496 Bus Route - Truro - Malpas Village

Bus OperatorTravel Cornwall
DistrictCornwall and Isles of Scilly
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


496 - Truro - Malpas Village Operated by Travel Cornwall

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
British Home Stores - Truro10:1810:1813:1813:1816:1816:18
Haven House - Truro10:1910:1913:1913:1916:1916:19
Rundles Court - Malpas Road Estate10:2110:2113:2113:2116:2116:21
British Legion Flats - Malpas Road Estate10:2110:2113:2113:2116:2116:21
Roundabout - Malpas Road Estate10:2110:2113:2113:2116:2116:21
Trennick Mill - Malpas ( Cnwll)10:2310:2313:2313:2316:2316:23
Sunny Corner - Malpas ( Cnwll)10:2410:2413:2413:2416:2416:24
Victoria Quay - Malpas ( Cnwll)10:2710:2713:2713:2716:2716:27
Heron Inn - Malpas ( Cnwll)10:2810:2813:2813:2816:2816:28

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Heron Inn - Malpas ( Cnwll)10:3010:3013:3013:3016:3016:30
Victoria Quay - Malpas ( Cnwll)10:3010:3013:3013:3016:3016:30
Sunnny Corner - Malpas ( Cnwll)10:3210:3213:3213:3216:3216:32
Trennick Mill - Malpas ( Cnwll)10:3410:3413:3413:3416:3416:34
Roundabout - Malpas Road Estate10:3510:3513:3513:3516:3516:35
British Legion Flats - Malpas Road Estate10:3610:3613:3613:3616:3616:36
Haven House - Truro10:4010:4013:4013:4016:4016:40
Victoria Square - Truro10:4310:4313:4313:4316:4316:43

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Truro - Malpas Village Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Heron InnMalpas
2Victoria QuayMalpas
3Sunnny CornerMalpas
4Trennick MillMalpas
5RoundaboutMalpas Road Estate
6British Legion FlatsMalpas Road Estate
7Haven HouseTruro
8Victoria SquareTruro