Timetable for the 50 - Grimsby - Saltfleet Bus Route

Timetable for 50 - Grimsby - Saltfleet Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Lincolnshire Road Car Co Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 02/01/2022

bus timetable 50 Grimsby - Saltfleet

Map Showing the Routes of the 50 Grimsby - Saltfleet Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Grimsby - Saltfleet Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Grimsby Institute, o/s, Bargate, Grimsby17:25
Westlands Avenue, adj, Bargate, Grimsby17:27
Abbey Road, opp, Bargate17:28
Pelham Road, adj, Bargate, Grimsby17:30
St James Church, adj, Bethlehem Street17:32
Riverhead Exchange, Stand A, George Street06:2514:3514:5817:35
Holles Street, opp, Ellis Way06:2614:3614:5917:36
Hainton Avenue, opp, Eleanor Street, Grimsby06:2614:3614:5917:36
Heneage Road, adj, Eleanor Street, Grimsby06:2714:3715:0017:37
Ladysmith Street, nr, Convamore Road, Cleethorpes06:2714:3715:0017:37
Julian Street, adj, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes06:2814:3815:0117:38
Columbia Road, nr, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes06:2914:3915:0217:39
Medical Centre, opp, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes06:2914:3915:0217:39
Beverley Crescent, opp, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes06:3014:4015:0317:40
Whitby Drive, opp, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes06:3014:4015:0317:40
Ladysmith Road, adj, Weelsby Road, Cleethorpes06:3114:4115:0417:41
Vivian Avenue, opp, Weelsby Road, Cleethorpes06:3214:4215:0517:42
Hewitt's Avenue, opp, Humberston Road, Cleethorpes06:3614:4615:0917:46
Wilton Road, opp, Grimsby Road06:3714:4715:1017:47
Windermere Crescent, opp, Grimsby Road06:3814:4815:1117:48
Derwent Drive, opp, Grimsby Road06:3814:4815:1117:48
Coniston Crescent, opp, Grimsby Road06:3814:4815:1117:48
Church Avenue, o/s 906:4014:5015:1317:50
Queen Elizabeth Road, opp, Church Avenue06:4014:5215:1317:50
Midfield Road, adj, Church Avenue06:4014:5515:1317:50
St Peters Church, o/s, Church Avenue06:4114:5915:1417:51
Tetney Road, adj, Humberston Avenue15:01
Humberston Academy, in, Turning Circle15:05
North End Road, opp, Humberston Road06:4815:2117:58
Primary School, opp, Humberston Road06:4815:2117:58
Blackthorn Avenue, adj, Humberston Avenue15:07
Alder Avenue, adj, Humberston Avenue15:08
Hewitts Manor, opp, Humberston Avenue15:11
Old Paddock Court, adj, Humberston Avenue15:12
Abbotts Grange, opp, Humberston Avenue15:13
Cannon Oakes Court, adj, Humberston Avenue15:15
Station Avenue, adj, Station Road15:19
Pretymen Crescent, adj, Station Road15:20
Cardiff Avenue, opp, Station Road15:21
Pemberton Drive, opp, Station Road15:22
Toll Bar Avenue, opp, Station Road15:23
Louth Road, opp 41115:25
Hawthorne Avenue, adj, Louth Road15:26
Carmen Crescent, opp, Louth Road15:28
Louth Road Letter Box, opp, Louth Road15:28
Nisa Star Supermarket, opp, Louth Road15:28
Garthway, adj, Pinfold Lane15:29
St Peter's Close, adj, Pinfold Lane15:29
53 Tetney Lane, o/s, Tetney Lane15:30
The Lanes, adj, Town Road15:32
Plough Inn, adj, Market Place06:5015:3315:2318:00
Primary School, adj, Humberston Road06:5015:3315:2318:00
The Wharf, opp, Tetney Lock Road06:5515:3815:2818:03
St Nicholas's Church, opp, Lock Road07:0015:4315:3318:05
Fen Walk, NE-bound, Kenneth Campbell Road07:0515:4815:3818:10
Church of England School, adj, Fleetway07:0715:5015:4018:12
The Greyhound Inn, opp, Seadyke Way07:1015:5315:4318:15
Chapel Lane, adj, A1031 Main Road07:1515:5815:4818:20
Fen Lane, opp, Conisholme Road07:2016:0315:5318:23
The Axe and Cleaver PH, opp, Keeling Street07:2416:0715:5718:25
Amvale Coach Depot, opp, Keeling Street07:2416:0715:5718:25
Churchill Road, adj, Keeling Street07:2516:0815:5818:26
Village Hall, adj, Warren Road07:2516:0815:5818:26
Caravan Park, adj, Warren Road, Lakeside Lido07:2716:1016:0018:28
High Holme Farm, opp, Warren Road07:2816:1116:0118:31
Crown Inn, opp, Main Road07:3016:1316:0318:35

Week Days - inbound

Crown Inn, adj, Main Road07:3507:3510:3018:40
High Holme Farm, adj, Warren Road07:3707:3710:3218:42
Caravan Park, opp, Warren Road, Lakeside Lido07:4007:4010:3518:45
Village Hall, opp, Warren Road07:4107:4110:3618:46
Amvale Coach Depot, adj, Keeling Street07:4207:4210:3718:47
The Axe and Cleaver PH, adj, Keeling Street07:4307:4310:3818:48
Fen Lane, adj, Conisholme Road07:4807:4810:4318:53
Chapel Lane, opp, A1031 Main Road07:5307:5310:4818:58
The Greyhound Inn, adj, Seadyke Way07:5807:5810:5319:03
Church of England School, opp, Fleetway08:0108:0110:5619:06
Fen Walk, NE-bound, Kenneth Campbell Road08:0608:0611:0119:11
St Nicholas's Church, adj, Lock Road08:0908:0911:0419:14
The Wharf, adj, Tetney Lock Road08:1408:1411:0919:19
Plough Inn, adj, Market Place08:2008:2011:1519:25
Primary School, adj, Humberston Road08:2108:2011:1619:26
North End Road, adj, Humberston Road08:2108:2011:1619:26
Tetney Road, adj, Humberston Avenue08:24
Humberston Academy, in, Turning Circle08:25
Tetney Road, opp, Humberston Avenue08:26
St Thomas Road, adj, Church Avenue08:2908:2711:2419:34
Midfield Road, opp, Church Avenue08:2908:2811:2419:34
Queen Elizabeth Road, adj, Church Avenue08:3008:3011:2519:35
Church Avenue, adj, Humberston Road08:3008:3011:2519:35
Coniston Crescent, adj, Grimsby Road08:3108:3111:2619:36
Derwent Drive, adj, Grimsby Road08:3108:3111:2619:36
Wilton Road, adj, Grimsby Road08:3208:3211:2719:37
Hewitt's Avenue, adj, Humberston Road, Cleethorpes08:3308:3311:2819:38
Vivian Avenue, adj, Weelsby Road, Cleethorpes08:3808:3811:3319:43
Ladysmith Road, NW-bound, Cleethorpes08:3808:3811:3319:43
Whitby Drive, adj, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes08:3908:3911:3419:44
Beverley Crescent, adj, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes08:3908:3911:3419:44
Medical Centre, o/s, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes08:4008:4011:3519:45
Columbia Road, opp, Ladysmith Road, Cleethorpes08:4108:4111:3619:46
Edward Street, adj, Pasture Street, Cleethorpes08:4208:4211:3719:47
Bradley Street, nr, Hainton Avenue, Cleethorpes08:4308:4311:3819:48
Holles Street, adj, Ellis Way08:4308:4311:3819:48
Riverhead Exchange, Stand H, Town Hall Street08:4508:4511:4019:50
St James Church Stop 2, opp, Bethlehem Street08:47
Pelham Road, opp, Bargate, Grimsby08:49
Abbey Road, adj, Bargate, Grimsby08:50
St Martins Prep School, adj, Bargate, Grimsby08:52
Eastwood Avenue, opp, Bargate, Grimsby08:54
Grimsby Institute, o/s, Bargate, Grimsby08:55

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