31A Bus Route - Lincoln - Coningsby

Bus OperatorStagecoach In Lincolnshire
RegionEast Midlands
Bus Routes


31A - Lincoln - Coningsby Operated by Stagecoach in Lincolnsh

Inbound Journey

Operates only on school days

Monday To Friday
Interchange Shelter - Coningsby07:00
Castlefields Estate - Tattershall07:02
Bus Shelter - Tattershall07:04
Abbey Close - Tattershall07:05
Blue Bell - Tattershall Thorpe07:09
North Road - Tattershall Thorpe07:09
Abbey Lodge Inn - Kirkstead07:11
Long Avenue - Woodhall Spa07:19
Woodhall Spa Hotel - Woodhall Spa07:20
Came Court - Woodhall Spa07:21
Wentworth Way - Woodhall Spa07:21
Abbey Lane - Woodhall Spa07:21
Mill Lane - Kirkstead Bridge07:22
Church Road - Kirkstead Bridge07:22
New Road - Martin Dales07:23
Pound Road - Martin nr Timberland07:28
Jubilee Close - Martin nr Timberland07:28
Wyatt Close - Martin nr Timberland07:28
Auckland Crescent - Timberland07:29
Station Road - Timberland07:30
Penny Farthing - Timberland07:30
Westmoor Farm - Martin Moor07:32
Eclipse Farm - Blankney Barff07:34
Railway Station - Metheringham07:38
The Lincolnshire Poacher - Metheringham07:39
Methodist Church - Metheringham07:40
Kings Road - Metheringham07:41
The Terrace - Dunston ( Lincs)07:42
Village Hall - Dunston ( Lincs)07:43
Railway Bridge - Dunston ( Lincs)07:43
Lincoln Road - Dunston ( Lincs)07:44
Old Ten Row - Nocton07:48
Village Hall - Nocton07:48
Nocton Hall Gates - Nocton07:48
The Park - Potterhanworth07:51
War Memorial - Potterhanworth07:52
99 Sleaford Road - Branston ( Lincs)07:56
Station Road - Branston ( Lincs)07:57
Daphne Close - Branston ( Lincs)07:58
Magnolia Close - Branston ( Lincs)07:58
Infant School - Branston ( Lincs)07:59
Woodside - Branston ( Lincs)07:59
Park View Avenue - Branston ( Lincs)07:59
Woodview Nursing Home - Branston ( Lincs)08:00
Ashfield Cottage Farm - Branston ( Lincs)08:00
Heighington Road - Canwick08:04
Canwick Road Cemetery - Lincoln08:05
Ripon Street - Lincoln08:08
City Bus Station - Lincoln08:24

Outbound Journey

Operates only on school days

Monday To Friday
City Bus Station - Lincoln17:20
Siemens - Lincoln17:21
Ripon Street - Lincoln17:22
Canwick Road Cemetery - Lincoln17:23
Heighington Road - Canwick17:24
Ashfield Cottage Farm - Branston ( Lincs)17:27
Woodview Nursing Home - Branston ( Lincs)17:30
Park View Avenue - Branston ( Lincs)17:32
Infant School - Branston ( Lincs)17:35
Station Road - Branston ( Lincs)17:37
99 Sleaford Road - Branston ( Lincs)17:37
War Memorial - Potterhanworth17:42
The Park - Potterhanworth17:43
Nocton Hall Gates - Nocton17:45
Village Hall - Nocton17:46
Old Ten Row - Nocton17:46
Lincoln Road - Dunston ( Lincs)17:49
Railway Bridge - Dunston ( Lincs)17:50
Village Hall - Dunston ( Lincs)17:51
The Terrace - Dunston ( Lincs)17:51
Kings Road - Metheringham17:53
Methodist Church - Metheringham17:55
The Lincolnshire Poacher - Metheringham17:55
Railway Station - Metheringham17:57
Eclipse Farm - Blankney Barff18:00
Westmoor Farm - Martin Moor18:01
Penny Farthing - Timberland18:03
Station Road - Timberland18:04
Auckland Crescent - Timberland18:04
Wyatt Close - Martin nr Timberland18:05
Mill Lane - Martin nr Timberland18:05
Jubilee Close - Martin nr Timberland18:05
Pound Road - Martin nr Timberland18:06
New Road - Martin Dales18:09
Church Road - Kirkstead Bridge18:10
Mill Lane - Kirkstead Bridge18:11
Abbey Lane - Woodhall Spa18:12
Wentworth Way - Woodhall Spa18:13
Came Court - Woodhall Spa18:14
Woodhall Spa Hotel - Woodhall Spa18:15
Long Avenue - Woodhall Spa18:16
Abbey Lodge Inn - Kirkstead18:17
North Road - Tattershall Thorpe18:19
Blue Bell - Tattershall Thorpe18:21
Abbey Close - Tattershall18:24
Bus Shelter - Tattershall18:26
Castlefields Estate - Tattershall18:28
Interchange Shelter - Coningsby18:30

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Lincoln - Coningsby Bus Route which is situated in the East Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Interchange ShelterConingsby
2The Black Horse PHTattershall
3Bus ShelterTattershall
4Bus ShelterTattershall
5Bus ShelterTattershall
6Bus ShelterTattershall
7Bus ShelterTattershall
8Bus ShelterTattershall
9Woodhall Spa HotelWoodhall Spa
10Came CourtWoodhall Spa
11Came CourtWoodhall Spa
12Came CourtWoodhall Spa
13Came CourtWoodhall Spa
14Came CourtWoodhall Spa
15Came CourtWoodhall Spa
16Came CourtWoodhall Spa
17Came CourtWoodhall Spa
18Wyatt CloseMartin
19Wyatt CloseMartin
20Station RoadTimberland
21Station RoadTimberland
22Wyatt CloseMartin
23Station RoadTimberland
24Eclipse FarmBlankney Barff
25Primary SchoolBlankney
26Methodist ChurchMetheringham
27Methodist ChurchMetheringham
28Methodist ChurchMetheringham
29Methodist ChurchMetheringham
30Methodist ChurchMetheringham
31Methodist ChurchMetheringham
32Methodist ChurchMetheringham
33Methodist ChurchMetheringham
34Nocton Hall GatesNocton
35Nocton Hall GatesNocton
36War MemorialPotterhanworth
37War MemorialPotterhanworth
38Station RoadBranston
39Station RoadBranston
40Station RoadBranston
41Infant SchoolBranston
42Infant SchoolBranston
43Station RoadBranston
44Station RoadBranston
45Station RoadBranston
46Station RoadBranston
47Canwick Road CemeteryLincoln
48Priory School Bus ParkSt Catherine's
49Secondary SchoolCherry Willingham