2 Bus Route - Barrack Estate - Gt Yarmouth - Gorleston - Shrublands - Hospital

Bus OperatorFirst In Norfolk & Suffolk
RegionEast Anglia
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Barrack Estate - Gt Yarmouth - Gorleston - Shrublands - Hospital Bus Route which is situated in the East Anglia of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Market GatesGreat Yarmouth
2Bus ShelterJames Paget Hospital
3St Georges TheatreGreat Yarmouth
4James Paget HospitalGorleston
5King Street SurgeryGreat Yarmouth
6Gresham CloseGorleston
7Victoria RoadGreat Yarmouth
8Wadham RoadGorleston
9St Peters AvenueGorleston
10Malakoff RoadGreat Yarmouth
11Pier PlaceGreat Yarmouth
12Falstoff AvenueGorleston
13Newcastle RoadGreat Yarmouth
14Girton RoadGorleston
15Barrack RoadGreat Yarmouth
16Gonville RoadGorleston
17Battery RoadGreat Yarmouth
18St Annes CrescentGorleston
19Parkland DriveGorleston
20Main Cross RoadGreat Yarmouth
21Kings RoadGorleston
22Cydonia GroveGorleston
23Sycamore GreenGorleston
24Cherry RoadGorleston
25Magdalen ArmsGorleston
26East Norfolk Sixth Form CentreGorleston
27Roslyn RoadGorleston
28Town CentreGorleston
29School LaneGorleston
30Trafalgar RoadGorleston
31Addison RoadGorleston
32Ferry SideGorleston
33Alpha RoadGorleston
34Waveney RoadGreat Yarmouth
35Rumbold ArmsGreat Yarmouth
36Gordon RoadGreat Yarmouth
37Anson RoadGreat Yarmouth
38Station RoadGreat Yarmouth
39Stonecutters WayGreat Yarmouth
40Fitzalan CloseGreat Yarmouth
41Monument RoadGreat Yarmouth
42Main Cross RoadGreat Yarmouth