Timetable for the 6.0|sixes - Derby - Duffield - Belper Bus Route

Timetable for 6.0|sixes - Derby - Duffield - Belper Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Trent Barton (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 18/07/2021 End Date: 20/05/2023

bus timetable 6.0|sixes Derby - Duffield - Belper

Map Showing the Routes of the 6.0|sixes Derby - Duffield - Belper Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Derby - Duffield - Belper Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Bus Garage, Bay 105:5505:5506:1006:10
Meadow View, Opp, Derby Road05:5505:5506:1006:10
Babington Hospital, Opp, Derby Road05:5505:5506:1006:10
Goods Yard, Opp, Derby Road05:5605:5606:1106:11
Becksitch Lane, Adj, Derby Road05:5705:5706:1206:12
Derwent Avenue, Adj, Derby Road05:5705:5706:1206:12
New Inn, adj, Derby Road05:5805:5806:1306:13
Hopping Hill, Adj, Derby Road05:5905:5906:1406:14
Makeney Road, Adj, Derby Road05:5905:5906:1406:14
Strutt Arms, Adj, Derby Road06:0006:0006:1506:15
Moscow Farm, Adj, Derby Road06:0006:0006:1506:15
Castle Hill, Opp, Milford Road06:0106:0106:1606:16
Milford Road, S-bound06:0206:0206:1706:17
Chapel Street, adj, Town Street06:0206:0206:1706:17
Telephone Exchange, Opp, Town Street06:0306:0306:1806:18
Baptist Church, Adj, Town Street06:0306:0306:1806:18
Broadway, Opp, Derby Road06:0406:0406:1906:19
Hayley Croft, Adj, Derby Road06:0406:0406:1906:19
Flaxholme Avenue, Adj, Derby Road06:0506:0506:2006:20
Burley Lane, Opp, Burley Hill06:0606:0606:2106:21
Allestree Park Gates, Opp, Burley Hill06:0706:0706:2206:22
Ford Lane, Adj, Duffield Road06:0806:0806:2306:23
Park Lane, Opp, Duffield Road06:0906:0906:2406:24
Kings Croft, Opp, Duffield Road06:1006:1006:2506:25
Church Lane, Adj, Duffield Road06:1106:1106:2606:26
Thatch Close, Adj, Duffield Road06:1206:1206:2706:27
Slack Lane, Opp, Duffield Road06:1306:1306:2806:28
St Benedicts School, Opp, Duffield Road06:1306:1306:2806:28
Mileash Lane, Adj 276, Duffield Road06:1406:1406:2906:29
Broadway, Opp, Duffield Road06:1506:1506:3006:30
West Bank Avenue, Opp, Duffield Road06:1606:1606:3106:31
Highfield Road, Opp, Duffield Road06:1706:1706:3206:32
Queen Mary Court, Opp, Duffield Road06:1706:1706:3206:32
Garden Street, opp, Duffield Road06:1806:1806:3306:33
Seven Stars, opp, King Street06:1906:1906:3406:34
Queen Street, Stop C606:2006:2006:3506:35
Full Street, Stop C406:2106:2106:3606:36
Morledge, Stop C806:2206:2206:3706:37
Bus Station, Bay 22, Morledge06:2306:2306:3806:38

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, Bay 22, Morledge18:0518:0518:2018:2019:0519:05
Seven Stars, adj, Quaker Way18:0818:0818:2318:2319:0819:08
Belper Road, Opp, Duffield Road18:0818:0818:2318:2319:0819:08
Queen Mary Court, Adj, Duffield Road18:0918:0918:2418:2419:0919:09
Highfield Road, Adj, Duffield Road18:0918:0918:2418:2419:0919:09
West Bank Avenue, adj, Duffield Road18:0918:0918:2418:2419:0919:09
Broadway, Adj, Duffield Road18:1018:1018:2518:2519:1019:10
Mileash Lane, Opp 284, Duffield Road18:1118:1118:2618:2619:1119:11
St Benedicts School, Adj, Duffield Road18:1118:1118:2618:2619:1119:11
Slack Lane, Adj, Duffield Road18:1118:1118:2618:2619:1119:11
Thatch Close, Opp, Duffield Road18:1218:1218:2718:2719:1219:12
Church Lane, Opp, Duffield Road18:1318:1318:2818:2819:1319:13
Kings Croft, Adj, Duffield Road18:1418:1418:2918:2919:1419:14
Park Lane, Adj, Duffield Road18:1418:1418:2918:2919:1419:14
Ford Lane, Opp, Duffield Road18:1518:1518:3018:3019:1519:15
Allestree Park Gates, Adj, Burley Hill18:1618:1618:3118:3119:1619:16
Burley Lane, Adj, Derby Road18:1718:1718:3218:3219:1719:17
Flaxholme Avenue, Opp, Derby Road18:1818:1818:3318:3319:1719:17
Hayley Croft, Opp, Derby Road18:1918:1918:3418:3419:1819:18
Broadway, Adj, Derby Road18:1918:1918:3418:3419:1919:19
Telephone Exchange, Adj, Town Street18:2018:2018:3518:3519:1919:19
Co-op, Adj, Town Street18:2118:2118:3618:3619:2019:20
King Street, Adj, Town Street18:2118:2118:3618:3619:2019:20
Milford Road, N-bound18:2218:2218:3718:3719:2019:20
Castle Hill, Adj, Milford Road18:2218:2218:3718:3719:2119:21
Moscow Farm, Opp, Derby Road18:2318:2318:3818:3819:2119:21
Strutt Arms, Opp, Derby Road18:2518:2518:4018:4019:2319:23
Makeney Road, Opp, Derby Road18:2518:2518:4018:4019:2319:23
Hopping Hill, Opp, Derby Road18:2618:2618:4118:4119:2319:23
New Inn, opp, Derby Road18:2618:2618:4118:4119:2419:24
Derwent Avenue, Opp, Derby Road18:2818:2818:4318:4319:2519:25
Becksitch Lane, Opp, Derby Road18:2918:2918:4418:4419:2519:25
Goods Yard, Adj, Derby Road18:3018:3018:4518:4519:2619:26
Babington Hospital, Adj, Derby Road18:3118:3118:4618:4619:2719:27
Meadow View, Adj, Derby Road18:3218:3218:4718:4719:2719:27
Bus Garage, Bay 118:3318:3318:4818:4819:2819:28

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