Timetable for the V3|the villager - Derby - Willington - Barrow on Trent Bus Route
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Timetable for V3|the villager - Derby - Willington - Barrow on Trent Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Notts and Derby (licensed as Notts & Derby Traction Co Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 28/04/2020 End Date: 30/10/2020

bus timetable V3|the villager Derby - Willington - Barrow on Trent

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Derby -> Littleover -> Findern -> Willington -> Barrow upon Trent

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Barrow upon Trent -> Twyford -> Willington -> Findern -> Littleover -> Derby

Operator Information for Notts and Derby
Email Fares Address
ndtraffic@nottsderby.co.uk 01332204568 Meadow Road, Derby DE1 2BH

Map Showing the Routes of the V3|the villager Derby - Willington - Barrow on Trent Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Derby - Willington - Barrow on Trent Service

Week Days - inbound

Adj, School, Barrow upon Trent, Derbyshire07:18
Opp, Village Green, Twyford (Derbys), Derbyshire07:21
Opp, Orchard Close, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:25
Opp, Baptist Church, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:26
Beech Avenue, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:26
Adj, Old Hall Drive, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:27
Opp, Ford Lane, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:27
Opp, Trent Close, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:28
Opp, Orchard Close, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:29
Opp, The Green, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:31
Adj, Derwent Court, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:31
NE-bound, Findern Lane, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:32
Adj, Mercia Marina Service Access, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:32
adj, Mercia Marina, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire07:33
Opp, Heath Lane, Findern, Derbyshire07:34
Opp, Heath Farm, Findern, Derbyshire07:35
N-bound, The Green, Findern, Derbyshire07:36
Adj, Barn Close, Findern, Derbyshire07:36
W-bound, Doles Lane, Findern, Derbyshire07:37
NE-bound, Burton Road, Findern, Derbyshire07:38
Opp, Wyevale Garden Centre, Findern, Derbyshire07:38
NE-bound, Rykneld Road, Findern, Derbyshire07:40
Adj, Rykneld Way, Littleover, Derby07:40
Adj, Burghley Way, Littleover, Derby07:41
Opp, Nuffield Hospital, Littleover, Derby07:42
Opp, Callow Hill Way, Littleover, Derby07:42
N-bound, Community School, Littleover, Derby07:43
Adj, Troon Close, Littleover, Derby07:44
Opp, Elgin Avenue, Littleover, Derby07:45
NE-bound, Pastures Hill Top, Littleover, Derby07:45
Adj, Chain Lane, Littleover, Derby07:46
Adj, Constable Drive, Littleover, Derby07:46
Opp, Lawns Head Avenue, Littleover, Derby07:47
Opp, Littleover Post Office, Littleover, Derby07:48
Opp, Horwood Avenue, Littleover, Derby07:49
Adj, Farley Road, Littleover, Derby07:50
Opp, Whitaker Gardens, Littleover, Derby07:51
Opp, Vicarage Avenue, Littleover, Derby07:52
Opp, Breedon Hill Road, Derby (Derbys), Derby07:53
Adj, Boyer Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby07:54
Opp, Abbotts Barn Close, Derby (Derbys), Derby07:55
Opp, Macklin Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby07:56
Stop B14, The Strand, Derby (Derbys), Derby07:57
Stop B16, Victoria Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby07:58
Stop B2, Albert Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby07:59
Bay 24, Bus Station, Derby (Derbys), Derby08:00

Week Days - outbound

Bay 24, Bus Station, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3017:40
Stop B3, Albert Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3017:40
Stop B4, Victoria Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3117:41
Stop B9, Wardwick, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3117:41
Adj, Macklin Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3217:42
Adj, Abbotts Barn Close, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3217:42
Opp, Boyer Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3317:43
Opp, Abbey Street, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3417:44
Adj, Breedon Hill Road, Derby (Derbys), Derby16:3417:44
Adj, Vicarage Avenue, Littleover, Derby16:3517:45
Adj, Whitaker Gardens, Littleover, Derby16:3617:46
Opp, Farley Road, Littleover, Derby16:3617:46
Adj, Horwood Avenue, Littleover, Derby16:3717:47
Adj, South Avenue, Littleover, Derby16:3717:47
Adj, Burton Road Shops, Littleover, Derby16:3817:48
Opp, Constable Drive, Littleover, Derby16:3917:49
Opp, Chain Lane, Littleover, Derby16:4017:50
Adj, Elgin Avenue, Littleover, Derby16:4017:50
Adj, Swanmore Road, Littleover, Derby16:4117:51
Opp, Troon Close, Littleover, Derby16:4117:51
Adj, Callow Hill Way, Littleover, Derby16:4317:53
Adj, Nuffield Hospital, Littleover, Derby16:4417:54
Opp, Burghley Way, Littleover, Derby16:4417:54
Opp, Rykneld Way, Littleover, Derby16:4517:55
SW-bound, Rykneld Road, Findern, Derbyshire16:4617:56
Adj, Wyevale Garden Centre, Findern, Derbyshire16:4717:57
SW-bound, Burton Road, Findern, Derbyshire16:4817:58
E-bound, Doles Lane, Findern, Derbyshire16:4817:58
Opp, Barn Close, Findern, Derbyshire16:4917:59
S-bound, The Green, Findern, Derbyshire16:5118:01
Adj, Heath Farm, Findern, Derbyshire16:5118:01
Adj, Heath Lane, Findern, Derbyshire16:5218:02
Adj, Everglades, Findern, Derbyshire16:5318:03
Opp, Mercia Marina, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire16:5318:03
SW-bound, Findern Lane, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire16:5418:04
Opp, Derwent Court, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire16:5518:05
Adj, The Green, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire16:5618:06
Adj, Baptist Church, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire16:5618:06
Adj, Orchard Close, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire16:5718:07
Adj, Trent Close, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire16:5718:07
Adj, Ford Lane, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire16:5818:08
Opp, Old Hall Drive, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire18:08
Adj, Baptist Church, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire18:08
Adj, Orchard Close, Willington (Derbys), Derbyshire18:08
Adj, Walnut Close, Barrow upon Trent, Derbyshire18:14
Adj, School, Barrow upon Trent, Derbyshire18:15

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.