefract
3Love Lane St Oswalds AvePontefract
4Beechwood Avenue BeechwoodPontefract
5Wakefield Rd Kings MeadPontefract
6Wakefield Rd Queens AvenuePontefract
7Osgoldcross CrematoriumPurston Jaglin
8Pontefract Road Monkroyd CottagePurston Jaglin
9Pontefract Rd Houndhill LanePurston Jaglin
10Pontefract Road Sports CentrePurston Jaglin
11Pontefract Rd Little LaneFeatherstone
12Pontefract Rd Ackworth RoadFeatherstone
13Pontefract RoadFeatherstone
14F2 Wakefield RoadFeatherstone
15Wakefield Rd Lister RoadFeatherstone
16Wentworth Rd Hillcrest AvenueFeatherstone
17Wentworth Rd Southfield AvenueFeatherstone
18Wentworth Rd Priordale RoadFeatherstone
19Priory Rd Huntwick DriveFeatherstone
20Priory Rd Hardwick RoadFeatherstone
21Priory Rd Girnhill LaneFeatherstone
22Bus StationPontefract
23Stuart Road Swimming BathsPontefract
24Stuart Road Colonels WalkPontefract
25Halfpenny Lane Camp MountPontefract
26Halfpenny Lane Ryder ClosePontefract
27Halfpenny Lane St Giles AvePontefract