35 Bus Route - Newcastle - Chesterton

Bus OperatorD&g Bus
RegionWest Midlands
Bus Routes


35 - Newcastle - Chesterton Operated by D&G Bus

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Bus Station - Newcastle Town Centr10:3110:3112:3112:3114:3114:31
Merrial Street - Newcastle Town Centr10:3210:3212:3212:3214:3214:32
Sainsbury's - Newcastle Town Centr10:3510:3512:3512:3514:3514:35
Castletown Grange - Cross Heath10:3810:3812:3812:3814:3814:38
Lower Milehouse Lane - Cross Heath10:4110:4112:4112:4114:4114:41
Brymbo Road - Cross Heath10:4210:4212:4212:4214:4214:42
London Road - Cross Heath10:4310:4312:4312:4314:4314:43
Bradwell Hospital - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:4610:4612:4612:4614:4614:46
Rowley Avenue - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:4610:4612:4612:4614:4614:46
Brittain Avenue - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:4710:4712:4712:4714:4714:47
Brutus Road - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:5110:5112:5112:5114:5114:51
Library - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:5410:5412:5412:5414:5414:54
Albert Street - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:5410:5412:5412:5414:5414:54
Edensor Street - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:5510:5512:5512:5514:5514:55
Cross Street - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:5510:5512:5512:5514:5514:55
Ibstock Building Products - Chesterton ( Staffs)10:5610:5612:5612:5614:5614:56
Watermills Road - Crackley10:5610:5612:5612:5614:5614:56
Pear Tree Lane - Crackley10:5710:5712:5712:5714:5714:57
Springwood Road - Crackley10:5810:5812:5812:5814:5814:58

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Springwood Road - Crackley09:2809:2810:5810:5812:5812:58
Pear Tree Lane - Crackley09:2809:2810:5810:5812:5812:58
Watermills Road - Crackley09:2909:2910:5910:5912:5912:59
Ibstock Building Products - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:2909:2910:5910:5912:5912:59
Cross Street - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:3009:3011:0011:0013:0013:00
Edensor Street - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:3009:3011:0011:0013:0013:00
Albert Street - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:3109:3111:0111:0113:0113:01
Library - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:3209:3211:0211:0213:0213:02
Brutus Road - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:3509:3511:0511:0513:0513:05
Brittain Avenue - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:3909:3911:0911:0913:0913:09
Rowley Avenue - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:3909:3911:0911:0913:0913:09
Bradwell Hospital - Chesterton ( Staffs)09:4009:4011:1011:1013:1013:10
London Road - Dimsdale09:4109:4111:1111:1113:1113:11
London Road - Cross Heath09:4309:4311:1311:1313:1313:13
Brymbo Road - Cross Heath09:4409:4411:1411:1413:1413:14
Castletown Grange - Cross Heath09:4909:4911:1911:1913:1913:19
Hassam Avenue - Cross Heath09:5109:5111:2111:2113:2113:21
Sainsbury's - Newcastle Town Centr09:5209:5211:2211:2213:2213:22
Brindley Street - Newcastle Town Centr09:5209:5211:2211:2213:2213:22
Bus Station - Newcastle Town Centr09:5509:5511:2511:2513:2513:25

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Newcastle - Chesterton Bus Route which is situated in the West Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Springwood RoadCrackley
2Pear Tree LaneCrackley
3Watermills RoadCrackley
4Ibstock Building ProductsChesterton
5Cross StreetChesterton
6Edensor StreetChesterton
7Albert StreetChesterton
9Brutus RoadChesterton
10Brittain AvenueChesterton
11Rowley AvenueChesterton
12Bradwell HospitalChesterton
13London RoadDimsdale
14London RoadCross Heath
15Brymbo RoadCross Heath
16Castletown GrangeCross Heath
17Hassam AvenueCross Heath
18Sainsbury'sNewcastle Town Centre
19Brindley StreetNewcastle Town Centre
20Bus StationNewcastle Town Centre