42 Bus Route - Q3 Academy - Handsworth Booth St via Stone Cross

Bus OperatorCentral Buses
DistrictWest Midlands
RegionWest Midlands
Bus Routes


42 - Q3 Academy - Handsworth Booth St via Stone Cross Operated by Central Buses

Outbound Journey

Q3 Academy - Grove Vale15:2016:15
Peak House Road - Grove Vale15:2116:16
Merrions Close - Grove Vale15:2316:18
Skip Lane - Yew Tree ( Walsall)15:2516:20
Walstead Close - Gillity Village15:2716:22
Canal Bridge - Delves ( W Mids)15:2816:23
Laurel Road - Yew Tree ( Walsall)15:3016:25
Walstead Road - Delves ( W Mids)15:3116:26
Redwood Road - Grove Vale15:3216:27
Plane Tree Road - Grove Vale15:3216:27
Brindle Road - Grove Vale15:3316:28
Birchfield Way - Grove Vale15:3416:29
Plane Tree Road - Grove Vale15:3516:30
Fir Tree Schools - Friar Park15:3516:30
Acacia Avenue - Friar Park15:3616:31
Poplar Avenue - Friar Park15:3616:31
West Bromwich Road - Friar Park15:3716:32
Tame Bridge - Friar Park15:3816:33
Tame Bridge Rail Station - Tame Bridge15:3916:34
Sandfield Road - Stone Cross ( W Mids)15:4016:35
Jervoise Lane - Stone Cross ( W Mids)15:4216:37
Marsh Lane - Charlemont Farm15:4316:38
Thursfield Road - Charlemont Farm15:4416:39
Lyndhurst Road - Hall End ( W Mids)15:4416:39
Church Vale - Hall End ( W Mids)15:4616:41
Sandwell District General Hospital - Hall End ( W Mids)15:4716:42
Hargate Arms - Hall End ( W Mids)15:4916:44
Walsall Street - West Bromwich15:5216:47
Dartmouth Square - West Bromwich15:5316:48
Trinity Way - West Bromwich15:5316:48
Hope Street - West Bromwich15:5416:49
Bagnall Street - West Bromwich15:5516:50
Beeches Road - West Bromwich15:5616:51
Kenrick Way - Europa Village15:5816:53
Halfords Lane - Europa Village16:0016:55
Middlemore Road - Leveretts16:0216:57
Island Road - Leveretts16:0316:58
Wattville Road - Handsworth ( W Mids)16:0416:59
Woodland Road - Handsworth ( W Mids)16:0517:00
Crocketts Road - Handsworth ( W Mids)16:0617:01
Booth Street - Handsworth ( W Mids)16:0817:03

Inbound Journey

Booth Street - Handsworth ( W Mids)07:25
Holyhead Way - Handsworth ( W Mids)07:26
Crocketts Road - Handsworth ( W Mids)07:27
Wattville Road - Handsworth ( W Mids)07:28
Holyhead Road - Handsworth ( W Mids)07:28
Island Road - Leveretts07:28
Middlemore Road - Leveretts07:30
Halfords Lane - Europa Village07:31
Kenrick Way - Europa Village07:33
Beeches Road - West Bromwich07:36
Roebuck Lane - West Bromwich07:37
Hope Street - West Bromwich07:38
Trinity Way - West Bromwich07:39
Dartmouth Square - West Bromwich07:41
Walsall Street - West Bromwich07:44
Hargate Arms - Hall End ( W Mids)07:47
Sandwell District General Hospital - Hall End ( W Mids)07:48
Stanway Road - Hall End ( W Mids)07:49
Church Vale - Hall End ( W Mids)07:49
Heath Lane - Hall End ( W Mids)07:51
Lyndhurst Road - Hall End ( W Mids)07:52
Thursfield Road - Charlemont Farm07:52
Marsh Lane - Charlemont Farm07:54
Jervoise Lane - Stone Cross ( W Mids)07:54
Stone Cross - Stone Cross ( W Mids)07:55
Hall Green Road - Stone Cross ( W Mids)07:55
Sandfield Road - Stone Cross ( W Mids)07:56
Tame Bridge Rail Station - Tame Bridge07:57
Tame Bridge - Friar Park07:59
West Bromwich Road - Friar Park08:00
Poplar Avenue - Friar Park08:00
Fir Tree Schools - Friar Park08:02
Plane Tree Road - Grove Vale08:02
Birchfield Way - Grove Vale08:03
Brindle Road - Grove Vale08:04
Plane Tree Road - Grove Vale08:05
Alder Crescent - Grove Vale08:06
Maple Drive - Grove Vale08:07
Maple Drive - Yew Tree ( Walsall)08:08
Laurel Road - Yew Tree ( Walsall)08:09
Canal Bridge - Delves ( W Mids)08:13
Walstead Close - Gillity Village08:14
Bell Inn - Gillity Village08:15
Skip Lane - Yew Tree ( Walsall)08:19
Merrions Close - Grove Vale08:23
Peak House Farm - Grove Vale08:24
Peak House Road - Grove Vale08:27
Q3 Academy - Grove Vale08:30

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Q3 Academy - Handsworth Booth St via Stone Cross Bus Route which is situated in the West Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Booth StHandsworth
2Holyhead WayHandsworth
3Crocketts RdHandsworth
4Wattville RdHandsworth
5Holyhead RdHandsworth
6Island RdLeveretts
7Middlemore RdLeveretts
8Halfords LaneEuropa Village
9Kenrick WayEuropa Village
10Beeches RdWest Bromwich
11Roebuck LaneWest Bromwich
12Hope StWest Bromwich
13Trinity WayWest Bromwich
14Dartmouth SquareWest Bromwich
15Walsall StWest Bromwich
16Hargate ArmsHall End
17Sandwell District General HospitalHall End
18Stanway RoadHall End
19Church ValeHall End
20Heath LaneHall End
21Lyndhurst RdHall End
22Thursfield RdCharlemont Farm
23Marsh LaneCharlemont Farm
24Jervoise LaneStone Cross
25Stone CrossStone Cross
26Hall Green RdStone Cross
27Sandfield RdStone Cross
28Tame Bridge Rail StationTame Bridge
29Tame BridgeFriar Park
30West Bromwich RdFriar Park
31Poplar Ave Friar Park
32Fir Tree SchoolsFriar Park
33Plane Tree RdGrove Vale
34Birchfield WayGrove Vale
35Brindle RdGrove Vale
36Plane Tree RdGrove Vale
37Alder CrescentGrove Vale
38Maple DriveGrove Vale
39Maple DriveYew Tree
40Laurel RdYew Tree
41Canal BridgeDelves
42Walstead CloseGillity Village
43Bell InnGillity Village
44Skip LaneYew Tree
45Merrions CloseGrove Vale
46Peak House FarmGrove Vale
47Peak House RdGrove Vale
48Q3 AcademyGrove Vale