47 Bus Route - Central Harlow - Mark Hall - High Laver - Moreton - Ongar

Bus OperatorRegal Busways
RegionSouth East
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Central Harlow - Mark Hall - High Laver - Moreton - Ongar Bus Route which is situated in the South East of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Two BrewersOngar
2Park LaneHarlow
3Park LaneHarlow
4The Kings InnOngar
5Ongar StationOngar
6Park LaneHarlow
7Four WantzOngar
8Burnt Mill SchoolHarlow
9Four WantzOngar
10The Stow UpperMark Hall
11Houchin DriveFyfield
12The Stow UpperMark Hall
13The Stow UpperMark Hall
14Houchin DriveFyfield
15Mark Hall SchoolOld Harlow
16The White HartMoreton
17Post OfficeOld Harlow
18Mill LaneMoreton
19Post OfficeOld Harlow
20Weald Bridge RoadMagdalen Laver
21Post OfficeOld Harlow
22Molmans CornerMagdalen Laver
23Post OfficeOld Harlow
24The GlebeMagdalen Laver
25Post OfficeOld Harlow
26School LaneMagdalen Laver
27Windmill FieldsOld Harlow
28ChurchHigh Laver
29Rainbow RoadMatching Tye
30ChurchHigh Laver
31The FoxMatching Tye
32Post OfficeMatching Green
33Post OfficeMatching Green
34The FoxMatching Tye
35Colvers CloseMatching Green
36The FoxMatching Tye
37ChurchHigh Laver
38Windmill FieldsOld Harlow
39School LaneMagdalen Laver
40Fitzwilliams CourtOld Harlow
41The GlebeMagdalen Laver
42Fitzwilliams CourtOld Harlow
43Molmans CornerMagdalen Laver
44Gilden WayLower Sheering
45Weald Bridge RoadMagdalen Laver
46Mill LaneMoreton
47Gilden WayLower Sheering
48Gilden WayLower Sheering
49Mill LaneMoreton
50Post OfficeOld Harlow
51The White HartMoreton
52Mark Hall SchoolOld Harlow
53Bridge RoadMoreton
54Cycle MuseumMark Hall
55Cripsey AvenueOngar
56Cycle MuseumMark Hall
57Houchin DriveFyfield
58The Stow UpperMark Hall
59Four WantzOngar
60Burnt Mill SchoolHarlow
61Four WantzOngar
62Burnt Mill SchoolHarlow
63The Kings InnOngar
64Park LaneHarlow
65Leisure CentreHarlow