Bus Routes in Leicester

Bus Operators in Leicester

Bus Operator Bus Number Route
Arriva Midlands48A48A Leicester - Wigston Little Hill - South Wigston - Leicester
Arriva Midlands5151 Leicester - Narborough Road - Braunstone
Arriva Midlands5353 Leicester - Thurnby Lodge Via Humberstone Park & Dudley Avenue
Arriva MidlandsX45X45 Thurmaston - Magna Park
Arriva Midlands8686 Leicester City Centre - Aylestone - Eyres Monsell
Arriva Midlands5555 Leicester - Scraptoft
Arriva Midlands8787 Leicester City Centre - Freemans Common - Eyres Monsell
Arriva Midlands4444 Leicester - West Knighton
Arriva Midlands5656 Leicester - Thurnby Turn - Thurnby - Scraptoft
Arriva Midlands44A44A Leicester - Wigston Fields
Arriva Midlands5858 Leicester - Netherhall - Hamilton - Leicester
Arriva Midlands4747 Leicester - South Wigston - Wigston Little Hill - Leicester
Arriva Midlands58A58A Leicester - Hamilton - Nether Hall - Leicester
Arriva Midlands1414 Leicester City Centre - Aikman Avenue - Ryder Road
Arriva Midlands47A47A Leicester - South Wigston - Wigston Little Hill - Leicester
Arriva Midlands66 Leicester - Thurmaston Estate
Arriva Midlands4848 Leicester - Wigston Little Hill - South Wigston - Leicester
Beaver BusBT1BT1 Hamilton Tesco - Evington (Downing Drive)
Beaver BusBT2BT2 Beaumont Centre - East Goscote
Beaver BusBT3BT3 Beaumont Centre - Braunstone (Winstanley Drive)
Beaver BusAD1AD1 Asda Oadby - Humberstone
Centrebus Midlands22B22B Birstall (Harrowgate Drive) - Leicester City Centre - Evington Downing Drive
Centrebus Midlands8181 Leicester City Centre - Evington (Highway Road)
Centrebus Midlands162162 Leicester - New Parks (Tatlow Road)
Centrebus Midlands8383 Leicester - Aylestone Via Clarendon Park & University
Centrebus Midlands832832 Troon Way - English Martyrs
Centrebus MidlandsUHL|Hospital HopperUHL|Hospital Hopper Leicester : Hamilton Tesco - Hospitals - Beaumont Centre
Centrebus Midlands83A83A Leicester - Fosse Road South Via Clarendon Park & University
Centrebus Midlands10051005 Hamilton - City Of Leicester School
Centrebus Midlands54A54A Goodwood - Leicester - Beaumont Leys
Centrebus Midlands40|Circleline40|Circleline Leicester Circleline (Anticlockwise)
Centrebus Midlands2020 Blackmore Drive - Leicester City Centre
Centrebus Midlands22A22A Birstall (Wanlip Lane) - Leicester - Evington
First in Leicester1616 Leicester City Centre - General Hospital
First in Leicester2525 Leicester City Centre - Mowmacre Hill / Beaumont Centre (Circular)
First in Leicester2626 Leicester - Leicester
First in Leicester1717 Leicester - Highfields Via Sparkenhoe Street & Melbourne Road
First in Leicester3838 Leicester City Centre - Nether Hall - City Centre (Clockwise)
First in Leicester5454 Beaumont Centre - Goodwood via City Centre
First in Leicester1818 Leicester City Centre - Braunstone
First in Leicester38A38A Leicester : City Centre - Nether Hall - City Centre (Anti - Clockwise)
First in Leicester1212 Leicester - Park Rise via Stephenson Drive
First in Leicester1313 Leicester - Glenfield Via Glenfield Road
First in Leicester8888 Leicester City Centre - Eyres Monsell
First in Leicester13W13W Leicester - Glenfield
First in Leicester2121 Leicester City Centre - Thurmaston Blount Road
First in Leicester88A88A Leicester City Centre - Saffron Cross Roads
First in Leicester2222 Leicester Rushey Mead - Evington via City Centre
First in Leicester88E88E Leicester - Eyres Monsell
First in Leicester1414 Leicester - Kirby Frith
First in Leicester7474 Leicester City Centre - Anstey Via Beaumont Centre
First in Leicester14A14A Leicester - Beaumont Centre
Roberts Coaches2020 Leicester - Braunstone
Roberts Coaches2121 Leicester - St Matthews
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