Timetable for the BT2 - Beaumont Centre - East Goscote Bus Route
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Timetable for BT2 - Beaumont Centre - East Goscote Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Beaver Bus (licensed as Christine Mcdonald & John Mcdonald).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 03/04/2020

bus timetable BT2 Beaumont Centre - East Goscote
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Operator Information for Beaver Bus
Fares Address
01162844877 Unit 84, The Whittle Estate, Cambridge Road, Whetstone LE8 6LH

Map Showing the Routes of the BT2 Beaumont Centre - East Goscote Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Beaumont Centre - East Goscote Service

Tuesday - inbound

E-bound, Long Furrow, East Goscote, Leicestershire10:3010:30
adj, Willowbrook Way, East Goscote, Leicestershire10:3010:30
adj, Syston Road, Queniborough, Leicestershire10:3510:35
opp, New Zealand Lane, Queniborough, Leicestershire10:3610:36
opp, Wreake Valley College, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire10:3710:37
adj, Tentercroft Avenue, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire10:3810:38
opp, Health Centre, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire10:4010:40
opp, Brookside, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire10:4010:40
adj, Albert Street, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire10:4010:40
opp, Rail Station, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire10:4110:41
opp, Wanlip Road, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire10:4210:42
adj, Barkby Lane, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire10:4210:42
adj, Roundhill College, Thurmaston, Leicestershire10:4310:43
opp, Costco, Thurmaston, Leicestershire10:4410:44
opp, Canal Street, Thurmaston, Leicestershire10:4510:45
opp, Forest Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire10:4510:45
adj, Lea Close, Thurmaston, Leicestershire10:4610:46
opp, Dorothy Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire10:4610:46
opp, Maple Road, Thurmaston, Leicestershire10:4710:47
opp, Jacklin Drive, Leicester, Leicester10:4910:49
opp, Silverstone Drive, Leicester, Leicester09:5009:5010:5010:50
opp, Badminton Road, Leicester, Leicester09:5009:5010:5010:50
opp, Braemer Drive, Leicester, Leicester09:5009:5010:5010:50
adj, Dunblane Avenue, Leicester, Leicester09:5009:5010:5010:50
adj, Peebles Way, Leicester, Leicester09:5109:5110:5110:51
opp, Soar Valley College, Leicester, Leicester09:5109:5110:5110:51
adj, Roseway, Leicester, Leicester09:5109:5110:5110:51
adj, Strathmore Avenue, Leicester, Leicester09:5209:5210:5210:52
opp, Wyvern Arms, Leicester, Leicester09:5209:5210:5210:52
opp, Rosedale Avenue, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester09:5209:5210:5210:52
o/s, Yorkshire Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester09:5309:5310:5310:53
NW-bound, Melton Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester09:5309:5310:5310:53
opp, Checketts Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester09:5409:5410:5410:54
opp, Bellholme Close, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester09:5409:5410:5410:54
opp, Bath Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester09:5409:5410:5410:54
o/s, New Bridge, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester09:5409:5410:5410:54
adj, Modbury Avenue, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester09:5609:5610:5610:56
opp, Millwood Close, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester09:5709:5710:5710:57
o/s, Hadrian Road, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester09:5709:5710:5710:57
W-bound, Bewcastle Grove, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester09:5709:5710:5710:57
opp, Cotley Road, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester09:5809:5810:5810:58
adj, Amadis Road, Beaumont Leys, Leicester10:0210:0211:0211:02
Stand E, Beaumont Centre, Beaumont Leys, Leicester10:0310:0311:0311:03

Tuesday - outbound

Stand E, Beaumont Centre, Beaumont Leys, Leicester11:1011:1013:3013:30
adj, Cotley Road, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester11:1511:1513:3513:35
E-bound, Bewcastle Grove, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester11:1511:1513:3513:35
adj, Millwood Close, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester11:1511:1513:3513:35
opp, Modbury Avenue, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester11:1611:1613:3613:36
opp, Belgrave Boulevard, Mowmacre Hill, Leicester11:1611:1613:3613:36
adj, New Bridge, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester11:1811:1813:3813:38
adj, Bath Street, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester11:1811:1813:3813:38
adj, Bellholme Close, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester11:1911:1913:3913:39
SE-bound, Melton Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester11:1911:1913:3913:39
opp, Yorkshire Road, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester11:1911:1913:3913:39
adj, Rosedale Avenue, Belgrave (Leics), Leicester11:2011:2013:4013:40
o/s, Wyvern Arms, Leicester, Leicester11:2011:2013:4013:40
opp, Strathmore Avenue, Leicester, Leicester11:2111:2113:4113:41
opp, Roseway, Leicester, Leicester11:2111:2113:4113:41
adj, Soar Valley College, Leicester, Leicester11:2111:2113:4113:41
opp, Peebles Way, Leicester, Leicester11:2111:2113:4113:41
opp, Dunblane Avenue, Leicester, Leicester11:2211:2213:4213:42
adj, Braemer Drive, Leicester, Leicester11:2211:2213:4213:42
adj, Badminton Road, Leicester, Leicester11:2211:2213:4213:42
adj, Silverstone Drive, Leicester, Leicester11:2311:2313:4313:43
o/s, Northdown Drive, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4413:44
adj, Beechwood Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4413:44
adj, Maple Road, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4513:45
adj, Dorothy Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4513:45
corner, Bridge Park Road, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4613:46
opp, Lea Close, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4613:46
adj, Forest Avenue, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4713:47
adj, Canal Street, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4813:48
adj, Costco, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4813:48
opp, Roundhill College, Thurmaston, Leicestershire13:4913:49
o/s, Barkby Lane, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire13:5013:50
o/s, Wanlip Road, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire13:5013:50
adj, Rail Station, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire13:5113:51
opp, Albert Street, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire13:5113:51
adj, Brookside, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire13:5213:52
o/s, Health Centre, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire13:5313:53
opp, Tentercroft Avenue, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire13:5413:54
adj, Wreake Valley College, Syston (Leics), Leicestershire13:5413:54
adj, New Zealand Lane, Queniborough, Leicestershire13:5613:56
opp, Syston Road, Queniborough, Leicestershire13:5813:58
W-bound, Long Furrow, East Goscote, Leicestershire14:0314:03

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.