269 Bus Route - Banbury - Radway - Ratley - Wellesbourne - Stratford

Bus OperatorJohnson's Excelbus
DistrictsOxfordshire , Warwickshire,
RegionsSouth East, West Midlands,
Bus Routes


269 - Banbury - Radway - Ratley - Wellesbourne - Stratford Operated by Johnson's Excelbus

Inbound Journey

Late Summer Bank Holiday Not Scotland
Monday To Friday
Bus Station - Banbury Town Centre10:2010:2010:20
Bolton Road - Banbury Town Centre10:2110:2110:21
Police Station - Banbury Town Centre10:2110:2110:21
Boxhedge Road - Banbury Town Centre10:2210:2210:22
Union Street - Neithrop10:2310:2310:23
Cromwell Road East - Ruscote10:2410:2410:24
Cromwell Road West - Ruscote10:2510:2510:25
Ferndale Road - Ruscote10:2510:2510:25
Powys Grove - Ruscote10:2610:2610:26
Mill Lane - Drayton ( Banbury)10:2810:2810:28
White Horse - Wroxton10:3010:3010:30
War Memorial - Alkerton10:3610:3610:36
Green - Shenington10:3710:3710:37
Edgehill Tower Turn - Edgehill ( N R Ratley)10:4810:4810:48
Bus Shelter - Ratley10:5010:5010:50
Bus Shelter - Radway10:5510:5510:55
Church - Kineton ( Warwks)11:0011:0011:00
Moreton Paddox Turn - Wellesbourne11:0211:0211:02
Hastings House Medical Centre - Wellesbourne11:0511:0511:05
Chapel Street - Wellesbourne11:0811:0811:08
Elliot Drive - Wellesbourne11:1011:1011:10
Alveston Turn - Alveston ( Warwks)11:1211:1211:12
Malt House - Alveston ( Warwks)11:1411:1411:14
Church - Alveston ( Warwks)11:1611:1611:16
Youth Hostel - Alveston ( Warwks)11:1811:1811:18
New Street - Tiddington ( Warwks)11:2011:2011:20
Dark Lane - Tiddington ( Warwks)11:2011:2011:20
N F U - Tiddington ( Warwks)11:2111:2111:21
Oak Road - Tiddington ( Warwks)11:2211:2211:22
Alveston Primary School - Tiddington ( Warwks)11:2411:2411:24
Townsend Road - Tiddington ( Warwks)11:2611:2611:26
Mc Donalds - Stratford-upon- Avon11:2811:2811:28

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Banbury - Radway - Ratley - Wellesbourne - Stratford Bus Route which is situated in the West Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Bus StationBanbury Town Centre
2Bolton RoadBanbury Town Centre
3Police StationBanbury Town Centre
4Boxhedge RoadBanbury Town Centre
5Union StreetNeithrop
6Cromwell Road EastRuscote
7Cromwell Road WestRuscote
8Ferndale RoadRuscote
9Powys GroveRuscote
10Mill LaneDrayton
11White Horse PHWroxton
12War MemorialAlkerton
14Edgehill Tower TurnEdge Hill
15Bus ShelterRatley
16Bus ShelterRadway
18Moreton Paddox TurnWellesbourne
19Hastings House Medical CentreWellesbourne
20Chapel StreetWellesbourne
21Elliot DriveWellesbourne
22Alveston TurnAlveston
23Malt HouseAlveston
25Youth HostelAlveston
26New StreetTiddington
27Dark LaneTiddington
29Oak RoadTiddington
30Alveston Primary SchoolTiddington
31Townsend RoadTiddington