Timetable for the X45 - Thurmaston - Magna Park Bus Route
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Timetable for X45 - Thurmaston - Magna Park Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Arriva Midlands (licensed as Arriva Midlands Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 26/05/2020 End Date: 26/11/2020

bus timetable X45 Thurmaston - Magna Park

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Thurmaston -> Leicester -> Belgrave -> West Bridge -> West End -> Braunstone -> Aylestone -> Glen Parva -> Blaby -> Lutterworth -> Magna Park

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Magna Park -> Lutterworth -> Blaby -> Glen Parva -> Leicester -> Aylestone -> West End -> Braunstone -> West Bridge -> Belgrave -> Thurmaston

Operator Information for Arriva Midlands
Email Fares Twitter Address
customerservice@arriva.co.uk 03448004411 @arrivamidlandsW Arriva Customer Services, Freepost ANG 7624, Luton LU4 8BR

Map Showing the Routes of the X45 Thurmaston - Magna Park Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Thurmaston - Magna Park Service

Week Days - inbound

adj, George Building, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire06:1522:15
adj, DHL, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire06:1622:16
adj, Disney, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire06:1922:19
opp, ASDA, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire06:2022:20
opp, Vulcan Way, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire06:2122:21
opp, Renault, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire06:2322:23
o/s, Fox Inn, Lutterworth, Leicestershire06:3222:32
opp, Barclays Bank, Lutterworth, Leicestershire06:3322:33
adj, George Street, Lutterworth, Leicestershire06:3322:33
adj, Crescent Road, Lutterworth, Leicestershire06:3322:33
opp, Elizabethan Way, Lutterworth, Leicestershire06:3422:34
opp, Oakberry Road, Lutterworth, Leicestershire06:3422:34
opp, Western Drive, Blaby, Leicestershire06:4722:47
opp, Laurel Road, Blaby, Leicestershire06:4722:47
opp, Park House Court, Blaby, Leicestershire06:4822:48
opp, Forge Corner, Blaby, Leicestershire06:4822:48
opp, Northfield Road, Blaby, Leicestershire06:4922:49
adj, New Bridge Road, Glen Parva, Leicestershire06:5022:50
adj, Glenville Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicestershire06:5222:52
adj, West View Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicestershire06:5322:53
opp, Red House Road, Leicester, Leicester06:5522:55
adj, Gilmorton Avenue, Leicester, Leicester06:5622:56
opp, Monsell Drive, Aylestone, Leicester06:5622:56
adj, Marsden Lane, Aylestone, Leicester06:5822:58
opp, St Andrews Church, Aylestone, Leicester06:5822:58
opp, Ellesmere College, Leicester, Leicester07:0123:01
adj, Jaguar Garage, Leicester, Leicester07:0223:02
opp, Somerville Road, West End (Leics), Leicester07:0423:04
opp, Dumbleton Avenue, Braunstone, Leicestershire07:0423:04
o/s, Fullhurst Avenue, West End (Leics), Leicester07:0523:05
opp, Hopefield Road, West End (Leics), Leicester07:0623:06
adj, Imperial Avenue, West End (Leics), Leicester07:0723:07
opp, Stuart Street, West End (Leics), Leicester07:0823:08
opp, Equity Road, West End (Leics), Leicester07:0923:09
opp, Gaul Street, West Bridge, Leicester07:1023:10
opp, Ruding Road, West Bridge, Leicester07:1123:11
adj, West Bridge, West Bridge, Leicester07:1423:14
Stand FA, St Nicholas Circle, Leicester, Leicester07:1523:15
Stand BL, Garden Street, Leicester, Leicester07:2023:20
Stand BM, Orchard Street, Leicester, Leicester23:20
opp, George Street, Leicester, Leicester23:21
adj, Leicester College, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:21
adj, Abbey Park Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:22
opp, Donaldson Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:23
adj, Law Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:23
opp, Doncaster Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:24
adj, Lexham Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:25
opp, Arbour Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:25
opp, Moores Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:26
opp, Lancashire Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:26
opp, Belgrave Police Station, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:27
opp, Rushey Mead School, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:27
adj, Uxbridge Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester23:28
adj, Oakland Avenue, Leicester, Leicester23:28
opp, Sainsbury's, Leicester, Leicester23:30
adj, Alderton Close, Leicester, Leicester23:31
opp, Manor Medical Centre, Thurmaston, Leicestershire23:31
adj, Dorothy Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire23:32
corner, Bridge Park Road, Thurmaston, Leicestershire23:32
opp, Lea Close, Thurmaston, Leicestershire23:33
adj, Forest Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire23:34
adj, Canal Street, Thurmaston, Leicestershire23:35

Week Days - outbound

opp, Canal Street, Thurmaston, Leicestershire04:32
opp, Forest Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire04:32
adj, Lea Close, Thurmaston, Leicestershire04:33
opp, Dorothy Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire04:34
adj, Manor Medical Centre, Thurmaston, Leicestershire04:35
opp, Alderton Close, Leicester, Leicester04:36
adj, Sainsbury's, Leicester, Leicester04:37
opp, Oakland Avenue, Leicester, Leicester04:37
opp, Uxbridge Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:37
adj, Belgrave Police Station, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:38
adj, Lancashire Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:38
adj, Moores Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:38
adj, Arbour Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:39
opp, Lexham Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:39
adj, Doncaster Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:39
adj, Brandon Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:40
adj, Dysart Way, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:40
opp, Leicester College, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester04:40
adj, George Street, Leicester, Leicester04:41
Stand BN, Orchard Street, Leicester, Leicester04:41
Stand BK, Abbey Street, Leicester, Leicester04:4220:42
Stand FB, St Nicholas Circle, Leicester, Leicester04:4420:44
Stand FF, West Bridge, West Bridge, Leicester04:4520:45
adj, Gaul Street, West Bridge, Leicester04:4820:48
adj, Noel Street, West End (Leics), Leicester04:4920:49
opp, Westleigh Road, West End (Leics), Leicester04:5020:50
adj, Hopefield Road, West End (Leics), Leicester04:5120:51
opp, Fullhurst Avenue, West End (Leics), Leicester04:5220:52
adj, Dumbleton Avenue, Braunstone, Leicestershire04:5220:52
adj, Meredith Road, West End (Leics), Leicester04:5320:53
adj, Rowley Fields Avenue, Leicester, Leicester04:5320:53
adj, Ellesmere College, Leicester, Leicester04:5520:55
o/s, St Andrews Church, Aylestone, Leicester04:5720:57
opp, Middleton Street, Aylestone, Leicester04:5820:58
opp, Marsden Lane, Aylestone, Leicester04:5820:58
adj, Monsell Drive, Aylestone, Leicester04:5920:59
opp, Gilmorton Avenue, Leicester, Leicester05:0121:01
adj, Red House Road, Leicester, Leicester05:0221:02
opp, West View Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicestershire05:0321:03
opp, Glenville Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicestershire05:0421:04
opp, New Bridge Road, Glen Parva, Leicestershire05:0621:06
adj, Northfield Road, Blaby, Leicestershire05:0721:07
adj, Aldi, Blaby, Leicestershire05:0921:09
adj, Laurel Road, Blaby, Leicestershire05:0921:09
adj, Western Drive, Blaby, Leicestershire05:0921:09
just after, Oakberry Road, Lutterworth, Leicestershire05:2221:22
adj, Elizabethan Way, Lutterworth, Leicestershire05:2221:22
opp, Crescent Road, Lutterworth, Leicestershire05:2321:23
opp, George Street, Lutterworth, Leicestershire05:2321:23
adj, Barclays Bank, Lutterworth, Leicestershire05:2421:24
opp, Fox Inn, Lutterworth, Leicestershire05:2421:24
adj, DHL, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire05:3221:32
adj, Disney, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire05:3521:35
opp, ASDA, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire05:3621:36
opp, Vulcan Way, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire05:3721:37
opp, Renault, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire05:3921:39
adj, George Building, Magna Park (Leics), Leicestershire05:4221:42

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.