Timetable for the 37 - Sleaford - Billingborough Bus Route
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Timetable for 37 - Sleaford - Billingborough Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Centrebus (licensed as Centrebus North Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 28/04/2020 End Date: 30/10/2020

bus timetable 37 Sleaford - Billingborough

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Sleaford -> Heckington -> Great Hale -> Little Hale -> Helpringham -> Thorpe Latimer -> Swaton -> Horbling -> Billingborough -> Folkingham -> Osbournby -> Aswarby -> Swarby -> Silk Willoughby

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Sleaford -> Silk Willoughby -> Swarby -> Aswarby -> Osbournby -> Folkingham -> Billingborough -> Horbling -> Swaton -> Thorpe Latimer -> Helpringham -> Little Hale -> Great Hale -> Heckington -> Kirkby la Thorpe

Operator Information for Centrebus
Email Fares Twitter Address
help@centrebus.com 01164105050 @CentrebusLive 43 Wenlock Way, Leicester, LE4 9HU

Map Showing the Routes of the 37 Sleaford - Billingborough Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Sleaford - Billingborough Service

Week Days - inbound

adj, Market Place, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:35
adj, Riverside Surgery, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:36
adj, Hills Court, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:36
opp, Sibthorpe Court, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:37
opp, Ancaster Drive, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:37
opp, Harvest Way, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire08:37
adj, Horseshoe Inn, Silk Willoughby, Lincolnshire08:40
opp, Swarby Lane, Swarby, Lincolnshire08:42
adj, Aswarby Lane End, Aswarby, Lincolnshire08:45
opp, Whichcote Arms, Osbournby, Lincolnshire08:47
opp, Market Place, Folkingham, Lincolnshire08:52
adj, House of Correction, Folkingham, Lincolnshire08:53
adj, George & Dragon, Billingborough, Lincolnshire09:00
opp, St Andrew's Church, Horbling, Lincolnshire09:01
adj, Post Office, Swaton, Lincolnshire09:05
adj, Chestnut Close, Swaton, Lincolnshire09:05
adj, Letter Box, Thorpe Latimer, Lincolnshire09:07
opp, School Lane, Helpringham, Lincolnshire09:11
adj, Methodist Chapel, Helpringham, Lincolnshire09:12
adj, The Nags Head, Helpringham, Lincolnshire09:12
opp, Fen Road, Little Hale, Lincolnshire09:14
adj, Magna Village Hall, Great Hale, Lincolnshire09:15
opp, Grove Street, Great Hale, Lincolnshire09:15
opp, Railway Station, Heckington, Lincolnshire09:17
adj, Village Hall, Heckington, Lincolnshire09:19
opp, War Memorial, Heckington, Lincolnshire09:20
opp, Potesgrave Way, Heckington, Lincolnshire09:21
W-bound, Village Lane End, Kirkby la Thorpe, Lincolnshire09:24
opp, Pride Parkway, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire09:27
opp, Woodbridge Road, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire09:27
opp, Duke Street, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire09:28
opp, St Denys Church, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire09:28
adj, Riverside Surgery, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire09:29
adj, Hills Court, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire09:31
adj, Rail Station, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire09:32

Week Days - outbound

adj, Rail Station, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire11:57
adj, Yorkshire Trading, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire11:58
adj, Market Place, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire12:03
adj, Duke Street, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire12:04
adj, Woodbridge Road, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire12:05
adj, Pride Parkway, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire12:06
adj, Potesgrave Way, Heckington, Lincolnshire12:13
adj, War Memorial, Heckington, Lincolnshire12:14
adj, Railway Station, Heckington, Lincolnshire12:15
adj, Grove Street, Great Hale, Lincolnshire12:16
opp, Magna Village Hall, Great Hale, Lincolnshire12:17
adj, Fen Road, Little Hale, Lincolnshire12:18
adj, Methodist Chapel, Helpringham, Lincolnshire12:20
adj, School Lane, Helpringham, Lincolnshire12:21
opp, Letter Box, Thorpe Latimer, Lincolnshire12:22
opp, Chestnut Close, Swaton, Lincolnshire12:25
opp, Post Office, Swaton, Lincolnshire12:26
adj, St Andrew's Church, Horbling, Lincolnshire12:30
opp, George & Dragon, Billingborough, Lincolnshire12:31
opp, House of Correction, Folkingham, Lincolnshire12:37
adj, Market Place, Folkingham, Lincolnshire12:38
adj, Whichcote Arms, Osbournby, Lincolnshire12:43
opp, Aswarby Lane End, Aswarby, Lincolnshire12:45
adj, Swarby Lane, Swarby, Lincolnshire12:47
opp, Horseshoe Inn, Silk Willoughby, Lincolnshire12:50
adj, Harvest Way, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire12:53
adj, Ancaster Drive, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire12:53
opp, Southfields, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire12:54
adj, Rail Station, Sleaford (Lincs), Lincolnshire12:58

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.