Timetable for the 137 - Langley Mill - Holbrook - St Elizabeths School Belper Bus Route
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Timetable for 137 - Langley Mill - Holbrook - St Elizabeths School Belper Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Yourbus (licensed as Dunn Motor Traction Ltd).

Start Date: 22/01/2019

Schooldays only

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • St Elizabeths Primary School - Vincent Close

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Kew Crescent - St Elizabeths Primary School
bus timetable 137 Langley Mill - Holbrook - St Elizabeths School Belper
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talk@catchyourbus.co.uk 01773714013 @yourbus Heanor Gate Industrial Estate, Heanor Gate Road, Heanor DE75 7RJ

Map Showing the Routes of the 137 Langley Mill - Holbrook - St Elizabeths School Belper Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Langley Mill - Holbrook - St Elizabeths School Belper Service

Monday To Friday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1St Elizabeths Primary School,(adj), Belper15:40*
2Mill,(Opp), Belper15:40*
3The Lion Hotel,(adj), Belper15:42*
4Bus Garage,(o/s), Belper15:42*
5Church Lane,(Adj), Belper15:43*
6Osmaston Grange,(Adj), Belper15:44*
7Thorn Tree Inn,(Adj), Belper15:44*
8Laund Hill,(NE-bound), Far Laund15:45*
9Laund Nook,(Opp), Far Laund15:46*
10Laund Avenue,(Opp), Far Laund15:47*
11Lawn Farm,(Adj), Far Laund15:47*
12Edensor Drive,(adj), Far Laund15:47*
13Astlow Drive,(opp), Far Laund15:48*
14Applewood Close,(opp), White Moor15:48*
15Loom Close,(Opp), White Moor15:49*
16Nailers Way,(adj), White Moor15:49*
17Gregorys Way End,(S-bound), White Moor15:49*
18Hunter Road,(Opp), White Moor15:50*
19Medical Centre,(Adj), White Moor15:50*
20Morrell Wood Drive,(Opp), White Moor15:50*
21Overlane Nurseries,(Opp), White Moor15:51*
22Ashop Road,(Opp), White Moor15:51*
23Whitemoor House,(Opp), White Moor15:51*
24Hillcrest,(Adj), Openwoodgate15:52*
25St Marks Church,(adj), Openwoodgate15:52*
26Hop Inn,(Opp), Openwoodgate15:53*
27Sandbed Lane Recreation Ground,(Opp), Openwoodgate15:53*
28Pinchoms Hill,(S-bound), Bargate (Derbys)15:54*
29Highwood Bank,(S-bound), Bargate (Derbys)15:55*
30The White Hart,(adj), Bargate (Derbys)15:56*
31Blackbird Row,(Adj), Bargate (Derbys)15:56*
3265 Belper Road,(Opp), Bargate (Derbys)15:56*
33Chapel Street,(adj), Holbrook Moor15:56*
34Post Office,(opp), Holbrook Moor15:57*
35Moorside Lane,(N-bound), Holbrook Moor15:57*
36Kinder Crescent,(Adj), Holbrook Moor15:57*
37Hill Top,(NE-bound), Holbrook Moor15:58*
38Killis Lane,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)15:59*
39Rawson Green,(SE-bound), Kilburn (Derbys)15:59*
40Brickyard Lane,(Adj), Kilburn (Derbys)15:59*
41Bywell Lane,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)16:00*
42School,(adj), Kilburn (Derbys)16:00*
43Alfred Road,(Adj), Kilburn (Derbys)16:01*
44Vincent Close,(Adj), Kilburn (Derbys)16:02*

Monday To Friday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Kew Crescent,(Adj), Langley (Derbys)07:42*
2Clara Mount Road,(opp), Langley (Derbys)07:43*
3Breach Road,(opp), Marlpool07:44*
4Cemetery,(adj), Marlpool07:45*
5Library,(adj), Heanor07:46*
6The Crown,(Adj), Heanor07:48*
7Market Place,(Stop 2), Heanor07:50*
8Retail Park,(opp), Heanor07:50*
9Midland Road,(Opp), Heanor07:51*
10Watkinson Street,(Adj), Heanor07:51*
11Milward Road,(Adj), Heanor07:52*
12Loscoe Grange,(Adj), Loscoe07:52*
13Flamstead Avenue,(Adj), Loscoe07:53*
14The Nook,(opp), Loscoe07:54*
15Scarsdale House Farm,(Adj), Loscoe07:55*
16Grammer Street,(Opp), Loscoe07:55*
17Heanor Road,(SW-bound), Denby Common07:57*
18The Bulls Head,(Opp), Denby Common07:58*
19High Bank,(SW-bound), Denby Common07:59*
20Church,(Adj), Denby08:00*
21Denby Lodge,(opp), Denby08:01*
22Bottlebrook,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)08:02*
23Cumbersome Corner,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)08:03*
24Rowan Drive,(adj), Kilburn (Derbys)08:03*
25The Chase,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)08:04*
26Windmill Avenue,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)08:04*
27Vincent Close,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)08:05*
28Alfred Road,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)08:06*
29School,(opp), Kilburn (Derbys)08:06*
30Bywell Lane,(Adj), Kilburn (Derbys)08:07*
31Brickyard Lane,(Opp), Kilburn (Derbys)08:08*
32Rawson Green,(NW-bound), Kilburn (Derbys)08:09*
33Killis Lane,(Adj), Kilburn (Derbys)08:10*
34Hill Top,(S-bound), Holbrook Moor08:10*
35Kinder Crescent,(Opp), Holbrook Moor08:11*
36Moorside Lane,(S-bound), Holbrook Moor08:11*
37Post Office,(adj), Holbrook Moor08:12*
38Chapel Street,(W-bound), Holbrook Moor08:12*
3965 Belper Road,(o/s), Bargate (Derbys)08:13*
40Blackbird Row,(Opp), Bargate (Derbys)08:13*
41The White Hart,(opp), Bargate (Derbys)08:14*
42Highwood Bank,(N-bound), Bargate (Derbys)08:15*
43Pinchoms Hill,(N-bound), Bargate (Derbys)08:16*
44Sandbed Lane Recreation Ground,(Adj), Openwoodgate08:17*
45Hop Inn,(Adj), Openwoodgate08:18*
46St Marks Church,(opp), Openwoodgate08:18*
47Hillcrest,(Opp), Openwoodgate08:19*
48Whitemoor House,(Adj), White Moor08:19*
49Ashop Road,(Adj), White Moor08:20*
50Overlane Nurseries,(Adj), White Moor08:20*
51Morrell Wood Drive,(Adj), White Moor08:21*
52Medical Centre,(Opp), White Moor08:21*
53Hunter Road,(Adj), White Moor08:22*
54Gregorys Way End,(N-bound), White Moor08:22*
55Nailers Way,(opp), White Moor08:23*
56Loom Close,(Adj), White Moor08:23*
57Applewood Close,(Adj), White Moor08:24*
58Astlow Drive,(Adj), Far Laund08:24*
59Edensor Drive,(opp), Far Laund08:24*
60Lawn Farm,(Opp), Far Laund08:25*
61Laund Avenue,(Adj), Far Laund08:26*
62Laund Nook,(Adj), Far Laund08:27*
63Laund Hill,(SW-bound), Far Laund08:28*
64Thorn Tree Inn,(Opp), Belper08:29*
65Osmaston Grange,(Opp), Belper08:29*
66Church Lane,(opp), Belper08:30*
67Market Place,(SW-bound), Belper08:31*
68New Road,(SW-bound), Belper08:31*
69King Street,(Stop B), Belper08:32*
70The Lion Hotel,(opp), Belper08:33*
71Mill,(Adj), Belper08:34*
72St Elizabeths Primary School,(adj), Belper08:35*

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.