150B Bus Route - Polmaster - St Ives - Hayle

Bus OperatorRoyal Buses
DistrictCornwall and Isles of Scilly
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


150B - Polmaster - St Ives - Hayle Operated by Royal Buses

Outbound Journey

May Day, Spring Bank
Monday To Friday
May Day, Spring Bank
Monday To Friday
The Croft Inn - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:0712:0712:0712:0717:2717:2717:2717:27
Porthia Close - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:0812:0812:0812:0817:2817:2817:2817:28
Porthia Road - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:0812:0812:0812:0817:2817:2817:2817:28
Penwith Road - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:0812:0812:0812:0817:2817:2817:2817:28
Opp Gwel an Wheal Crescent - Penbeagle12:0812:0812:0812:0817:2817:2817:2817:28
St Ives Junior School - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:0912:0912:0912:0917:2917:2917:2917:29
Carnellis Road - Stennack12:1012:1012:1012:1017:3017:3017:3017:30
Treverbyn Road Junction - Hellesveor12:1012:1012:1012:1017:3017:3017:3017:30
Garrack Hotel - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1112:1112:1112:1117:3117:3117:3117:31
Ayr Court Flats - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1112:1112:1112:1117:3117:3117:3117:31
Bullans Hill Stop - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1212:1212:1212:1217:3217:3217:3217:32
Belmont Terrace Playground - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1212:1212:1212:1217:3217:3217:3217:32
Bullans Lane - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1312:1312:1312:1317:3317:3317:3317:33
Stennack Surgery - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1412:1412:1412:1417:3417:3417:3417:34
Cinema - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1612:1612:1612:1617:3617:3617:3617:36
Porthminster Hotel - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1712:1712:1712:1717:3717:3717:3717:37
The View - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:1812:1812:1812:1817:3817:3817:3817:38
Cornish Arms - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:2012:2012:2012:2017:4017:4017:4017:40
Opp Tesco - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:2012:2012:2012:2017:4017:4017:4017:40
Valley Road - Carbis Bay12:2012:2012:2012:2017:4017:4017:4017:40
Boskerris Road - Carbis Bay12:2112:2112:2112:2117:4117:4117:4117:41
Richmond Way - Carbis Bay12:2112:2112:2112:2117:4117:4117:4117:41
Longstone Cross - Carbis Bay12:2212:2212:2212:2217:4217:4217:4217:42
Tyringham Road - Lelant12:2412:2412:2412:2417:4417:4417:4417:44
Village Hall - Lelant12:2512:2512:2512:2517:4517:4517:4517:45
Woodlands - Lelant12:2512:2512:2512:2517:4517:4517:4517:45
Pintail Avenue - Lelant12:2612:2612:2612:2617:4617:4617:4617:46
Viaduct - Hayle12:3012:3012:3012:3017:5017:5017:5017:50
St Elwyn's Church - Hayle12:3012:3012:3012:3017:5017:5017:5017:50
War Memorial - Hayle12:3112:3112:3112:3117:5117:5117:5117:51
Library and Day Centre - Hayle12:3112:3112:3112:3117:5117:5117:5117:51
Fore Street - Hayle12:3212:3212:3212:3217:5217:5217:5217:52
Copperhouse Co- Op - Hayle12:3212:3212:3212:3217:5217:5217:5217:52
Phillack Turn - Hayle12:3312:3312:3312:3317:5317:5317:5317:53
Penmare Terrace - Phillack12:3412:3412:3412:3417:5417:5417:5417:54
Lidl Carwin Rise - Hayle12:3512:3512:3512:3517:5517:5517:5517:55
West Cornwall Shopping Park - Hayle12:3912:3912:3912:3917:5917:5917:5917:59

Inbound Journey

May Day, Spring Bank
Monday To Friday
May Day, Spring Bank
Monday To Friday
Lidl Carwin Rise - Hayle12:3512:3512:3512:3517:5517:5517:5517:55
West Cornwall Shopping Park - Hayle12:3912:3912:3912:3917:5917:5917:5917:59
Lidl Carwin Rise - Hayle12:4012:4012:4012:4018:0018:0018:0018:00
Penmare Terrace - Phillack12:4012:4012:4012:4018:0018:0018:0018:00
Co- Op - Hayle12:4112:4112:4112:4118:0118:0118:0118:01
Fore Street - Hayle12:4212:4212:4212:4218:0218:0218:0218:02
Library and Day Centre - Hayle12:4212:4212:4212:4218:0218:0218:0218:02
War Memorial - Hayle12:4312:4312:4312:4318:0318:0318:0318:03
St Elwyn's Church - Hayle12:4312:4312:4312:4318:0318:0318:0318:03
Foundry Square - Hayle12:4512:4512:4512:4518:0518:0518:0518:05
Pintail Avenue - Lelant12:4812:4812:4812:4818:0818:0818:0818:08
Woodlands - Lelant12:4912:4912:4912:4918:0918:0918:0918:09
Village Hall - Lelant12:5012:5012:5012:5018:1018:1018:1018:10
Tyringham Road - Lelant12:5012:5012:5012:5018:1018:1018:1018:10
Longstone Cross - Carbis Bay12:5412:5412:5412:5418:1418:1418:1418:14
Boskerris Road - Carbis Bay12:5412:5412:5412:5418:1418:1418:1418:14
Count House Lane - Carbis Bay12:5512:5512:5512:5518:1518:1518:1518:15
Tesco - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:5512:5512:5512:5518:1518:1518:1518:15
Cornish Arms - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:5612:5612:5612:5618:1618:1618:1618:16
Hospital - St. Ives ( Cnwll)12:5812:5812:5812:5818:1818:1818:1818:18
Stennack Surgery - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0113:0113:0113:0118:2118:2118:2118:21
Bullans Lane - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0113:0113:0113:0118:2118:2118:2118:21
Bullans Hill Stop - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0213:0213:0213:0218:2218:2218:2218:22
Ayr Court Flats - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0213:0213:0213:0218:2218:2218:2218:22
Garrack Hotel - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0313:0313:0313:0318:2318:2318:2318:23
Carnellis Road - Stennack13:0413:0413:0413:0418:2418:2418:2418:24
St Ives Junior School - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0513:0513:0513:0518:2518:2518:2518:25
Gwel an Wheal Crescent - Penbeagle13:0513:0513:0513:0518:2518:2518:2518:25
Penwith Road - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0613:0613:0613:0618:2618:2618:2618:26
Porthia Close - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0713:0713:0713:0718:2718:2718:2718:27
The Croft Inn - St. Ives ( Cnwll)13:0813:0813:0813:0818:2818:2818:2818:28
Fernlee - Penbeagle13:0913:0913:0913:0918:2918:2918:2918:29
Polmanter Farm Campsite - Halsetown13:1213:1213:1213:1218:3218:3218:3218:32

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Polmaster - St Ives - Hayle Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Lidl Carwin RiseHayle
2West Cornwall Shopping ParkHayle
3Lidl Carwin RiseHayle
4Penmare TerracePhillack
6Fore StreetHayle
7Library and Day CentreHayle
8War MemorialHayle
9St Elwyn's ChurchHayle
10Foundry SquareHayle
11Pintail AvenueLelant
13Village HallLelant
14Tyringham RoadLelant
15Longstone CrossCarbis Bay
16Boskerris RoadCarbis Bay
17Count House LaneCarbis Bay
18TescoSt Ives
19Cornish ArmsSt Ives
20HospitalSt Ives
21Stennack SurgerySt Ives
22Bullans LaneSt Ives
23Bullans Hill StopSt Ives
24Ayr Court FlatsSt Ives
25Garrack HotelSt Ives
26Carnellis RoadStennack
27St Ives Junior SchoolSt Ives
28Gwel an Wheal CrescentPenbeagle
29Penwith RoadSt Ives
30Porthia CloseSt Ives
31The Croft InnSt Ives
33Polmanter Farm CampsiteHalsetown