Timetable for the 238 - Sinfin - St Benedict Catholic School Bus Route
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Timetable for 238 - Sinfin - St Benedict Catholic School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Notts and Derby (licensed as Notts & Derby Traction Co Ltd).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 03/04/2020

bus timetable 238 Sinfin - St Benedict Catholic School
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ndtraffic@nottsderby.co.uk 01332204568 Meadow Road, Derby DE1 2BH

Map Showing the Routes of the 238 Sinfin - St Benedict Catholic School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Sinfin - St Benedict Catholic School Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

Notes Schooldays only
Adj, Beaufort Road, Stenson Fields, Derbyshire07:55
opp, Arleston Lane, Stenson Fields, Derbyshire07:55
Adj, Ettrick Drive, Sinfin, Derby07:55
Opp, Lomond Avenue, Sinfin, Derby07:55
Adj, Kingfisher Walk, Sinfin, Derby07:55
Adj, Falcon Way, Sinfin, Derby07:55
opp, Community School, Sinfin, Derby07:55
Adj, District Centre, Sinfin, Derby07:55
Opp, Dunoon Close, Sinfin, Derby07:55
Adj, Grampian Infants School, Sinfin, Derby07:55
adj, Ballater Close, Sinfin, Derby07:56
Opp, Montrose Close, Sinfin, Derby07:56
Opp, Lynwood Road, Sinfin, Derby07:56
Adj, Wordsworth Avenue, Sinfin, Derby07:56
Opp, Kingsley Street, Sinfin, Derby07:56
Adj, Combustion, Sinfin, Derby07:57
Adj, Kitchener Avenue, Pear Tree (Derby), Derby07:57
N-bound, Balaclava Road, Pear Tree (Derby), Derby07:58
Adj, Randolph Road, Pear Tree (Derby), Derby07:58
E-bound, St Thomas Road, Normanton (Derby), Derby07:58
Opp, Vulcan, Normanton (Derby), Derby07:59
adj, Cambridge Street, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby07:59
Opp, Malcolm Street, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby07:59
opp, Ivy Square, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby08:00
Adj, Crown Derby, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby08:01
Adj, Morleston Street, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby08:02
Adj, Melbourne Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby08:03
Stop A3, Intu Centre, Derby (Derbys), Derby08:04
adj, Seven Stars, Derby (Derbys), Derby08:09
NW-bound, Garden Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby08:10
Opp, Belper Road, Derby (Derbys), Derby08:11
Adj, Queen Mary Court, Darley Abbey, Derby08:12
Adj, Highfield Road, Darley Abbey, Derby08:13
adj, West Bank Avenue, Darley Abbey, Derby08:14
Adj, Broadway, Darley Abbey, Derby08:17
Opp 284, Mileash Lane, Darley Abbey, Derby08:18
Adj, St Benedicts School, Darley Abbey, Derby08:20

MondayToFriday - outbound

Stops Schooldays only
Opp, St Benedicts School, Darley Abbey, Derby15:10
Adj 276, Mileash Lane, Darley Abbey, Derby15:11
Opp, Broadway, Darley Abbey, Derby15:12
Opp, West Bank Avenue, Darley Abbey, Derby15:15
Opp, Highfield Road, Darley Abbey, Derby15:16
Opp, Queen Mary Court, Darley Abbey, Derby15:17
opp, Garden Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby15:20
opp, Seven Stars, Derby (Derbys), Derby15:20
Opp, Melbourne Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby15:26
Opp, Morleston Street, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby15:27
Opp, Crown Derby, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby15:28
adj, Ivy Square, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby15:30
SW-bound, Douglas Street, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby15:30
Adj, Malcolm Street, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby15:30
opp, Cambridge Street, Rose Hill (Derby), Derby15:30
Adj, Vulcan, Normanton (Derby), Derby15:30
S-bound, St Thomas Road, Normanton (Derby), Derby15:31
Opp, Randolph Road, Pear Tree (Derby), Derby15:31
Opp, Newdigate Street, Pear Tree (Derby), Derby15:31
Opp, Kitchener Avenue, Pear Tree (Derby), Derby15:32
Opp, Combustion, Sinfin, Derby15:32
Adj, Thackeray Street, Sinfin, Derby15:32
Adj, Kingsley Street, Sinfin, Derby15:33
Opp, Wordsworth Avenue, Sinfin, Derby15:33
Adj, Lynwood Road, Sinfin, Derby15:33
Adj, Montrose Close, Sinfin, Derby15:34
Opp, Morlich Drive, Sinfin, Derby15:34
Opp, Grampian Infants School, Sinfin, Derby15:34
Adj, Dunoon Close, Sinfin, Derby15:34
Opp, District Centre, Sinfin, Derby15:34
adj, Community School, Sinfin, Derby15:34
Opp, Ettrick Drive, Sinfin, Derby15:34
adj, Arleston Lane, Stenson Fields, Derbyshire15:34
Opp, Beaufort Road, Stenson Fields, Derbyshire15:34
W-bound, Wragley Way, Stenson Fields, Derbyshire15:35

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.