Timetable for the 232 - Rushden - Kettering - Leicester Bus Route
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Timetable for 232 - Rushden - Kettering - Leicester Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Diamond Coaches of Rushden (licensed as Terence Robert Auty & Simon James Mobbs).

Start Date: 26/01/2019

Runs on the 2nd Saturday of each month only

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • St Margaret's Bus Station - Westfield Avenue

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Westfield Avenue - St Margaret's Bus Station
bus timetable 232 Rushden - Kettering - Leicester
Operator Information for Diamond Coaches of Rushden
Email Fares Twitter Address
Info@diamond-coaches.co.uk 01933 418054 @DCofRushden 15 Celandine Close, Rushden NN10 0GJ

Map Showing the Routes of the 232 Rushden - Kettering - Leicester Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Rushden - Kettering - Leicester Service

Saturday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1St Margaret's Bus Station,(Stand SU), Leicester16:00*
2Charles Street,(Stand EB), Leicester16:02*
3Station Street,(Stand ED), Leicester16:03*
4Prebend Street,(adj), Leicester16:04*
5Saxby Street,(Stand 1), Leicester16:05*
6Granville Road,(opp), Leicester16:06*
7St James Road,(adj), Clarendon Park/Leics16:06*
8Elmfield Avenue,(adj), Stoneygate16:07*
9St Johns Road,(adj), Clarendon Park/Leics16:07*
10Toller Road,(opp), Stoneygate16:08*
11Knighton Road,(opp), Leicester16:09*
12Guildford Road,(adj), Stoneygate16:09*
13Shirley Road,(opp), Stoneygate16:10*
14Holbrook Road,(opp), Stoneygate16:10*
15Glebe Road,(opp), Oadby16:11*
16Meadowcourt Road,(adj), Oadby16:12*
17Waitrose,(opp), Oadby16:13*
18Oadby Owl,(adj), Oadby16:15*
19Ash Tree Road,(opp), Oadby16:15*
20Highcroft Road,(o/s), Oadby16:16*
21Gorse Lane,(adj), Oadby16:16*
22Foxpond Lane,(opp), Great Glen16:18*
23Leicester Grammar School,(adj), Great Glen16:19*
24The Old Greyhound,(opp), Great Glen16:20*
25Mayns Lane,(adj), Burton Overy16:21*
26Lodge Close,(opp), Kibworth Harcourt16:24*
27Raitha's Indian Resturant,(adj), Kibworth Harcourt16:25*
28Kibworth Cemetery,(o/s), Kibworth Beauchamp16:26*
29Ironwood Avenue,(adj), Desborough16:37*
30Station Road,(adj), Desborough16:39*
31Paddock Lane,(nr), Desborough16:40*
32Federation Avenue,(opp), Desborough16:41*
33Brooke Close,(adj), Desborough16:41*
34Medical Centre,(opp), Rothwell (Nhants)16:44*
35Cricket Ground,(adj), Rothwell (Nhants)16:44*
36War Memorial,(adj), Rothwell (Nhants)16:47*
37Gordon Street,(adj), Rothwell (Nhants)16:48*
38Jubilee Street,(adj), Rothwell (Nhants)16:48*
39Altendiez Way,(opp), Burton Latimer16:57*
40Wagon & Horses,(o/s), Burton Latimer16:58*
41Churchill Way,(opp), Burton Latimer16:59*
42Newman Street,(opp), Burton Latimer17:00*
43Brooks Close,(adj), Burton Latimer17:00*
44High Street,(opp), Finedon17:04*
45Dolben Arms,(nr), Finedon17:05*
46The Tower,(adj), Finedon17:05*
47Huxlow School,(opp), Irthlingborough17:08*
48Holbush Way,(adj), Irthlingborough17:09*
49New Street,(adj), Irthlingborough17:10*
50Ford Garage,(opp), Irthlingborough17:11*
51Football Club,(adj), Raunds17:17*
52Enterprise Road,(opp), Raunds17:18*
53Bus Shelter,(opp), Raunds17:20*
54Poplars Close,(opp), Raunds17:21*
55Twyford Avenue,(opp), Raunds17:21*
5639 London Road,(opp), Raunds17:22*
5758 London Road,(o/s), Raunds17:23*
58Francis Street,(opp), Raunds17:24*
59Cumberland Avenue,(opp), Stanwick17:25*
60Church Hall,(o/s), Stanwick17:28*
61Dolben Avenue,(opp), Stanwick17:28*
62A45 Roundabout,(S-bound), Higham Ferrers17:31*
63Simpson Avenue,(adj), Higham Ferrers17:32*
6412 North End,(o/s), Higham Ferrers17:33*
65The Green Dragon Hotel,(o/s), Higham Ferrers17:35*
66Northampton Road,(opp), Higham Ferrers17:36*
67Kilburn Place,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:36*
68Hayway,(nr), Rushden (Nhants)17:37*
69ASDA,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:37*
70George Street,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:39*
71Skinners Hill Layby,(Bay 1), Rushden (Nhants)17:40*
72Salvation Army Citadel,(o/s), Rushden (Nhants)17:41*
73BP Garage,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:42*
74Abbey Way,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:45*
75Lodge Road,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:46*
76Farnham Drive,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)17:46*
77The Viking,(o/s), Rushden (Nhants)17:47*
78St Margarets Avenue,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:47*
79Blackfriars,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)17:48*
80Highfield Road,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:49*
81Westfield Avenue,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)17:50*

Saturday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Westfield Avenue,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)08:50*
2Highfield Road,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)08:51*
3Blackfriars,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)08:51*
4St Margarets Avenue,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)08:52*
5The Viking,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)08:52*
6Farnham Drive,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)08:53*
7Redding Close,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)08:53*
8Lodge Road,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)08:54*
9Abbey Way,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)08:55*
10South End Infant School,(opp), Rushden (Nhants)08:56*
11Wymington Road,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)08:58*
12Skinners Hill Layby,(Bay 1), Rushden (Nhants)09:00*
13Barwick House,(Stop os), Rushden (Nhants)09:01*
14Station Road,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)09:02*
15ASDA,(o/s), Rushden (Nhants)09:03*
16Hayway,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)09:03*
17Kilburn Place,(adj), Rushden (Nhants)09:04*
18Northampton Road,(adj), Higham Ferrers09:04*
19The Green Dragon Hotel,(nr), Higham Ferrers09:05*
20Cemetery Lane,(adj), Higham Ferrers09:06*
21Simpson Avenue,(opp), Higham Ferrers09:07*
22A45 Roundabout,(N-bound), Higham Ferrers09:08*
23Dolben Avenue,(adj), Stanwick09:11*
24Church Hall,(opp), Stanwick09:12*
25Cumberland Avenue,(adj), Stanwick09:13*
26Francis Street,(adj), Raunds09:14*
27Twyford Avenue,(adj), Raunds09:16*
28Poplars Close,(adj), Raunds09:17*
29Bus Shelter,(adj), Raunds09:20*
30Enterprise Road,(adj), Raunds09:21*
31Ford Garage,(o/s), Irthlingborough09:27*
32Manor Drive,(adj), Irthlingborough09:28*
33Church Street,(adj), Irthlingborough09:30*
34Holbush Way,(opp), Irthlingborough09:31*
35Huxlow School,(o/s), Irthlingborough09:32*
36Dolben Arms,(opp), Finedon09:35*
37High Street,(adj), Finedon09:36*
38Brooks Close,(opp), Burton Latimer09:39*
39Newman Street,(adj), Burton Latimer09:40*
40Wagon & Horses,(opp), Burton Latimer09:41*
41Altendiez Way,(adj), Burton Latimer09:42*
42Jubilee Street,(opp), Rothwell (Nhants)09:51*
43Gordon Street,(opp), Rothwell (Nhants)09:51*
44War Memorial,(nr), Rothwell (Nhants)09:52*
45The Maltings,(adj), Rothwell (Nhants)09:53*
46Cricket Ground,(opp), Rothwell (Nhants)09:54*
47Medical Centre,(o/s), Rothwell (Nhants)09:54*
48Brooke Close,(opp), Desborough09:57*
49Station Road,(opp), Desborough10:00*
50Raitha's Indian restaurant,(opp), Kibworth Harcourt10:15*
51Lodge Close,(adj), Kibworth Harcourt10:15*
52Mayns Road Hail & Ride,(opp), Burton Overy10:19*
53The Old Greyhound,(adj), Great Glen10:20*
54Leicester Grammar School,(opp), Great Glen10:21*
55Foxpond Lane,(adj), Great Glen10:21*
56Gorse Lane,(opp), Oadby10:22*
57Highcroft Road,(opp), Oadby10:22*
58Florence Wragg Way,(opp), Oadby10:23*
59Ash Tree Road,(just after), Oadby10:23*
60Oadby Owl,(opp), Oadby10:25*
61Waitrose,(adj), Oadby10:26*
62ASDA,(opp), Oadby10:26*
63Meadowcourt Road,(opp), Oadby10:27*
64Glebe Road,(just before), Oadby10:27*
65Holbrook Road,(adj), Stoneygate10:28*
66Shirley Road,(after), Stoneygate10:28*
67Guildford Road,(opp), Stoneygate10:29*
68Knighton Road,(adj), Leicester10:29*
69Toller Road,(adj), Stoneygate10:30*
70St Johns Road,(opp), Clarendon Park/Leics10:30*
71Elmfield Avenue,(opp), Stoneygate10:31*
72St James Road,(opp), Clarendon Park/Leics10:31*
73Granville Road,(adj), Leicester10:32*
74Saxby Street,(opp), Leicester10:32*
75Prebend Street,(opp), Leicester10:33*
76Rail Station,(Stand EG), Leicester10:33*
77Station Street,(Stand EH), Leicester10:34*
78Charles Street,(Stand EJ), Leicester10:36*
79Charles Street,(Stand CJ), Leicester10:37*
80St Margaret's Bus Station,(Stand SU), Leicester10:40*

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.