202S Bus Route - Halesowen - Bromsgrove

Bus OperatorDiamond Bus
DistrictsWorcestershire, West Midlands,
RegionWest Midlands
Bus Routes


202S - Halesowen - Bromsgrove Operated by Diamond Bus

Inbound Journey

Operates only on school days

Monday To Friday
Bus Station - Bromsgrove08:05
All Saints Road - Bromsgrove08:06
Oakland grove - Bromsgrove08:06
Upland Road - Bromsgrove08:07
Hillside Drive - Lickey End08:08
School - Lickey End08:08
Old Birmingham Road - Hall Flat08:09
Staple Flat - Staple Hill ( Worcs)08:10
Old Birmingham Road - Staple Hill ( Worcs)08:10
Braces Lane - Marlbrook ( Worcs)08:11
Marlbrook Lane - Marlbrook ( Worcs)08:11
Lickey Rock - Marlbrook ( Worcs)08:12
Lickey Grange Drive - Upper Marlbrook08:13
Lickey Square - Lickey08:14
Parish Hall - Lickey08:15
Rose and Crown - Lickey08:16
Rose Hill - Lickey08:16
Rednal Island - Rednal ( W Mids)08:17
Middle Drive - Cofton Hacket08:18
Parsonage Drive - Rednal ( W Mids)08:19
Edgewood Road - Rednal ( W Mids)08:20
Leach Green Lane - Rednal ( W Mids)08:21
Meadvale Road - Rednal ( W Mids)08:22
Ridgewater Close - Rubery08:22
Cliff Rock Road - Rubery08:23
Leach Heath Lane - Rubery08:23
Beverley Road - Rubery08:24
Rose & Crown - Rubery ( Worcs)08:24
St. Chads Church - Rubery ( Worcs)08:25
Post Office - Rubery08:25
Birch Road - Each Way08:27
Waseley Hills School - Each Way08:28
Gunner Lane - Rubery08:28
Cleves Road - Rubery08:29
Leasowe Road - Rubery08:30
Rubery Lane South - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:30
Crompton Road - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:32
Gannow Manor Crescent - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:32
Ormond Road - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:33
Gannow Shopping Centre - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:34
Old Stone Close - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:35
Holly Hill Shopping Centre - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:37
Holly Hill Road - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:39
Savernake Close - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:39
Brightstone Road - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:39
Titania Close - Frankley ( Birm'ham)08:39
Wareham Road - Allens Cross08:40
Egghill Lane - Allens Cross08:40
Ravenhayes Lane - Kitwell08:43
Harlech Close - Kitwell08:44
Rothesay Croft - Kitwell08:44
King Edwards School - Bartley Green08:45
Scotland Lane - Bartley Green08:45
Romsley Road - Bartley Green08:46
Wood Lane - Bartley Green08:47
Lye Avenue - Woodgate ( W Mids)08:48
The Old Crown - Woodgate ( W Mids)08:48
M5 Motorway Bridge - Woodgate ( W Mids)08:49
Howley Grange Road - Lapal08:50
Lydate Road - Lapal08:51
Frankley Avenue - Lapal08:51
Howley Grange School - Lapal08:52
Spies Lane - Lapal08:53
Victoria Avenue - Hurst Green ( W Mids)08:53
Ridgeway Avenue - Hurst Green ( W Mids)08:54
Woodbury Road - Hurst Green ( W Mids)08:54
Quinton Cemetery - Hurst Green ( W Mids)08:55
Long Lane - Hurst Green ( W Mids)08:56
Belle Vue Drive - Hurst Green ( W Mids)08:57
Sylvan Green - Halesowen09:00
Shenstone Island - Halesowen09:01
High Street - Halesowen09:03
Queensway - Halesowen09:03
Halesowen Bus Station - Halesowen09:05

Outbound Journey

Operates only on school days

Monday To Friday
Halesowen Bus Station - Halesowen15:15
Pool Road - Halesowen15:15
Vine Lane - Halesowen15:16
Shenstone Island - Halesowen15:17
Sylvan Green - Halesowen15:18
Belle Vue Drive - Hurst Green ( W Mids)15:20
Long Lane - Hurst Green ( W Mids)15:21
Quinton Cemetery - Hurst Green ( W Mids)15:21
College Road - Hurst Green ( W Mids)15:22
Victoria Avenue - Hurst Green ( W Mids)15:23
Spies Lane - Lapal15:24
Howley Grange School - Lapal15:25
Seven Acres Road - Lapal15:25
Lydate Road - Lapal15:26
Manor Way Bridge - Lapal15:27
M5 Motorway Bridge - Woodgate ( W Mids)15:27
The Old Crown - Woodgate ( W Mids)15:28
Lye Avenue - Woodgate ( W Mids)15:28
Wood Lane - Bartley Green15:30
Romsley Road - Bartley Green15:30
King Edwards School - Bartley Green15:32
Rothesay Croft - Kitwell15:33
Harlech Close - Kitwell15:34
Ravenhayes Lane - Kitwell15:34
Egghill Lane - Allens Cross15:36
Wareham Road - Allens Cross15:37
Titania Close - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:37
Brightstone Road - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:37
Savernake Close - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:37
Holly Hill Road - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:38
Holly Hill Shopping Centre - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:38
Holly Hill Shopping Centre - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:39
Old Stone Close - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:40
Gannow Shopping Centre - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:41
Ormond Road - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:42
Gannow Manor Crescent - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:42
Crompton Road - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:43
Reaside Junior School - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:44
Rubery Lane South - Frankley ( Birm'ham)15:44
Leasowe Road - Rubery15:45
Cleves Road - Rubery15:46
Hillview Road - Rubery15:46
Waseley Hills School - Each Way15:48
Birch Road - Each Way15:48
Post Office - Rubery15:49
St. Chads Church - Rubery15:50
Beverley Road - Rubery15:51
Leach Heath Lane - Rubery15:51
Cliff Rock Road - Rubery15:52
Chadwick Avenue - Rednal ( W Mids)15:52
Meadvale Road - Rednal ( W Mids)15:53
Leach Green Lane - Rednal ( W Mids)15:54
Edgewood Road - Rednal ( W Mids)15:55
Middle Drive - Cofton Hacket15:57
Rednal Island - Rednal ( W Mids)15:58
Rose Hill - Lickey15:59
Rose and Crown - Lickey15:59
Church - Lickey16:01
Lickey Square - Lickey16:02
Lickey Grange Drive - Upper Marlbrook16:04
Lickey Rock - Marlbrook ( Worcs)16:05
Marlbrook Lane - Marlbrook ( Worcs)16:05
Braces Lane - Marlbrook ( Worcs)16:06
Old Birmingham Road - Staple Hill ( Worcs)16:07
Staple Flat - Staple Hill ( Worcs)16:08
Old Birmingham Road - Hall Flat16:08
Upland Road - Bromsgrove16:12
Oakland Grove - Bromsgrove16:12
All Saints Road - Bromsgrove16:13
Bus Station - Bromsgrove16:15

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Halesowen - Bromsgrove Bus Route which is situated in the West Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Bus StationBromsgrove
2All Saints RoadBromsgrove
3Oakland groveBromsgrove
4Upland RoadBromsgrove
5Hillside DriveLickey End
6SchoolLickey End
7Old Birmingham RoadHall Flat
8Staple FlatStaple Hill
9Old Birmingham RoadStaple Hill
10Braces LaneMarlbrook
11Marlbrook LaneMarlbrook
12Lickey RockMarlbrook
13Lickey Grange DriveUpper Marlbrook
14Lickey SquareLickey
15Parish HallLickey
16Rose and CrownLickey
17Rose HillLickey
18Rednal IslandRednal
19Middle DriveCofton Hacket
20Parsonage DriveRednal
21Edgewood RdRednal
22Leach Green LaneRednal
23Meadvale RdRednal
24Ridgewater CloseRubery
25Cliff Rock RoadRubery
26Leach Heath LaneRubery
27Beverley RoadRubery
28Callowbridge RoadRubery
29St. Chads ChurchRubery
30Library WayRubery
31Birch RdEach Way
32Waseley Hills SchoolEach Way
33Gunner LaneRubery
34Cleves RdRubery
35Leasowe RdRubery
36Rubery Lane SouthFrankley
37Crompton RdFrankley
38Gannow Manor CrescentFrankley
39Ormond Rd Frankley
40Gannow Shopping CentreFrankley
41Old Stone CloseFrankley
42Holly Hill Shopping CentreFrankley
43Holly Hill RdFrankley
44Savernake CloseFrankley
45Brightstone RdFrankley
46Titania CloseFrankley
47Wareham RdAllens Cross
48Egghill LaneAllens Cross
49Ravenhayes LaneKitwell
50Harlech CloseKitwell
51Rothesay CroftKitwell
52King Edwards SchoolBartley Green
53Scotland LaneBartley Green
54Romsley Rd Bartley Green
55Wood LaneBartley Green
56Lye AvenueWoodgate
57The Old CrownWoodgate
58M5 Motorway BridgeWoodgate
59Howley Grange RdLapal
60Lydate RdLapal
61Frankley AvenueLapal
62Howley Grange SchoolLapal
63Spies LaneLapal
64Victoria AvenueHurst Green
65Ridgeway AveHurst Green
66Woodbury RdHurst Green
67Quinton CemeteryHurst Green
68Long LaneHurst Green
69Belle Vue DriveHurst Green
70Sylvan GreenHalesowen
71Shenstone IslandHalesowen
72High StHalesowen
74Halesowen Bus StationHalesowen