41 Bus Route - Fernwood - Barnby In The Willows - Newark - Bathley

Bus OperatorNottsbus
RegionEast Midlands
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41 - Fernwood - Barnby In The Willows - Newark - Bathley Operated by NottsBus

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Collinson Lane - Fernwood10:0010:0012:0012:0014:0014:00
Cormack Lane - Fernwood10:0110:0112:0112:0114:0114:01
Gilbert Way - Fernwood10:0210:0212:0212:0214:0214:02
Goldstraw Lane - Fernwood10:0310:0312:0312:0314:0314:03
Staple Lane - Balderton ( Notts)10:0510:0512:0512:0514:0514:05
Sibcy Lane - Balderton ( Notts)10:0510:0512:0512:0514:0514:05
Belvoir Road - Balderton ( Notts)10:0610:0612:0612:0614:0614:06
Sykes Lane - Balderton ( Notts)10:0610:0612:0612:0614:0614:06
Pinfold Lane - Balderton ( Notts)10:0710:0712:0712:0714:0714:07
Front Street - Barnby in th Willows10:1510:1512:1512:1514:1514:15
Gainsborough Drive - Newark-on- Trent10:2410:2412:2412:2414:2414:24
St Leonards Church - Newark-on- Trent10:2410:2412:2412:2414:2414:24
Beaumont Walk - Newark-on- Trent10:2510:2512:2512:2514:2514:25
Lincoln Street - Newark-on- Trent10:2610:2612:2612:2614:2614:26
A L D I - Newark-on- Trent10:2810:2812:2812:2814:2814:28
Kirk Gate - Newark-on- Trent10:3010:3012:3012:3014:3014:30
Trent Bridge - Newark-on- Trent10:3110:3112:3112:3114:3114:31
Newark Castle Railway Station - Newark-on- Trent10:3110:3112:3112:3114:3114:31
Smeatons Lakes - Newark-on- Trent10:3510:3512:3512:3514:3514:35
Main Street - South Muskham10:3810:3812:3812:3814:3814:38
Ollerton Road - Little Carlton/ Notts10:4010:4012:4012:4014:4014:40
Main Street - Bathley10:4510:4512:4512:4514:4514:45

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Main Street - Bathley10:5010:5012:5012:50
Bathley Lane - Little Carlton/ Notts10:5510:5512:5512:55
Main Street - South Muskham10:5810:5812:5812:58
Smeatons Lakes - Newark-on- Trent11:0111:0113:0113:01
Newark Castle Railway Station - Newark-on- Trent11:0511:0513:0513:05
Kirk Gate - Newark-on- Trent11:0611:0613:0613:06
A L D I - Newark-on- Trent11:0811:0813:0813:08
Lincoln Street - Newark-on- Trent11:1011:1013:1013:10
Beaumont Walk - Newark-on- Trent11:1211:1213:1213:12
St Leonards Church - Newark-on- Trent11:1311:1313:1313:13
Gainsborough Drive - Newark-on- Trent11:1311:1313:1313:13
Pinfold Lane - Balderton ( Notts)11:2511:2513:2513:25
Sykes Lane - Balderton ( Notts)11:2611:2613:2613:26
Belvoir Road - Balderton ( Notts)11:2611:2613:2613:26
Sibcy Lane - Balderton ( Notts)11:2711:2713:2713:27
Staple Lane - Balderton ( Notts)11:2811:2813:2813:28
Goldstraw Lane - Fernwood11:3011:3013:3013:30
Collinson Lane - Fernwood11:3011:3013:3013:30

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Fernwood - Barnby In The Willows - Newark - Bathley Bus Route which is situated in the East Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Main StreetBathley
2Bathley LaneLittle Carlton
3Main StreetSouth Muskham
4Smeatons LakesNewark
5Newark Castle Railway StationNewark
6Kirk GateNewark
8Lincoln StreetNewark
9Beaumont WalkNewark
10St Leonards ChurchNewark
11Gainsborough DriveNewark
12Pinfold LaneBalderton
13Sykes LaneBalderton
14Belvoir RoadBalderton
15Sibcy LaneBalderton
16Staple LaneBalderton
17Goldstraw LaneFernwood
18Collinson LaneFernwood