18 Bus Route - Trafford Centre - Sale - Airport - Altrincham

DistrictGreater Manchester
RegionNorth West
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Trafford Centre - Sale - Airport - Altrincham Bus Route which is situated in the North West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Trafford Boulevard/Ellesmere CircleDumplington
2Altrincham InterchangeAltrincham
3Ashley Road/Fairbank HouseAltrincham
4Hale Road/Railway BridgeAltrincham
5Hale Road/Beech RoadHale
6Hale Road/Queens RoadHale
7Hale Road/Graysands RoadHale
8Hale Road/CemeteryHale
9Hale Road/Grange AvenueHale
10Hale Road/Delahays RoadHale
11Hale Road/Carlton RoadHale Barns
12Hale Road/Broad LaneHale Barns
13Hale Road/St AmbroseHale Barns
14Hale Road/All Saints ChurchHale Barns
15Hale Road/Rydal DriveHale Barns
16Hale Road/Brooks DriveWarburton Green
17Avro Way/Runger LaneManchester Airport
18Argosy Drive/Cargo CentreManchester Airport
19Viscount Drive/Cargo CentreManchester Airport
20Runger Lane/Hasty LaneManchester Airport
21Thorley Lane/Sydney AvenueManchester Airport
22Melbourne Avenue/Sydney AvenueManchester Airport
23Manchester Airport The StationManchester Airport
24Bailey Lane/Hilary RoadWoodhouse Park
25Selstead Road/PortwayWoodhouse Park
26Portway/Oatlands RoadWoodhouse Park
27Oatlands Road/PortwayWoodhouse Park
28Oatlands Road/Summerfield RoadWythenshawe
29Simonsway/Co-op SuperstoreWythenshawe
30Poundswick Lane/Broadoak RoadWythenshawe
31Wythenshawe InterchangeWythenshawe
32Gladeside Road/Wynyard RoadWythenshawe
33Gladeside Road/Byfield RoadWythenshawe
34Gladeside Road/Nathans RoadWythenshawe
35Greenwood Road/Hollyhedge RoadBenchill
36Wendon Road/Blackcarr RoadNewall Green
37Hall Lane/Baguley ClinicNewall Green
38Hall Lane/Baguley Post OfficeBaguley
39Floatshall Road/Hall LaneBaguley
40Floatshall Road/Birstall WalkBaguley
41Floatshall Road/Leaton AvenueBaguley
42Floatshall Road/Sacred Heart SchoolBaguley
43Southmoor Road/Ditton WalkBaguley
44Hospital Road/Southmoor RoadNewall Green
45Wythenshawe HospitalNewall Green
46Floats Road/Caldey RoadRoundthorn
47Ledson Road/Dallimore RoadRoundthorn
48Southmoor Road/Ledson RoadBaguley
49Baguley Metrolink StopBaguley
50Southmoor Road/Royal Oak RoadBaguley
51Altrincham Road/Baguley TescoBaguley
52Ferndown Road/Altrincham RoadBrooklands
53Wythenshawe Road/Briarwood AvenueBrooklands
54Wythenshawe Road/Warmley RoadNorthern Moor
55Wythenshawe Park Metrolink StopNorthern Moor
56Moorcroft Road/Garthorp RoadNorthern Moor
57Moorcroft Road/Mossdale RoadNorthern Moor
58Moorcroft Road/Button LaneNorthern Moor
59Orton Road/Moorcroft RoadNorthern Moor
60Sale Road/Orton RoadNorthern Moor
61Sale Road/Brenchley DriveNorthern Moor
62Northern Moor Metrolink StopNorthern Moor
63Northenden Road/Norris RoadSale Moor
64Norris Road/Helsby RoadSale Moor
65Norris Road/ShopsSale Moor
66Conway Road/Norris RoadSale Moor
67Conway Road/Newby DriveSale Moor
68Northenden Road/Marsland RoadSale Moor
69Northenden Road/Trinity RoadSale Moor
70Northenden Road/Derbyshire RoadSale Moor
71Northenden Road/Wardle RoadSale
72School Road/Sale Tram StopSale
73Ashfield Road/Sainsbury'sSale
74Cross Street/Ashfield RoadSale
75Cross Street/Mersey RoadSale
76Cross Street/Dane RoadSale
77Cross Street/Crossford BridgeSale
78Chester Road/Poplar RoadStretford
79Chester Road/Stretford ArndaleStretford
80Kingsway/Stretford ArndaleStretford
81Barton Road/Robin HoodStretford
82Park Road/Derbyshire LaneStretford
83Park Road/Davyhulme RoadStretford
84Barton Dock Road/Kellogg'sTrafford Park
85Barton Dock Road/IcopalTrafford Park
86Barton Dock Rd/The FurrowsTrafford Park
87Barton Dock Road/Akzo NobelTrafford Park
88Barton Dock Road/St Modwen RoadTrafford Park
89Barton Dock Road/ParkwayTrafford Park
90Barton Dock Road/Mercury WayTrafford Park
91Barton Dock Rd/Phoenix WayDumplington
92Barton Dock Rd/The Trafford CentreDumplington
93Trafford Boulevard/Ellesmere CircleDumplington