308 Bus Route - Worcester - Martley - Clifton on Teme

Bus OperatorAstons Of Kempsey
RegionWest Midlands
Bus Routes


308 - Worcester - Martley - Clifton on Teme Operated by Astons of Kempsey

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Crowngate Bus Station - Worcester11:4011:4013:4013:40
Bull Ring - St John's ( Worcs)11:4311:4313:4313:43
Graham Road - St John's ( Worcs)11:4311:4313:4313:43
School Road - St John's ( Worcs)11:4411:4413:4413:44
Blakefield Road - St John's ( Worcs)11:4411:4413:4413:44
Portobello Inn - St John's ( Worcs)11:4511:4513:4513:45
Boughton Avenue - St John's ( Worcs)11:4511:4513:4513:45
Laugherne Brook - St John's ( Worcs)11:4611:4613:4613:46
Bypass Island - St John's ( Worcs)11:4611:4613:4613:46
Christine Avenue - Rushwick11:4711:4713:4713:47
Claphill Lane - Rushwick11:4911:4913:4913:49
Church - Crown East11:5111:5113:5113:51
Oldbury Farm - Crown East11:5111:5113:5113:51
Crown East Houses - Upper Broadheath11:5211:5213:5213:52
The Plough - Upper Broadheath11:5311:5313:5313:53
Laylocks Lane - Upper Broadheath11:5311:5313:5313:53
Broadheath Common- Crossroads - Upper Broadheath11:5411:5413:5413:54
Dew Drop Inn - Upper Broadheath11:5411:5413:5413:54
Lay-by - Lower Broadheath11:5611:5613:5613:56
Grange Road - Lower Broadheath11:5611:5613:5613:56
Archbell Cottages - Hallow12:0012:0014:0014:00
Moseley Turn - Hallow Heath12:0112:0114:0114:01
Phone Box - Grimley12:0612:0614:0614:06
Grimley Turn - Grimley12:0712:0714:0714:07
Dark Lane - Sinton Green12:0812:0814:0814:08
Bus Shelter - Sinton Green12:1112:1114:1114:11
Post Box - Monkwood Green12:1412:1414:1414:14
Venn Lane - Wichenford12:1612:1614:1614:16
Rossees Lane - Ross Green12:1812:1814:1814:18
Pudford Lane - Hill Side ( Worcs)12:2112:2114:2114:21
The Crown Inn - Martley12:2312:2314:2314:23
St Peter's Drive - Martley12:2512:2514:2514:25

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
St Peter's Drive - Martley12:2312:2314:2314:23
The Crown Inn - Martley12:2512:2514:2514:25
Pudford Lane - Hill Side ( Worcs)12:2712:2714:2714:27
Rossees Lane - Ross Green12:2912:2914:2914:29
Venn Lane - Wichenford12:3212:3214:3214:32
Post Box - Monkwood Green12:3412:3414:3414:34
Bus Shelter - Sinton Green12:3712:3714:3714:37
Dark Lane - Sinton Green12:3912:3914:3914:39
Phone Box - Grimley12:4212:4214:4214:42
Grimley Turn - Grimley12:4312:4314:4314:43
Moseley Turn - Hallow Heath12:4712:4714:4714:47
Hallow C Of E Primary School - Hallow12:4812:4814:4814:48
Grange Road - Lower Broadheath12:5112:5114:5114:51
Bell Inn - Lower Broadheath12:5212:5214:5214:52
Dew Drop Inn - Upper Broadheath12:5312:5314:5314:53
Broadheath Common Crossroads - Upper Broadheath12:5312:5314:5314:53
Laylocks Lane - Upper Broadheath12:5412:5414:5414:54
The Plough - Upper Broadheath12:5512:5514:5514:55
Crown East Houses - Upper Broadheath12:5512:5514:5514:55
Oldbury Farm - Crown East12:5612:5614:5614:56
Church - Crown East12:5612:5614:5614:56
Claphill Lane - Rushwick12:5912:5914:5914:59
Christine Avenue - Rushwick12:5912:5914:5914:59
Bypass Island - St John's ( Worcs)13:0013:0015:0015:00
Laugherne Brook - St John's ( Worcs)13:0113:0115:0115:01
Boughton Avenue - St John's ( Worcs)13:0213:0215:0215:02
Portobello Inn - St John's ( Worcs)13:0213:0215:0215:02
Blakefield Road - St John's ( Worcs)13:0313:0315:0315:03
School Road - St John's ( Worcs)13:0313:0315:0315:03
Graham Road - St John's ( Worcs)13:0313:0315:0315:03
St John's - St John's ( Worcs)13:0413:0415:0415:04
Bull Ring - St John's ( Worcs)13:0513:0515:0515:05
Crowngate Bus Station - Worcester13:0813:0815:0815:08

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
The Village - Clifton upon Teme08:5008:5010:1310:13
Lion Inn - Clifton upon Teme08:5008:5010:1310:13
Pitlands Farm - Ham Bridge08:5308:5310:1610:16
The Crown Inn - Martley08:5908:5910:2210:22
St Peter's Drive - Martley09:0009:0010:2310:23
The Crown Inn - Martley09:0209:0210:2510:25
Pudford Lane - Hill Side ( Worcs)09:0409:0410:2710:27
Rossees Lane - Ross Green09:0609:0610:2910:29
Venn Lane - Wichenford09:0909:0910:3210:32
Post Box - Monkwood Green09:1109:1110:3410:34
Bus Shelter - Sinton Green09:1409:1410:3710:37
Dark Lane - Sinton Green09:1609:1610:3910:39
Phone Box - Grimley09:1909:1910:4210:42
Grimley Turn - Grimley09:2009:2010:4310:43
Moseley Turn - Hallow Heath09:2409:2410:4710:47
Hallow C Of E Primary School - Hallow09:2509:2510:4810:48
Grange Road - Lower Broadheath09:2809:2810:5110:51
Bell Inn - Lower Broadheath09:2909:2910:5210:52
Dew Drop Inn - Upper Broadheath09:3009:3010:5310:53
Broadheath Common Crossroads - Upper Broadheath09:3009:3010:5310:53
Laylocks Lane - Upper Broadheath09:3109:3110:5410:54
The Plough - Upper Broadheath09:3209:3210:5510:55
Crown East Houses - Upper Broadheath09:3209:3210:5510:55
Oldbury Farm - Crown East09:3309:3310:5610:56
Church - Crown East09:3309:3310:5610:56
Claphill Lane - Rushwick09:3609:3610:5910:59
Christine Avenue - Rushwick09:3609:3610:5910:59
Bypass Island - St John's ( Worcs)09:3709:3711:0011:00
Laugherne Brook - St John's ( Worcs)09:3809:3811:0111:01
Boughton Avenue - St John's ( Worcs)09:3909:3911:0211:02
Portobello Inn - St John's ( Worcs)09:3909:3911:0211:02
Blakefield Road - St John's ( Worcs)09:4009:4011:0311:03
School Road - St John's ( Worcs)09:4009:4011:0311:03
Graham Road - St John's ( Worcs)09:4009:4011:0311:03
St John's - St John's ( Worcs)09:4109:4111:0411:04
Bull Ring - St John's ( Worcs)09:4209:4211:0511:05
Crowngate Bus Station - Worcester09:4509:4511:0811:08

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
The Village - Clifton upon Teme08:5008:5010:1310:13
Lion Inn - Clifton upon Teme08:5008:5010:1310:13
Pitlands Farm - Ham Bridge08:5208:5210:1510:15
The Crown Inn - Martley08:5608:5610:1910:19
St Peter's Drive - Martley08:5708:5710:2010:20
The Crown Inn - Martley08:5908:5910:2210:22
Pudford Lane - Hill Side ( Worcs)09:0109:0110:2410:24
Rossees Lane - Ross Green09:0309:0310:2610:26
Venn Lane - Wichenford09:0609:0610:2910:29
Post Box - Monkwood Green09:0809:0810:3110:31
Bus Shelter - Sinton Green09:1109:1110:3410:34
Dark Lane - Sinton Green09:1309:1310:3610:36
Phone Box - Grimley09:1609:1610:3910:39
Grimley Turn - Grimley09:1709:1710:4010:40
Moseley Turn - Hallow Heath09:2109:2110:4410:44
Hallow C Of E Primary School - Hallow09:2209:2210:4510:45
Grange Road - Lower Broadheath09:2509:2510:4810:48
Bell Inn - Lower Broadheath09:2609:2610:4910:49
Dew Drop Inn - Upper Broadheath09:2709:2710:5010:50
Broadheath Common Crossroads - Upper Broadheath09:2709:2710:5010:50
Laylocks Lane - Upper Broadheath09:2809:2810:5110:51
The Plough - Upper Broadheath09:2909:2910:5210:52
Crown East Houses - Upper Broadheath09:2909:2910:5210:52
Oldbury Farm - Crown East09:3009:3010:5310:53
Church - Crown East09:3009:3010:5310:53
Claphill Lane - Rushwick09:3309:3310:5610:56
Christine Avenue - Rushwick09:3309:3310:5610:56
Bypass Island - St John's ( Worcs)09:3409:3410:5710:57
Laugherne Brook - St John's ( Worcs)09:3509:3510:5810:58
Boughton Avenue - St John's ( Worcs)09:3609:3610:5910:59
Portobello Inn - St John's ( Worcs)09:3609:3610:5910:59
Blakefield Road - St John's ( Worcs)09:3709:3711:0011:00
School Road - St John's ( Worcs)09:3709:3711:0011:00
Graham Road - St John's ( Worcs)09:3709:3711:0011:00
St John's - St John's ( Worcs)09:3809:3811:0111:01
Bull Ring - St John's ( Worcs)09:3909:3911:0211:02
Crowngate Bus Station - Worcester09:4209:4211:0511:05

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Worcester - Martley - Clifton on Teme Bus Route which is situated in the West Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1The VillageClifton upon Teme
2Lion InnClifton upon Teme
3Pitlands FarmHam Bridge
4The Crown InnMartley
5St Peter's DriveMartley
6The Crown InnMartley
7Pudford LaneHill Side
8Rossees LaneRoss Green
9Venn LaneWichenford
10Post BoxMonkwood Green
11Bus ShelterSinton Green
12Dark LaneSinton Green
13Phone BoxGrimley
14Grimley TurnGrimley
15Moseley TurnHallow Heath
16Hallow C Of E Primary SchoolHallow
17Grange RoadLower Broadheath
18Bell InnLower Broadheath
19Dew Drop InnUpper Broadheath
20Broadheath Common CrossroadsUpper Broadheath
21Laylocks LaneUpper Broadheath
22The PloughUpper Broadheath
23Crown East HousesUpper Broadheath
24Oldbury FarmCrown East
25ChurchCrown East
26Claphill LaneRushwick
27Christine AvenueRushwick
28Bypass IslandSt John's
29Laugherne BrookSt John's
30Boughton AvenueSt John's
31Portobello InnSt John's
32Blakefield RoadSt John's
33School RoadSt John's
34Graham RoadSt John's
35St John'sSt John's
36Bull RingSt John's
37Crowngate Bus StationWorcester