48 Bus Route - Gloucester - Elmbridge - Abbeymead - Badgeworth - Chosen Hill School - Brockworth

Bus OperatorGloucester Limos And Minibuses
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


48 - Gloucester - Elmbridge - Abbeymead - Badgeworth - Chosen Hill School - Brockworth Operated by Gloucester Limos And Mi

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Tesco Express - Gloucester07:15
Alma Place - Gloucester07:15
Madleaze Road - Gloucester07:16
Peel Centre & Quays - Gloucester07:16
Spa Road - Gloucester07:17
The Docks - Gloucester07:18
St Oswald's Park - Gloucester07:25
Estcourt Road - Kingsholm07:27
Estcourt Road No 83 - Longlevens07:28
Estcourt Road No 135 - Longlevens07:29
Oxstalls Campus - Longlevens07:30
Wellsprings Road - Longlevens07:32
Sisson Road - Elmbridge/ Gloucester07:37
Lonsdale Road - Elmbridge/ Gloucester07:38
Queen's - Barnwood07:40
Hazel Court - Barnwood07:45
Wotton Hall Club - Barnwood07:45
St Lawrence Church ( School stop) - Barnwood07:47
Coney Hill Road - Abbeymead07:49
North Upton Lane - Abbeymead07:50
Roman Road - Abbeymead07:52
Bishops Road - Abbeymead07:52
The Turmut-hoer - Abbeymead07:54
Brome Road - Abbeymead07:58
Cox's Way - Abbeymead07:58
Yewtree Road - Hucclecote07:59
Lobley's Estate - Hucclecote08:00
Gambet Road (school stop) - Brockworth08:01
Direct Wines - Brockworth08:03
Invista - Brockworth08:05
Ermin Park - Brockworth08:07
Library - Brockworth08:09
Church school stop - Brockworth08:12
Woodland Farm (school stop) - Badgeworth08:15
Albemarle Road - Churchdown08:19
Chosen Hill School - Churchdown08:20
Albemarle Road - Churchdown08:21
Bat & Ball - Churchdown08:23
Station Road - Churchdown08:23
Cordingley Close - Churchdown08:24
Winston Road - Churchdown08:25
Yew Tree Way - Churchdown08:27
Pirton Lane - Churchdown08:28
Fire Station - Churchdown08:32
Greyhound Gardens - Elmbridge/ Gloucester08:33
Old Cheltenham Road - Longlevens08:33
Elmbridge Road - Longlevens08:34
Double Gloucester - Longlevens08:35
Oxstalls Campus - Longlevens08:37
Denmark Road - Gloucester08:39
St Margaret's Almhouses - Gloucester08:39
Bus Depot - Gloucester08:40
Great Western Road - Gloucester08:41
G L1 Leisure Centre - Gloucester08:44
The Park - Gloucester08:46
Peel Centre & Quays - Gloucester08:49
Theresa Street - Gloucester08:50
Frampton Road - Gloucester08:52
Tesco Express - Gloucester08:53

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Tesco Express - Gloucester14:25
Alma Place - Gloucester14:25
Madleaze Road - Gloucester14:26
Peel Centre & Quays - Gloucester14:27
The Park - Gloucester14:30
G L1 Leisure Centre - Gloucester14:32
Great Western Road - Gloucester14:34
Bus Depot - Gloucester14:35
St Margaret's Almhouses - Gloucester14:36
Denmark Road - Gloucester14:37
Oxstalls Campus - Longlevens14:39
Wellsprings Road - Longlevens14:41
Elmbridge Road - Longlevens14:42
Greyhound Gardens - Elmbridge/ Gloucester14:42
Fire Station - Churchdown14:44
Pirton Lane - Churchdown14:47
Morley Avenue - Churchdown14:48
Winston Road - Churchdown14:52
Cordingley Close - Churchdown14:52
Station Road - Churchdown14:52
Bat & Ball - Churchdown14:53
Albemarle Road - Churchdown15:03
Chosen Hill School - Churchdown15:12
Albemarle Road - Churchdown15:12
Woodlands Farm school stop - Badgeworth15:18
Church (school stop) - Brockworth15:20
Library - Brockworth15:23
Invicta - Brockworth15:24
Invista - Brockworth15:25
Leisure Centre - Brockworth15:27
Wincanton Gate 2 - Brockworth15:29
Gambet Road (school stop) - Brockworth15:31
Lobley's Estate school stop - Hucclecote15:31
Turning circle - Hucclecote15:32
Cox's Way - Abbeymead15:33
Brome Road - Abbeymead15:34
Palmer Avenue - Abbeymead15:35
The Turmut-hoer - Abbeymead15:38
Charlwood House - Abbeymead15:38
The Oaks - Abbeymead15:39
Roman Road - Abbeymead15:40
North Upton Lane - Abbeymead15:41
Coney Hill Road - Abbeymead15:42
St Lawrence Church ( School stop) - Barnwood15:45
Wotton Hall Club - Barnwood15:46
Budgen's Garage - Barnwood15:47
Lonsdale Road - Elmbridge/ Gloucester15:52
Sisson Road - Elmbridge/ Gloucester15:55
Elmbridge Road - Longlevens15:58
Double Gloucester - Longlevens16:00
Oxstalls Campus - Longlevens16:00
Estcourt Road No 112 - Longlevens16:01
Estcourt Road No 88 - Longlevens16:02
Estcourt Road - Kingsholm16:03
St Oswald's Park - Gloucester16:05
The Docks - Gloucester16:11
Spa Road - Gloucester16:13
Peel Centre & Quays - Gloucester16:14
Theresa Street - Gloucester16:15
Frampton Road - Gloucester16:16
Tesco Express - Gloucester16:17

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Gloucester - Elmbridge - Abbeymead - Badgeworth - Chosen Hill School - Brockworth Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Tesco ExpressGloucester
2Alma PlaceGloucester
3Madleaze RoadGloucester
4Peel Centre & QuaysGloucester
5The ParkGloucester
6GL1 Leisure CentreGloucester
7Great Western RoadGloucester
8Bus DepotGloucester
9St Margaret's AlmhousesGloucester
10Denmark RoadGloucester
11Oxstalls CampusLonglevens
12Wellsprings RoadLonglevens
13Elmbridge RoadLonglevens
14Greyhound GardensElmbridge
15Fire StationChurchdown
16Pirton LaneChurchdown
17Morley AvenueChurchdown
18Winston RoadChurchdown
19Cordingley CloseChurchdown
20Station RoadChurchdown
21Bat & BallChurchdown
22Albemarle RoadChurchdown
23Chosen Hill SchoolChurchdown
24Albemarle RoadChurchdown
25Woodlands Farm school stopBadgeworth
26Church (school stop)Brockworth
30Leisure CentreBrockworth
31Wincanton Gate 2Brockworth
32Gambet Road (school stop)Brockworth
33Lobley's Estate school stopHucclecote
34Turning circleHucclecote
35Cox's WayAbbeymead
36Brome RoadAbbeymead
37Palmer AvenueAbbeymead
38The Turmut-hoerAbbeymead
39Charlwood HouseAbbeymead
40The OaksAbbeymead
41Roman RoadAbbeymead
42North Upton LaneAbbeymead
43Coney Hill RoadAbbeymead
44St Lawrence Church (School stop)Barnwood
45Wotton Hall ClubBarnwood
46Budgen's GarageBarnwood
47Lonsdale RoadElmbridge
48Sisson RoadElmbridge
49Elmbridge RoadLonglevens
50Double GloucesterLonglevens
51Oxstalls CampusLonglevens
52Estcourt Road No 112Longlevens
53Estcourt Road No 88Longlevens
54Estcourt RoadKingsholm
55St Oswald's ParkGloucester
56The DocksGloucester
57Spa RoadGloucester
58Peel Centre & QuaysGloucester
59Theresa StreetGloucester
60Frampton RoadGloucester
61Tesco ExpressGloucester