473 Bus Route - Brentwood - Kelvedon Hatch - Ongar

Bus OperatorNibsbuses
RegionSouth East
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Brentwood - Kelvedon Hatch - Ongar Bus Route which is situated in the South East of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Four WantzOngar
2The Kings InnOngar
3Two BrewersOngar
4Coopers HillOngar
5Coopers HillOngar
6Garden CentreLangford Bridge
7Langford Bridge FarmLangford Bridge
8Kelvedon HallKelvedon Hatch
9The PriorsKelvedon Hatch
10Secret BunkerKelvedon Hatch
11Church RoadKelvedon Hatch
12Church RoadKelvedon Hatch
13Brizes CornerKelvedon Hatch
14Brizes CornerKelvedon Hatch
15Brizes CornerKelvedon Hatch
16Brizes CornerKelvedon Hatch
17Brizes CornerKelvedon Hatch
18Brizes CornerKelvedon Hatch
19Pilgrims LanePilgrims Hatch
20Coxtie Green FarmCoxtie Green
21Middleton Hall LaneBrentwood
22Middleton Hall LaneBrentwood
23Middleton Hall LaneBrentwood
24Doddinghurst RoadBrentwood
25Doddinghurst RoadBrentwood
26Wilsons CornerBrentwood
27Council OfficesBrentwood
28The ChaseBrentwood