Timetable for the 029 - Newhaven - Harpur Hill - Buxton Schools Bus Route
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Timetable for 029 - Newhaven - Harpur Hill - Buxton Schools Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Slacks (licensed as K V & G L Slack Ltd).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 03/04/2020

bus timetable 029 Newhaven - Harpur Hill - Buxton Schools
Operator Information for Slacks
Email Fares Address
enquiries@slackscoaches.co.uk 01629582826, 01629584192 Travel Centre, Lumsdale, Matlock DE4 5LB

Map Showing the Routes of the 029 Newhaven - Harpur Hill - Buxton Schools Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Newhaven - Harpur Hill - Buxton Schools Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

Notes Schooldays only
Opp, Junction, Newhaven (Derbys), Derbyshire08:00
Opp, The Rake, Parsley Hay, Derbyshire08:02
opp, Bull in the Thorn, Pomeroy, Derbyshire08:05
opp, Duke of York, Pomeroy, Derbyshire08:06
NW-bound, Main Road, Sterndale Moor, Derbyshire08:09
NW-bound, Bookstore, Brierlow Bar, Derbyshire08:11
Opp, Heath View, Burlow (Derbys), Derbyshire08:13
Opp, Heathfield Nook Road, Burlow (Derbys), Derbyshire08:14
Adj, Solomons Court, Harpur Hill, Derbyshire08:15
opp, Parks Inn, Harpur Hill, Derbyshire08:15
opp, St James Church, Harpur Hill, Derbyshire08:16
Adj, Fernway, Harpur Hill, Derbyshire08:16
Adj, Trent Avenue, Harpur Hill, Derbyshire08:17
Adj, White Knowle Road, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:19
Opp, Heath Grove, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:20
Adj, Five Ways Junction, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:21
Adj, Belvedere Terrace, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:22
Adj, School, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:23
adj, School Green Lane, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:25
Stop C, Market Place, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:29
N-bound, Terrace Road, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:30
Adj, Railway Station, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:32
Opp, Sylvan Park, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:33
Adj, Working Mens Club, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:34
Opp, Windsor Road, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:35
Adj, Queens Court, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:36
adj, Infant School, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:36
Opp, Lathkil Grove, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:37
Adj, Fairfield Centre, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:38
Adj, Cornwall Avenue, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:38
Opp, Edensor Avenue, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:39
Opp, Monsal Avenue, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:40
Opp, Pictor Road, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:41
N-bound, Granby Road North End, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:41
adj, Lathkil Grove, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:42
opp, Infant School, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:43
Adj, Windsor Road, Fairfield (Derbys), Derbyshire08:44
Adj, St Annes School, Buxton (Derbys), Derbyshire08:46

MondayToFriday - outbound

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.