21C Bus Route - Bridgwater - Weston-super-Mare

Bus OperatorBuses Of Somerset
DistrictsNorth Somerset , Somerset,
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


21C - Bridgwater - Weston-super-Mare Operated by Buses of Somerset

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Regent Street - Weston-super- Mare16:50
Alexandra Parade - Weston-super- Mare16:50
Neva Road - Weston-super- Mare16:51
Ellenborough Park North - Weston-super- Mare16:53
Clevedon Road - Ellenborough Park16:53
Clarence Road North - Clarence Park16:54
Royal Sands - Clarence Park16:54
Charlton Road - Clarence Park16:55
Broadoak Road - Clarence Park16:55
Broadoak School - Uphill Manor16:57
Colombo Crescent - Coronation Est/ Soms16:57
Hobart Road - Coronation Est/ Soms16:58
Loxton Road Shops - Coronation Est/ Soms16:58
Sixth Form Centre - Coronation Est/ Soms17:00
Hospital Grounds - Uphill17:03
General Hospital - Uphill17:03
Bleadon Hill - Uphill17:04
Anchor Inn - Purn17:06
Bleadon Road - Purn17:06
Bridge Garage - Bleadon17:07
Hobbs Boat Inn - Batch17:08
Coppice End Corner - Lympsham17:10
Edingworth Road - East Brent17:12
Knoll Inn - East Brent17:15
Brent House - White Cross/ Sedgem'r17:17
Goat House - Battleborough17:18
Fox and Goose - White Cross/ Sedgem'r17:19
Stoddens Lane - Edithmead17:22
Rosewood Inn - Middle Burnham17:24
Westmans Estate - Middle Burnham17:25
Hospital - Burnham-on- Sea17:26
Swimming Pool - Burnham-on- Sea17:26
Sea View Road - Burnham-on- Sea17:27
Vicarage Street - Burnham-on- Sea17:28
Old Pier Tavern - Burnham-on- Sea17:30
Holiday Village - Burnham-on- Sea17:32
Channel Court - Burnham-on- Sea17:33
King Alfred School - Highbridge ( Somset)17:35
Sandy Close - Highbridge ( Somset)17:36
Pepperall Road - Highbridge ( Somset)17:37
Cemetery - Highbridge ( Somset)17:39
The George Hotel - Highbridge ( Somset)17:40
Garage - Highbridge ( Somset)17:40
Royal Artillery Inn - Alstone ( Somset)17:41
School - Huntspill17:43
Post Office - Huntspill17:44
Southfield Cross - Huntspill17:45
Arts and Crafts Centre - West Huntspill17:45
Bleak Bridge - West Huntspill17:45
Stretcholt Turn - West Huntspill17:46
Manorfields - Pawlett17:47
Bus Shelter - Pawlett17:48
Post Office - Pawlett17:48
Richmond Cottages - Pawlett17:48
Dunball Tyres - Walpole ( Somset)17:49
Downend Road - Dunball17:50
Admirals Table Inn - Dunball17:51
Stobarts - Bridgwater17:55
Bristol Road - Bridgwater17:56
Premdor - Bridgwater17:57
Union Street - Bridgwater17:58
Sainsburys - Bridgwater17:59
Bus Station - Bridgwater18:01

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Bus Station - Bridgwater07:28
Sainsburys - Bridgwater07:29
Filling Station - Bridgwater07:30
Premdor - Bridgwater07:30
Bristol Road - Bridgwater07:31
Stobarts - Bridgwater07:32
Admirals Table Inn - Dunball07:37
Car Auctions - Dunball07:37
Dunball Tyres - Walpole ( Somset)07:38
Richmond Cottages - Pawlett07:39
Post Office - Pawlett07:39
The Shops - Pawlett07:40
Manorfields - Pawlett07:40
Sretcholt Turn - West Huntspill07:41
Bleak Bridge - West Huntspill07:43
Arts and Crafts Centre - West Huntspill07:43
Southfield Cross - Huntspill07:44
Post Office - Huntspill07:44
School - Huntspill07:45
Royal Artillery Inn - Alstone ( Somset)07:47
Garage - Highbridge ( Somset)07:48
The George Hotel - Highbridge ( Somset)07:49
Cemetery - Highbridge ( Somset)07:50
Pepperall Road - Highbridge ( Somset)07:51
Sandy Close - Highbridge ( Somset)07:51
King Alfred School - Highbridge ( Somset)07:52
Channel Court - Burnham-on- Sea07:53
Holiday Village - Burnham-on- Sea07:54
Old Pier Tavern - Burnham-on- Sea07:56
Regent Street - Burnham-on- Sea07:57
Sea View Road - Burnham-on- Sea07:58
Swimming Pool - Burnham-on- Sea07:58
Hospital - Burnham-on- Sea07:59
Westmans Estate - Middle Burnham07:59
Rosewood Inn - Middle Burnham08:00
Stoddens Lane - Edithmead08:03
White Cross - White Cross/ Sedgem'r08:05
Goat House - Battleborough08:06
Brent House - White Cross/ Sedgem'r08:07
Knoll Inn - East Brent08:10
Edingworth Road - East Brent08:12
Coppice End Corner - Lympsham08:15
Hobbs Boat Inn - Lympsham08:16
Bridge Garage - Bleadon08:17
Bleadon Road - Purn08:18
Anchor Inn - Purn08:19
Bleadon Hill - Uphill08:21
Hospital Grounds - Uphill08:22
General Hospital - Uphill08:23
Sixth Form Centre - Coronation Est/ Soms08:25
Loxton Road Shops - Coronation Est/ Soms08:25
Hobart Road - Coronation Est/ Soms08:26
Colombo Crescent - Coronation Est/ Soms08:26
Broadoak Road - Clarence Park08:28
Charlton Road - Clarence Park08:28
Royal Sands - Clarence Park08:29
Clarence Road North - Clarence Park08:29
Clevedon Road - Ellenborough Park08:30
Ellenborough Park North - Weston-super- Mare08:30
Neva Road - Weston-super- Mare08:31
Station Road - Weston-super- Mare08:32
Oxford Street - Weston-super- Mare08:32
Marine Parade - Weston-super- Mare08:33
Regent Street - Weston-super- Mare08:35

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Bridgwater - Weston-super-Mare Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Regent StreetWeston-super-Mare
2Alexandra ParadeWeston-super-Mare
3Neva RoadWeston-super-Mare
4Ellenborough Park NorthWeston-super-Mare
5Clevedon RoadEllenborough Park
6Clarence Road NorthClarence Park
7Royal SandsClarence Park
8Charlton RoadClarence Park
9Broadoak RoadClarence Park
10Broadoak SchoolUphill Manor
11Colombo CrescentCoronation Estate
12Hobart RoadCoronation Estate
13Loxton Road ShopsCoronation Estate
14Sixth Form CentreCoronation Estate
15Hospital GroundsUphill
16General HospitalUphill
17Bleadon HillUphill
18Anchor InnPurn
19Bleadon RoadPurn
20Bridge GarageBleadon
21Hobbs Boat InnBatch
22Coppice End CornerLympsham
23Edingworth RoadEast Brent
24Knoll InnEast Brent
25Brent HouseWhite Cross
26Goat HouseBattleborough
27Fox and GooseWhite Cross
28Stoddens LaneEdithmead
29Rosewood InnMiddle Burnham
30Westmans EstateMiddle Burnham
32Swimming PoolBurnham-on-Sea
33Sea View RoadBurnham-on-Sea
34Vicarage StreetBurnham-on-Sea
35Old Pier TavernBurnham-on-Sea
36Holiday VillageBurnham-on-Sea
37Channel CourtBurnham-on-Sea
38King Alfred SchoolHighbridge
39Sandy CloseHighbridge
40Pepperall RoadHighbridge
42The George HotelHighbridge
44Royal Artillery InnAlstone
46Post OfficeHuntspill
47Southfield CrossHuntspill
48Arts and Crafts CentreWest Huntspill
49Bleak BridgeWest Huntspill
50Stretcholt TurnWest Huntspill
52Bus ShelterPawlett
53Post OfficePawlett
54Richmond CottagesPawlett
55Dunball TyresWalpole
56Downend RoadDunball
57Admirals Table InnDunball
59Bristol RoadBridgwater
61Union StreetBridgwater
63Bus StationBridgwater