351A Bus Route - Longford - Twigworth - Coombe Hill - Lower Apperley - Deerhurst - Apperley - Tewkesbury School

Bus OperatorSwanbrook Coaches
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


351A - Longford - Twigworth - Coombe Hill - Lower Apperley - Deerhurst - Apperley - Tewkesbury School Operated by Swanbrook Coaches

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Fircroft Road - Longford ( Gloucs)07:37
Lewis Avenue - Longford ( Gloucs)07:37
Primary School - Twigworth07:37
Lodge Hotel - Twigworth07:37
Orchard Mobile Homes - Twigworth07:38
Down Hatherley Lane - Twigworth07:38
Garage - Norton ( Gloucs)07:39
King's Head Inn - Norton ( Gloucs)07:39
Church Farm Turn - Prior's Norton07:40
Marl House Turn - Prior's Norton07:40
Fieldview Caravan Park - Prior's Norton07:40
Church Lane - The Leigh07:41
Blacksmith Lane - The Leigh07:41
Pancake Lane - The Leigh07:42
St Stephen's Mission Church - Coombe Hill07:43
Swan Inn - Coombe Hill07:44
Walton Hill Farm - Deerhurst Walton07:46
Turn - Deerhurst Walton07:47
Deerhurst Turn - Deerhurst Walton07:49
Farmers' Arms - Lower Apperley07:54
Apperley Hall Farm - Lower Apperley07:55
School Road Junction - Lower Apperley07:56
Cricket Club - Apperley07:58
War Memorial - Apperley07:59
Westview - Apperley08:01
Apperley Park - Apperley08:04
Village Hall - Apperley08:04
Cottages - Deerhurst08:10
Deerhurst Turn - Deerhurst Walton08:13
Turn - Deerhurst Walton08:15
Highfield Trading Estate - Deerhurst Walton08:15
Odessa Inn - Tredington ( Gloucs)08:18
Equinox - Tewkesbury08:20
Mowbray Avenue - Tewkesbury08:20
Gupshill Manor - Tewkesbury08:22
Abbot's Road - Tewkesbury08:22
Council Offices - Tewkesbury08:23
The Crescent - Tewkesbury08:25
The Cross North - Tewkesbury08:26
Hospital - Tewkesbury08:27
Morrisons - Mitton ( Tewkesbury)08:29
Canterbury Leys - Newtown ( Tew'bury)08:31
Springfield - Newtown ( Tew'bury)08:32
Elmbury Drive - Newtown ( Tew'bury)08:33
Tewkesbury School - Newtown ( Tew'bury)08:35

Inbound Journey

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Tewkesbury School Grounds - Newtown ( Tew'bury)14:3515:35
Tewkesbury School - Newtown ( Tew'bury)14:3515:35
Elmbury Drive - Newtown ( Tew'bury)14:3615:36
Spa Gardens - Newtown ( Tew'bury)14:3715:37
Canterbury Leys - Newtown ( Tew'bury)14:3815:38
Morrisons - Mitton ( Tewkesbury)14:4115:41
Hospital - Tewkesbury14:4215:42
The Cross South - Tewkesbury14:4315:43
The Crescent - Tewkesbury14:4515:45
Council Offices - Tewkesbury14:4615:46
Abbot's Road - Tewkesbury14:4715:47
Gupshill Manor - Tewkesbury14:4715:47
Mowbray Avenue - Tewkesbury14:4815:48
Equinox - Tewkesbury14:4915:49
Odessa Inn - Tredington ( Gloucs)14:5115:51
Highfield Trading Estate - Deerhurst Walton14:5415:54
Turn - Deerhurst Walton14:5415:54
Deerhurst Turn - Deerhurst Walton14:5615:56
Cottages - Deerhurst15:0016:00
Village Hall - Apperley15:0516:05
Apperley Park - Apperley15:0616:06
Westview - Apperley15:0916:09
War Memorial - Apperley15:1116:11
Cricket Club - Apperley15:1116:11
School Road Junction - Lower Apperley15:1316:13
Apperley Hall Farm - Lower Apperley15:1416:14
Farmers' Arms - Lower Apperley15:1616:16
Deerhurst Turn - Deerhurst Walton15:2016:20
Turn - Deerhurst Walton15:2216:22
Cursey Lane - Deerhurst Walton15:2316:23
Swan Inn - Coombe Hill15:2616:26
Evington Villa - Coombe Hill15:2616:26
St Stephen's Mission Church - Coombe Hill15:2616:26
Pancake Lane - The Leigh15:2816:28
Blacksmith Lane - The Leigh15:2816:28
Church Lane - The Leigh15:2816:28
Fieldview Caravan Park - Prior's Norton15:2916:29
Marl House Turn - Prior's Norton15:2916:29
Church Farm Turn - Prior's Norton15:2916:29
King's Head Inn - Norton ( Gloucs)15:3016:30
Garage - Norton ( Gloucs)15:3016:30
Down Hatherley Lane - Twigworth15:3116:31
Orchard Mobile Homes - Twigworth15:3116:31
Lodge Hotel - Twigworth15:3216:32
Primary School - Twigworth15:3216:32
Longford Lane - Longford ( Gloucs)15:3216:32
Fircroft Road - Longford ( Gloucs)15:3316:33

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Longford - Twigworth - Coombe Hill - Lower Apperley - Deerhurst - Apperley - Tewkesbury School Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Tewkesbury School GroundsNewtown
2Tewkesbury SchoolNewtown
3Elmbury DriveNewtown
4Spa GardensNewtown
5Canterbury LeysNewtown
8The Cross SouthTewkesbury
9The CrescentTewkesbury
10Council OfficesTewkesbury
11Abbot's RoadTewkesbury
12Gupshill ManorTewkesbury
13Mowbray AvenueTewkesbury
15Odessa InnTredington
16Highfield Trading EstateDeerhurst Walton
17TurnDeerhurst Walton
18Deerhurst TurnDeerhurst Walton
20Village HallApperley
21Apperley ParkApperley
23War MemorialApperley
24Cricket ClubApperley
25School Road JunctionLower Apperley
26Apperley Hall FarmLower Apperley
27Farmers' ArmsLower Apperley
28Deerhurst TurnDeerhurst Walton
29TurnDeerhurst Walton
30Cursey LaneDeerhurst Walton
31Swan InnCoombe Hill
32Evington VillaCoombe Hill
33St Stephen's Mission ChurchCoombe Hill
34Pancake LaneThe Leigh
35Blacksmith LaneThe Leigh
36Church LaneThe Leigh
37Fieldview Caravan ParkPrior's Norton
38Marl House TurnPrior's Norton
39Church Farm TurnPrior's Norton
40King's Head InnNorton
42Down Hatherley LaneTwigworth
43Orchard Mobile HomesTwigworth
44Lodge HotelTwigworth
45Primary SchoolTwigworth
46Longford LaneLongford
47Fircroft RoadLongford