23 Bus Route - Northampton Town Centre - Brackmills

Bus OperatorCountry Lion
RegionUnited Kingdom
Bus Routes


23 - Northampton Town Centre - Brackmills Operated by Country Lion

Inbound Journey

Gallowhill Road - Brackmills16:2516:4517:0517:2517:45
British Pepper & Spice - Brackmills16:2616:4617:0617:2617:46
Kilvey Road - Brackmills16:2716:4717:0717:2717:47
Bus Terminus - Brackmills16:3116:5117:1117:3117:51
Blaise Pascal House - Brackmills16:3216:5217:1217:3217:52
Black & Decker - Brackmills16:3316:5317:1317:3317:53
Christian Salveston - Brackmills16:3416:5417:1417:3417:54
Junction with Salthouse Road - Brackmills16:3516:5517:1517:3517:55
Sterling Business Park - Brackmills16:3616:5617:1617:3617:56
Car Auctions - Brackmills16:3716:5717:1717:3717:57
Junction with Liliput Road - Brackmills16:3716:5717:1717:3717:57
Scotia Close - Brackmills16:3816:5817:1817:3817:58
Bedford Road roundabout - Brackmills16:3916:5917:1917:3917:59
Footpath to The Lakes - Brackmills16:4017:0017:2017:4018:00
Holiday Inn - Brackmills16:4117:0117:2117:4118:01
Cliftonville Road - Northampton/ Nhants16:4317:0317:2317:4318:03
Browns Way - Northampton/ Nhants16:4417:0417:2417:4418:04
Derngate Centre - Northampton/ Nhants16:4717:0717:2717:4718:07
North Gate Bus Station - Northampton/ Nhants16:5117:1117:3117:5118:11

Outbound Journey

North Gate Bus Station - Northampton/ Nhants07:0507:2507:4008:0508:30
Browns Way - Northampton/ Nhants07:1007:3007:4508:1008:35
Cliftonville Road - Northampton/ Nhants07:1107:3107:4608:1108:36
Holiday Inn - Brackmills07:1807:3807:5308:1808:43
Footpath to The Lakes - Brackmills07:1807:3807:5308:1808:43
Bedford Road roundabout - Brackmills07:1807:3807:5308:1808:43
Scotia Close - Brackmills07:1907:3907:5408:1908:44
Junction with Liliput Road - Brackmills07:1907:3907:5408:1908:44
Car Auctions - Brackmills07:1907:3907:5408:1908:44
Gallowhill Road - Brackmills07:2007:4007:5508:2008:45
British Pepper & Spice - Brackmills07:2007:4007:5508:2008:45
Kilvey Road - Brackmills07:2007:4007:5508:2008:45
Bus Terminus - Brackmills07:2107:4107:5608:2108:46
Blaise Pascal House - Brackmills07:2207:4207:5708:2208:47
Black & Decker - Brackmills07:2207:4207:5708:2208:47
Christian Salveston - Brackmills07:2307:4307:5808:2308:48
Junction with Salthouse Road - Brackmills07:2307:4307:5808:2308:48
Sterling Business Park - Brackmills07:2407:4407:5908:2408:49

Outbound Journey

North Gate Bus Station - Northampton/ Nhants07:0507:2507:4008:0508:30
Browns Way - Northampton/ Nhants07:0907:2907:4408:0908:34
Cliftonville Road - Northampton/ Nhants07:1007:3007:4508:1008:35
Holiday Inn - Brackmills07:1507:3507:5008:1508:40
Footpath to The Lakes - Brackmills07:1507:3507:5008:1508:40
Bedford Road roundabout - Brackmills07:1507:3507:5008:1508:40
Scotia Close - Brackmills07:1607:3607:5108:1608:41
Junction with Liliput Road - Brackmills07:1607:3607:5108:1608:41
Car Auctions - Brackmills07:1607:3607:5108:1608:41
Gallowhill Road - Brackmills07:1707:3707:5208:1708:42
British Pepper & Spice - Brackmills07:1707:3707:5208:1708:42
Kilvey Road - Brackmills07:1707:3707:5208:1708:42
Bus Terminus - Brackmills07:1807:3807:5308:1808:43
Blaise Pascal House - Brackmills07:1907:3907:5408:1908:44
Black & Decker - Brackmills07:1907:3907:5408:1908:44
Christian Salveston - Brackmills07:2007:4007:5508:2008:45
Junction with Salthouse Road - Brackmills07:2007:4007:5508:2008:45
Sterling Business Park - Brackmills07:2107:4107:5608:2108:46

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Northampton Town Centre - Brackmills Bus Route which is situated in the United Kingdom of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Gallowhill RoadBrackmills
2British Pepper & SpiceBrackmills
3Kilvey RoadBrackmills
4Bus TerminusBrackmills
5Blaise Pascal HouseBrackmills
6Black & DeckerBrackmills
7Christian SalvestonBrackmills
8Junction with Salthouse RoadBrackmills
9Sterling Business ParkBrackmills
10Car AuctionsBrackmills
11Junction with Liliput RoadBrackmills
12Scotia CloseBrackmills
13Bedford Road roundaboutBrackmills
14Footpath to The LakesBrackmills
15Holiday InnBrackmills
16Cliftonville RoadNorthampton
17Browns WayNorthampton
18Derngate CentreNorthampton
19North Gate Bus StationNorthampton