Timetable for the 398 - Belton - Gainsborough Bus Route
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Timetable for 398 - Belton - Gainsborough Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach East Midlands (licensed as Lincolnshire Road Car Co Ltd).

Start Date: 22/01/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Ash Tree Close - Bus Station

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Bus Station - Ash Tree Close
bus timetable 398 Belton - Gainsborough
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Map Showing the Routes of the 398 Belton - Gainsborough Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Belton - Gainsborough Service

Tuesday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Ash Tree Close,(adj), Belton (NLincs)09:45
2Jeffrey Lane,(adj), Belton (NLincs)09:45
3Steers Arms,(adj), Belton (NLincs)09:47
4Tottermire Lane,(opp), Epworth09:51
5Market Place,(adj), Epworth09:53
6Blow Row,(SW-bound), Epworth09:54
7A161,(S-bound), Low Burnham09:55
8The Nooking,(o/s 14), Haxey09:59
9Vinehall Road,(o/s 2), Haxey10:00
10Garage,(adj), Haxey10:00
11Water Tower,(adj), Westwoodside10:01
12Newbigg,(opp 19), Westwoodside10:03
13Fern Court,(opp), Westwoodside10:04
14School Croft,(adj), Westwoodside10:04
15Akeferry Road,(adj), Graizelound10:09
16Haxey Lane,(o/s 52), Haxey10:09
17Kings Arms,(o/s), Haxey10:10
18Memorial,(opp), Haxey10:11
19Brackenhill Road,(E-bound), East Lound10:13
20Station Road,(opp), Owston Ferry10:16
21Isle Bus Depot,(o/s), Owston Ferry10:17
22South Street,(S-bound), Gunthorpe (Lincs)10:22
23Main Street,(SW-bound), West Stockwith10:26
24North Carr Road,(opp), West Stockwith10:26
25Idle Bridge,(W-bound), West Stockwith10:26
26Canal Lane,(W-bound), West Stockwith10:26
27Stockwith Road,(S-bound), Misterton (Notts)10:28
28Stockwith Road,(SW-bound), Walkeringham10:29
29Station Road,(adj), Walkeringham10:30
30Church Street,(opp), Beckingham (Notts)10:32
31Station Road,(S-bound), Beckingham (Notts)10:33
32The Croft,(opp), Beckingham (Notts)10:33
33Roundabout,(SE-bound), Beckingham (Notts)10:34
34King Street,(adj), Gainsborough (Lincs)10:40
35Portland Terrace,(adj), Gainsborough (Lincs)10:40
36Bus Station,(), Gainsborough (Lincs)10:42

Tuesday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Bus Station,(Stand 2), Gainsborough (Lincs)13:10
2Trinity Arts Centre,(adj), Gainsborough (Lincs)13:10
3King Street,(opp), Gainsborough (Lincs)13:11
4Roundabout,(NW-bound), Beckingham (Notts)13:17
5The Croft,(NW-bound), Beckingham (Notts)13:18
6Station Road,(N-bound), Beckingham (Notts)13:19
7Church Street,(adj), Beckingham (Notts)13:19
8Station Road,(opp), Walkeringham13:22
9Stockwith Road,(NE-bound), Walkeringham13:22
10Stockwith Road,(N-bound), Misterton (Notts)13:23
11Canal Lane,(E-bound), West Stockwith13:25
12Idle Bridge,(NE-bound), West Stockwith13:25
13North Carr Road,(adj), West Stockwith13:25
14Main Street,(NE-bound), West Stockwith13:26
15Ings Lane,(adj), West Stockwith13:26
16South Street,(N-bound), Gunthorpe (Lincs)13:30
17Market Place,(adj), Owston Ferry13:35
18Station Road,(adj), Owston Ferry13:35
19Brackenhill Road,(W-bound), East Lound13:39
20Memorial,(o/s 2), Haxey13:41
21Kings Arms,(opp), Haxey13:41
22Haxey Lane,(o/s 35), Haxey13:42
23Akeferry Road,(opp), Graizelound13:43
24School Croft,(opp), Westwoodside13:47
25Fern Court,(o/s), Westwoodside13:48
26Newbigg,(opp 16), Westwoodside13:48
27Water Tower,(opp), Westwoodside13:49
28Vinehall Road,(o/s 2), Haxey13:51
29The Nooking,(o/s 17), Haxey13:51
30A161,(N-bound), Low Burnham13:54
31Blow Row,(NE-bound), Epworth13:56
32Albion Hill,(), Epworth13:56
33Market Place,(adj), Epworth13:57
34Tottermire Lane,(adj), Epworth13:58
35Steers Arms,(opp), Belton (NLincs)14:04
36Stocks Hill,(adj), Belton (NLincs)14:04
37Jeffrey Lane,(opp), Belton (NLincs)14:06
38Ash Tree Close,(opp), Belton (NLincs)14:07

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.