Timetable for the 100 - Yorkshire Bridge - Bakewell Lady Manners School Bus Route
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Timetable for 100 - Yorkshire Bridge - Bakewell Lady Manners School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Andrews of Tideswell (licensed as Andrews Of Tideswell Ltd).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 03/04/2020

bus timetable 100 Yorkshire Bridge - Bakewell Lady Manners School
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Operator Information for Andrews of Tideswell
Fares Address
01298 871222 Anchor Garage, Tideswell SK17 8RB

Map Showing the Routes of the 100 Yorkshire Bridge - Bakewell Lady Manners School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Yorkshire Bridge - Bakewell Lady Manners School Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

Notes Schooldays only
Opp, Lydgate Lane, Yorkshire Bridge, Derbyshire07:50
Adj, Lydgate Cottages, Yorkshire Bridge, Derbyshire07:51
Adj, Old Road, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:51
Adj, Greenhead Park, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:52
Adj, Derwent Hotel, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:53
Opp, Victoria Road, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:53
S-bound, Station Road, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:53
Adj, Saltergate Lane, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:54
Adj, Bus Turnaround, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:54
Adj, Shatton Lane, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:55
Opp, Thornhill Lane, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:56
Opp, The Rising Sun, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:56
S-bound, Travellers Rest, Brough (Derbys), Derbyshire07:57
Adj, Mill, Brough (Derbys), Derbyshire07:57
Adj, Stretfield Cottages, Bradwell (Derbys), Derbyshire07:58
S-bound, Batham Gate, Bradwell (Derbys), Derbyshire07:59
Opp, Memorial Hall, Bradwell (Derbys), Derbyshire08:00
Adj, Church, Bradwell (Derbys), Derbyshire08:00
opp, Cop Low, Little Hucklow, Derbyshire08:03
opp, Village, Little Hucklow, Derbyshire08:04
SE-bound, Great Hucklow Road, Windmill (Derbys), Derbyshire08:05
Opp, Old Chapel, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire08:06
Adj, Great Hucklow Lane End, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire08:07
Opp, Grindlow Lane End, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire08:07
adj, Bulls Head, Foolow, Derbyshire08:10
Opp, Town Head, Eyam, Derbyshire08:13
E-bound, Little Edge, Eyam, Derbyshire08:14
adj, Eyam Hall, Eyam, Derbyshire08:15
Adj, Church, Eyam, Derbyshire08:15
adj, The Square, Eyam, Derbyshire08:16
E-bound, The Dale, Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire08:17
Adj, Toll Bar, Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire08:18
Opp, Ferndale House, Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire08:19
SE-bound, Crossroads, Calver, Derbyshire08:19
SE-bound, Bridge, Calver, Derbyshire08:20
Opp, Higgenholes, Bakewell, Derbyshire08:42
adj, Newholme Hospital, Bakewell, Derbyshire08:43
Opp, Square, Bakewell, Derbyshire08:45
opp, All Saints Church, Bakewell, Derbyshire08:47
W-bound, Pickford Villas Hail & Ride, Bakewell, Derbyshire08:48
adj, Lady Manners School, Bakewell, Derbyshire08:50

MondayToFriday - outbound

Stops Schooldays only
adj, Lady Manners School, Bakewell, Derbyshire16:15
E-bound, Pickford Villas Hail & Ride, Bakewell, Derbyshire16:16
Stand B, Square, Bakewell, Derbyshire16:19
opp, Newholme Hospital, Bakewell, Derbyshire16:21
Adj, Higgenholes, Bakewell, Derbyshire16:23
SE-bound, Bridge, Calver, Derbyshire16:45
NW-bound, Crossroads, Calver, Derbyshire16:47
Adj, Ferndale House, Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire16:48
Opp, Toll Bar, Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire16:48
W-bound, The Dale, Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire16:49
opp, The Square, Eyam, Derbyshire16:50
Opp, Church, Eyam, Derbyshire16:51
opp, Eyam Hall, Eyam, Derbyshire16:51
W-bound, Little Edge, Eyam, Derbyshire16:52
Adj, Town Head, Eyam, Derbyshire16:53
opp, Bulls Head, Foolow, Derbyshire16:56
Opp, Grindlow Lane End, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire16:57
Opp, Great Hucklow Lane End, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire16:57
Adj, Old Chapel, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire16:58
NW-bound, Great Hucklow Road, Windmill (Derbys), Derbyshire17:02
Adj, Village, Little Hucklow, Derbyshire17:05
adj, Cop Low, Little Hucklow, Derbyshire17:05
Opp, Church, Bradwell (Derbys), Derbyshire17:07
Adj, Memorial Hall, Bradwell (Derbys), Derbyshire17:08
N-bound, Batham Gate, Bradwell (Derbys), Derbyshire17:08
Opp, Stretfield Cottages, Bradwell (Derbys), Derbyshire17:09
Opp, Mill, Brough (Derbys), Derbyshire17:09
o/s, Travellers Rest, Brough (Derbys), Derbyshire17:10
Adj, The Rising Sun, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:11
Adj, Thornhill Lane, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:12
Opp, Shatton Lane, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:12
Adj, Bus Turnaround, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:13
Opp, Saltergate Lane, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:13
N-bound, Station Road, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:14
Adj, Victoria Road, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:14
Opp, Derwent Hotel, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:15
Adj, Institute, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:15
Opp, Greenhead Park, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:16
Opp, Old Road, Bamford (Derbys), Derbyshire17:16
Opp, Lydgate Cottages, Yorkshire Bridge, Derbyshire17:17
adj, Lydgate Lane, Yorkshire Bridge, Derbyshire17:17
adj, Yorkshire Bridge Hotel, Yorkshire Bridge, Derbyshire17:18

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.