346 Bus Route - Arlingham - Frampton on Severn - Eastington - Nympsfield - Uley - Rednock School Grounds

Bus OperatorK B Coaches
RegionSouth West
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346 - Arlingham - Frampton on Severn - Eastington - Nympsfield - Uley - Rednock School Grounds Operated by K B Coaches

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Red Lion - Arlingham07:35
Lower Milton End Turn - Arlingham07:36
Upper Milton End Turn - Arlingham07:36
Farm - Overton ( Gloucs)07:38
St Mary's Church - Fretherne07:40
Old School House - Fretherne07:41
Springfield - Framilode07:43
Park View School stop - Saul07:44
Passage Road - Saul07:45
St James' Church - Saul07:45
Darell Gardens - Frampton on Severn07:46
Lake Lane - Frampton on Severn07:46
Bell Inn - Frampton on Severn07:47
Post Office - Frampton on Severn07:47
Vicarage Lane School Service - Frampton on Severn07:48
Village Hall - Frampton on Severn07:48
Top O' the Green - Frampton on Severn07:48
The Old Police House - Frampton on Severn07:49
Oatfield Road - Frampton on Severn07:49
Oatfield - Frampton on Severn07:49
St Andrew's Church - Wheatenhurst07:50
Whitminster Primary School - Whitminster07:52
Whitminster Village Hall - Whitminster07:52
Grove End Farm - Whitminster07:52
Farm - Westend ( Stroud)07:52
Nupend Turn - Westend ( Stroud)07:52
Pike Bridge - Eastington ( Stroud)07:53
Springhill House - Eastington ( Stroud)07:53
Old Badger Inn - Eastington ( Stroud)07:54
Swallow Croft - Eastington ( Stroud)07:55
Middle Street - Eastington ( Stroud)07:56
Sylvern - Eastington ( Stroud)07:56
Broadmead - Frocester07:57
The George Inn - Frocester07:58
The Cross - Nympsfield08:05
Crawley Lane - Crawley ( Stroud)08:10
Church Hall - Uley08:11
Post Office - Uley08:11
Fop Street - Uley08:12
Old Mill House - Rockstowes08:12
Riversmill - Dursley ( Gloucs)08:14
Carpenters Arms - Dursley ( Gloucs)08:15
Uley Road - Dursley ( Gloucs)08:16
Sainsbury's - Dursley ( Gloucs)08:18
Rednock School Grounds - Dursley ( Gloucs)08:22

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Rednock School Grounds - Dursley ( Gloucs)15:10
Garage - Kingshill ( Stroud)15:11
Sainsbury's - Dursley ( Gloucs)15:13
Carpenters Arms - Dursley ( Gloucs)15:17
Riversmill - Dursley ( Gloucs)15:17
Old Mill House - Rockstowes15:18
Fop Street - Uley15:19
Post Office - Uley15:20
St Giles's Church - Uley15:21
Crawley Lane - Crawley ( Stroud)15:21
The Cross - Nympsfield15:27
The George Inn - Frocester15:34
Broadmead - Frocester15:34
Sylvern - Eastington ( Stroud)15:35
Middle Street - Eastington ( Stroud)15:36
Swallow Croft - Eastington ( Stroud)15:37
Old Badger Inn - Eastington ( Stroud)15:37
Springhill House - Eastington ( Stroud)15:37
Pike Bridge - Eastington ( Stroud)15:38
Nupend Turn - Westend ( Stroud)15:38
Farm - Westend ( Stroud)15:38
Grove End Farm - Whitminster15:38
Whitminster Village Hall - Whitminster15:39
Whitminster Primary School - Whitminster15:39
St Andrew's Church - Wheatenhurst15:40
Oatfield - Frampton on Severn15:40
Oatfield Road - Frampton on Severn15:40
The Old Police House - Frampton on Severn15:40
Top O' the Green - Frampton on Severn15:41
Post Office - Frampton on Severn15:41
Vicarage Lane School Service - Frampton on Severn15:42
Village Hall - Frampton on Severn15:42
Bell Inn - Frampton on Severn15:43
Lake Lane - Frampton on Severn15:43
Darell Gardens - Frampton on Severn15:43
St James' Church - Saul15:44
Passage Road - Saul15:45
St Mary's Church - Fretherne15:50
Farm - Overton ( Gloucs)15:51
Upper Milton End Turn - Arlingham15:53
Lower Milton End Turn - Arlingham15:53
Red Lion - Arlingham15:55

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Arlingham - Frampton on Severn - Eastington - Nympsfield - Uley - Rednock School Grounds Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Rednock School GroundsDursley
4Carpenters ArmsDursley
6Old Mill HouseRockstowes
7Fop StreetUley
8Post OfficeUley
9St Giles's ChurchUley
10Crawley LaneCrawley
11The CrossNympsfield
12The George InnFrocester
15Middle StreetEastington
16Swallow CroftEastington
17Old Badger InnEastington
18Springhill HouseEastington
19Pike BridgeEastington
20Nupend TurnWestend
22Grove End FarmWhitminster
23Whitminster Village HallWhitminster
24Whitminster Primary SchoolWhitminster
25St Andrew's ChurchWheatenhurst
26OatfieldFrampton on Severn
27Oatfield RoadFrampton on Severn
28The Old Police HouseFrampton on Severn
29Top O' the GreenFrampton on Severn
30Post OfficeFrampton on Severn
31Vicarage Lane School ServiceFrampton on Severn
32Village HallFrampton on Severn
33Bell InnFrampton on Severn
34Lake LaneFrampton on Severn
35Darell GardensFrampton on Severn
36St James' ChurchSaul
37Passage RoadSaul
38St Mary's ChurchFretherne
40Upper Milton End TurnArlingham
41Lower Milton End TurnArlingham
42Red LionArlingham