Timetable for the 53 - Grimsby Town Centre - Market Rasen Bus Route

Timetable for 53 - Grimsby Town Centre - Market Rasen Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Lincolnshire Road Car Co Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 02/01/2022

bus timetable 53 Grimsby Town Centre - Market Rasen

Map Showing the Routes of the 53 Grimsby Town Centre - Market Rasen Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Grimsby Town Centre - Market Rasen Service

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Week Days - outbound

Market Place, opp, King Street08:4209:4213:3218:2219:12
South Lane, adj, Gainsborough Road08:4209:4213:3218:2219:12
Fern Drive, adj, A4608:4409:4413:3418:2419:14
Low Road, adj, A4608:4609:4613:3618:2619:16
Hope Tavern, opp, A4608:5009:5013:4018:3019:20
Holton Road Garage, adj, Holton Road08:5209:5213:4218:3219:22
Salutation Inn, opp, Caistor Road08:5409:5413:4418:3419:24
Bus Shelter, adj, Nettleton Road08:5609:5613:4618:3619:26
Butter Market, adj, South Street08:5709:5713:4718:3719:27
South Dale, opp, South Street08:5709:5713:4718:3719:27
Letter Box, opp, Grimsby Road09:0110:0113:5118:4119:31
Layby, NE-bound, Caistor Road09:0410:0413:5418:4419:34
Grimsby Road A46, o/s 146, Grimsby Road09:0810:0813:5818:4819:38
Church Lane, adj, Grimsby Road09:1010:1014:0018:5019:40
George Butler Close, opp, Grimsby Road09:1010:1014:0018:5019:40
Business Park, opp, Grimsby Road09:1010:1014:0018:5019:40
Morrisons, o/s, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1310:1314:0218:5219:42
Bradley Inn, opp, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1410:1414:0318:5319:43
Brocklesby Road, adj, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1410:1414:0318:5319:43
Crowland Avenue, adj, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1510:1514:0318:5319:43
Laceby Road, NE-bound, Grimsby09:1510:1514:0418:5419:44
Winchester Avenue, opp, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1510:1514:0418:5419:44
Norwich Avenue, adj, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1510:1514:0418:5419:44
Walmsgate, opp, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1610:1614:0418:5419:44
Carnarvon Avenue, adj, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1610:1614:0518:5519:45
First Avenue, opp, Laceby Road, Grimsby09:1710:1714:0518:5519:45
Eastwood Avenue, opp, Bargate, Grimsby09:1710:1714:0518:5519:45
Devonshire Avenue, opp, Weelsby Road, Grimsby09:1810:1814:0618:5619:46
Connaught Avenue, opp, Weelsby Road, Grimsby09:1910:1914:0618:5619:46
Park Drive, adj, Weelsby Road, Grimsby09:2010:2014:0718:5719:47
Legsby Avenue, E-bound, Weelsby Road, Grimsby09:2110:2114:0718:5719:47
Torrington Street, N-bound, Hainton Avenue, Cleethorpes09:2510:2514:0918:5919:49
Patrick Street, N-bound, Hainton Avenue, Cleethorpes09:2610:2614:1019:0019:50
Tasburgh Street, opp, Hainton Avenue, Cleethorpes09:2810:2814:1219:0219:52
Catherine Street, N-bound, Hainton Avenue, Cleethorpes09:2810:2814:1419:0419:54
Pasture Street, N-bound, Hainton Avenue, Cleethorpes09:3010:3014:1619:0619:56
Bradley Street, nr, Hainton Avenue, Cleethorpes09:3110:3114:1719:0719:57
Holles Street, adj, Ellis Way09:3210:3214:1919:0919:59
Riverhead Exchange, Stand G, Victoria Street09:3710:3714:2519:1520:05

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