402A Bus Route - Uttoxeter - Newborough - Burton

Bus OperatorMidland Classic
RegionWest Midlands
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402A - Uttoxeter - Newborough - Burton Operated by Midland Classic

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Bus Station - Uttoxeter Town Centr07:5015:1516:3017:40
Thomas Alleynes High School - Uttoxeter Town Centr07:5015:1516:3017:40
Tesco Store - Uttoxeter Town Centr07:5215:1716:3217:42
Railway Station - Uttoxeter07:5415:1916:3417:44
Woodleighton Road - Balance Hill07:5515:2016:3517:45
Netherland Farm - Netherland Green07:5915:2416:3917:49
The Blacksmiths Arms - Marchington08:0215:2716:4217:52
Bulls Head - Marchington08:0515:3016:4517:55
the Bump House - Marchington08:0515:3016:4517:55
Woodedge Lane - Marchington Cliff08:0815:3316:4817:58
Greaves Lane - Draycott in the Clay08:1115:3616:5118:01
Hollybush Road - Newborough ( Staffs)08:1615:4116:5618:06
Slate House Farm - Bromley Wood08:2015:4517:0018:10
Ashbrook Lane - Abbots Bromley08:2315:4817:0318:13
Butter Cross - Abbots Bromley08:2315:4817:0318:13
Goose Lane - Abbots Bromley08:2415:4917:0418:14
Butter Cross - Abbots Bromley08:2515:5017:0518:15
Ashbrook Lane - Abbots Bromley08:2515:5017:0518:15
Slate House Farm - Bromley Wood08:2815:5317:0818:18
Hollybush Road - Newborough ( Staffs)08:3315:5817:1318:23
All Saints Church - Newborough ( Staffs)08:3315:5817:1318:23
New Inn Farm - Needwood08:3816:0317:1818:28
Acorn Inn - Rough Hay ( Staffs)08:4016:0517:2018:30
Post Office - Rough Hay ( Staffs)08:4016:0517:2018:30
No. 133 - Henhurst Hill08:4116:0617:2118:31
No. 41 - Henhurst Hill08:4216:0717:2218:32
Shobnall Dingle - Henhurst Hill08:4316:0817:2318:33
No. 48 A - Henhurst Hill08:4416:0917:2418:34
Forest Road - Shobnall08:4416:0917:2418:34
Primary School - Shobnall08:4516:1017:2518:35
Price Court - Shobnall08:4516:1017:2518:35
Crossman Street - Shobnall08:4616:1117:2618:36
Shobnall Street - Shobnall08:4716:1217:2718:37
Wellington Street - Shobnall08:4716:1217:2718:37
Curzon Street West - Shobnall08:4816:1317:2818:38
King Edwards Place - Shobnall08:4816:1317:2818:38
Borough Road - Shobnall08:4816:1317:2818:38
Lidl Store - Shobnall08:4916:1417:2918:39
Railway Station - Burton upon Trent08:5016:1517:3018:40
Devonshire Arms - Burton upon Trent08:5116:1617:3118:41
Sainsbury's Store - Burton upon Trent08:5216:1717:3218:42
Octagon Centre - Burton upon Trent08:5516:2017:3518:45

Inbound Journey

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Uttoxeter - Newborough - Burton Bus Route which is situated in the West Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1New StreetBurton upon Trent
2Sainsbury's StoreBurton upon Trent
3Devonshire Arms PHBurton upon Trent
4Railway StationBurton upon Trent
5King Edwards PlaceShobnall
6Wellington RoadShobnall
7Shobnall StreetShobnall
8Crossman StreetShobnall
9Price CourtShobnall
10Primary SchoolShobnall
11Forest RoadShobnall
12No. 48AHenhurst Hill
13Shobnall DingleHenhurst Hill
14No. 41Henhurst Hill
15Henhurst RidgeHenhurst Hill
16No. 133Henhurst Hill
17Post OfficeRough Hay
18Acorn Inn PHRough Hay
19New Inn FarmNeedwood
20Hollybush RoadNewborough
21Slate House FarmBromley Wood
22Ashbrook LaneAbbots Bromley
23Butter CrossAbbots Bromley
24Goose LaneAbbots Bromley
25Butter CrossAbbots Bromley
26Ashbrook LaneAbbots Bromley
27Slate House FarmBromley Wood
28Hollybush RoadNewborough
29Stubby LaneDraycott in the Clay
30Woodedge LaneMarchington Cliff
31Bulls Head PHMarchington
32The Blacksmiths Arms PHMarchington
33Netherland FarmNetherland Green
34Woodleighton RoadBalance Hill
35Trinity RoadUttoxeter
36Bus StationUttoxeter Town Centre