39S Bus Route - Worlds End - Longbridge via Northfield

Bus OperatorIgo
DistrictWest Midlands
RegionWest Midlands
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39S - Worlds End - Longbridge via Northfield Operated by igo

Outbound Journey

Shops - Worlds End/ Birm'ham08:00
Pitman Road - Worlds End/ Birm'ham08:00
Wedgewood Road - Woodgate Valley Nth08:01
Faraday Avenue - Woodgate Valley Nth08:01
Gorsy Road - Worlds End/ Birm'ham08:02
Overdale Road - Worlds End/ Birm'ham08:03
Bolney Road - Worlds End/ Birm'ham08:04
Barnes Hill - California ( W Mids)08:06
Simmons Leasow - Woodgate Valley Sth08:07
Jiggins Lane - Woodgate Valley Sth08:08
Glenside - Woodgate Valley Sth08:08
Sommerfield Road - Woodgate Valley Sth08:09
Warstone Avenue - Woodgate Valley Sth08:09
Tibbatts Close - Woodgate Valley Sth08:10
Plough Avenue - Woodgate Valley Sth08:11
Jiggins Lane - Woodgate Valley Sth08:12
Simmons Leasow - Woodgate Valley Sth08:12
Hillcrest School - California ( W Mids)08:13
Stonehouse Lane - California ( W Mids)08:14
Overfield Drive - Weoley Castle08:15
Shenley Lane - Weoley Castle08:15
Jervoise Road - Weoley Castle08:16
Weoley Castle Road - Weoley Castle08:17
Ilmington Road - Weoley Castle08:17
The Weoley Castle - Woodcock Hill/ W Mids08:18
Shenley Court College - Woodcock Hill/ W Mids08:18
Draycott Drive - Bangham Pit08:19
Woodcock Lane - Bangham Pit08:19
Homedene Road - Bangham Pit08:21
Bangham Pit Road - Bangham Pit08:21
Taysfield Road - Ley Hill ( Birm'ham)08:22
Merritts Hill - Ley Hill ( Birm'ham)08:25
Vineyard Lane - Ley Hill ( Birm'ham)08:25
School Playing Fields - Ley Hill ( Birm'ham)08:25
Colworth Road - Ley Hill ( Birm'ham)08:26
Lockwood Road - Northfield ( W Mids)08:27
Black Horse - Northfield ( W Mids)08:28
Northfield Baths - Northfield ( W Mids)08:28
Lockwood Road - Northfield ( W Mids)08:28
Bell Lane - Northfield ( W Mids)08:29
Northfield Baths - Northfield ( W Mids)08:31
Quarry Lane - Turves Green08:31
South Road - Turves Green08:32
Hanging Lane - Allens Cross08:33
Josiah Road - Allens Cross08:35
Tessall Lane - Longbridge ( W Mids)08:37
Broughton Crescent - Longbridge ( W Mids)08:37
Longbridge Lane - Longbridge ( W Mids)08:38
Bristol Road South - Longbridge ( W Mids)08:38
Longbridge Station - Longbridge ( W Mids)08:40

Inbound Journey

Longbridge Station - Longbridge ( W Mids)17:33
Bristol Road South - Longbridge ( W Mids)17:34
Longbridge Lane - Longbridge ( W Mids)17:34
Broughton Crescent - Longbridge ( W Mids)17:35
Farren Road - Longbridge ( W Mids)17:36
Lydiate Avenue - Longbridge ( W Mids)17:38
Josiah Road - Allens Cross17:43
Hanging Lane - Allens Cross17:44
South Road - Turves Green17:45
Quarry Lane - Turves Green17:46
Grosvenor Centre - Northfield ( W Mids)17:47
Bell Lane - Northfield ( W Mids)17:48
Lockwood Road - Northfield ( W Mids)17:49
Black Horse - Northfield ( W Mids)17:50
Lockwood Road - Northfield ( W Mids)17:53
Colworth Road - Ley Hill ( Birm'ham)17:54
Merritts Hill - Ley Hill ( Birm'ham)17:58
Taysfield Road - Ley Hill ( Birm'ham)18:00
Bangham Pit Road - Bangham Pit18:01
Homedene Road - Bangham Pit18:02
Woodcock Lane - Bangham Pit18:02
Draycott Drive - Bangham Pit18:04
Shenley Court College - Woodcock Hill/ W Mids18:04
The Weoley Castle - Woodcock Hill/ W Mids18:05
Ilmington Road - Weoley Castle18:07
Somerfield - Weoley Castle18:08
Jervoise Road - Weoley Castle18:08
Shenley Lane - Weoley Castle18:09
Overfield Drive - Weoley Castle18:09
Alwold Road - California ( W Mids)18:11
Stonehouse Lane - California ( W Mids)18:11
Hillcrest School - California ( W Mids)18:12
Simmons Leasow - Woodgate Valley Sth18:13
Jiggins Lane - Woodgate Valley Sth18:14
Sommerfield Road - Woodgate Valley Sth18:15
Plough Avenue - Woodgate Valley Sth18:16
Tibbatts Close - Woodgate Valley Sth18:16
Warstone Avenue - Woodgate Valley Sth18:17
Sommerfield Road - Woodgate Valley Sth18:17
Glenside - Woodgate Valley Sth18:18
Jiggins Lane - Woodgate Valley Sth18:18
Simmons Leasow - Woodgate Valley Sth18:19
Hillcrest School - California ( W Mids)18:20
Barnes Hill - California ( W Mids)18:20
Hillcrest School - California ( W Mids)18:20
Bolney Road - Worlds End/ Birm'ham18:23
Overdale Road - Worlds End/ Birm'ham18:23
Gorsy Road - Worlds End/ Birm'ham18:24
Faraday Avenue - Woodgate Valley Nth18:25
Wedgewood Road - Woodgate Valley Nth18:25
Pitman Road - Worlds End/ Birm'ham18:26
Shops - Worlds End/ Birm'ham18:27

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Worlds End - Longbridge via Northfield Bus Route which is situated in the West Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Longbridge StationLongbridge
2Bristol Road SouthLongbridge
3Longbridge LaneLongbridge
4Broughton CrescentLongbridge
5Farren RdLongbridge
6Lydiate AveLongbridge
7Josiah RdAllens Cross
8Hanging LaneAllens Cross
9South RdTurves Green
10Quarry LaneTurves Green
11Northfield Shopping CentreNorthfield
12Bell LaneNorthfield
13Lockwood RdNorthfield
14Black HorseNorthfield
15Lockwood Rd Northfield
16Colworth RdLey Hill
17Merritts HillLey Hill
18Taysfield RdLey Hill
19Bangham Pit RdBangham Pit
20Homedene RdBangham Pit
21Woodcock LaneBangham Pit
22Draycott DriveBangham Pit
23Shenley Court CollegeWoodcock Hill
24The Weoley CastleWoodcock Hill
25Ilmington RdWeoley Castle
26SomerfieldWeoley Castle
27Jervoise RdWeoley Castle
28Shenley LaneWeoley Castle
29Overfield DriveWeoley Castle
30Alwold RdCalifornia
31Stonehouse LaneCalifornia
32Hillcrest SchoolCalifornia
33Simmons LeasowWoodgate Valley South
34Jiggins LaneWoodgate Valley South
35Sommerfield RdWoodgate Valley South
36Plough AvenueWoodgate Valley South
37Tibbatts CloseWoodgate Valley South
38Warstone AvenueWoodgate Valley South
39Sommerfield RdWoodgate Valley South
40GlensideWoodgate Valley South
41Jiggins LaneWoodgate Valley South
42Simmons LeasowWoodgate Valley South
43Hillcrest SchoolCalifornia
44Barnes Hill California
45Hillcrest SchoolCalifornia
46Bolney RdWorlds End
47Overdale RdWorlds End
48Gorsy RdWorlds End
49Faraday AvenueWoodgate Valley North
50Wedgewood RdWoodgate Valley North
51Pitman RdWorlds End
52ShopsWorlds End