Timetable for the 360 - Goole - Scunthorpe Bus Route

Timetable for 360 - Goole - Scunthorpe Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by East Yorkshire (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 11/10/2020

bus timetable 360 Goole - Scunthorpe

Map Showing the Routes of the 360 Goole - Scunthorpe Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Goole - Scunthorpe Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

NotesSchooldays OnlySchool Holidays
Bus Station, Stand J, Scunthorpe16:0516:1017:30
Railway Station, o/s, Station Road, Scunthorpe16:0816:13
Cottage Beck Road, adj, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe16:0916:14
The Pods, opp, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe16:1016:14
North Lindsey College, in, Kingsway, Scunthorpe16:13
Tesco, in, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe16:2416:24
Gallagher Retail Park, opp, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe16:2416:24
Gunness Straight, o/s 71, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe16:2616:26
Jolly Sailor, o/s, Station Road, Scunthorpe16:2716:27
Althorpe Rail Station, o/s, Station Road, Keadby16:2916:29
Primary School, opp, Station Road, Keadby16:2916:29
Club, opp, Station Road, Keadby16:2916:29
Trentside, o/s, Keadby16:3016:30
Auld South Yorkshire, o/s, Station Road, Keadby16:3016:31
Willow Grove, adj 3, Trentside, Keadby16:3216:32
Chapel Street, adj, Church Street, Amcotts16:3716:37
Ingleby Arms, o/s, Church Street, Amcotts16:3816:38
Halkon Close, o/s, Meredyke Road, Luddington16:4516:45
Lincolnshire Arms, adj, Eastoft Road, Luddington16:4616:46
Mill Close Villas, o/s, Garthorpe Road, Luddington16:4616:46
Garthorpe Hall, adj, High Street, Garthorpe16:4916:49
Bay Horse, opp, High Street, Garthorpe16:5016:50
Adlingfleet Garthorpe Road, 22011701, Garthorpe Road, N/A16:5316:53
Adlingfleet Garthorpe Road, 22001172, Garthorpe Road, N/A16:5416:54
Blacktoft Sands, 22001174, Townend Causeway, N/A16:5616:56
Ousefleet Townend Causeway, 22001175, Townend Causeway, N/A16:5916:58
Whitgift Main Road, 22001178, Main Road, N/A17:0117:01
Whitgift Main Road, 22001180, Main Road, N/A17:0217:02
Reedness Twin Rivers, 22000664, Main Street, N/A17:0517:05
Reedness Twin Rivers, 22000662, Twin Rivers Main Street, N/A17:0617:06
Reedness Twin Rivers, 22001183, Main Street, N/A17:0717:07
Swinefleet High Street, 22011828, High Street, N/A17:1017:10
Swinefleet Church Lane, 22001416, Church Lane, N/A17:1017:10
Swinefleet Low Street, 22001734, Low Street, N/A17:1117:11
Goole Swinefleet Road, 22000625, Swinefleet Road, N/A17:1617:16
Old Goole Swinefleet Road, 22001293, Swinefleet Road, N/A17:1617:16
Goole Stanhope Street, 22000083, Stanhope Street, N/A17:1917:19
Goole North Street, 22000004, North Street, N/A17:2117:21

Week Days - outbound

NotesSchool HolidaysSchooldays Only
Goole North Street, 22000004, North Street, N/A07:2507:2517:25
Goole Stanhope Street, 22000082, Stanhope Street, N/A07:2507:2517:25
Old Goole Main Road, 22001414, Swinefleet Road, N/A07:2807:2817:28
Swinefleet Low Street, 22001735, Low Street, N/A07:3207:3217:32
Swinefleet Church Street, 22000661, High Street, East07:3307:3317:33
Reedness Twin Rivers, 22001182, Main Street, N/A07:3607:3617:36
Reedness Twin Rivers, 22001181, Manor Road, N/A07:3807:3817:38
Reedness Twin Rivers, 22000663, Main Street, N/A07:3807:3817:38
Whitgift Main Road, 22001179, Main Road, N/A07:4007:4017:40
Whitgift Main Road, 22001177, Main Road, N/A07:4207:4217:42
Ousefleet Townend Causeway, 22001176, Townend Causeway, N/A07:4407:4417:44
Blacktoft Sands, 22001173, Townend Causeway, N/A07:4607:4617:46
Adlingfleet Garthorpe Rd, 22001171, Garthorpe Road, N/A07:4907:4917:49
Bay Horse, o/s, High Street, Garthorpe07:5307:5317:53
Garthorpe Hall, opp, High Street, Garthorpe07:5307:5317:53
Mill Close Villas, opp, Garthorpe Road, Luddington07:5707:5717:57
Lincolnshire Arms, opp, Eastoft Road, Luddington17:58
High Bridge Villas, o/s 111, Eastoft Road, Luddington17:59
War Memorial, opp, Luddington Road, Eastoft18:03
Halkon Close, o/s, Meredyke Road, Luddington07:5807:58
Ingleby Arms, opp, Church Street, Amcotts08:0508:05
Chapel Street, opp, Church Street, Amcotts08:0508:05
Willow Grove, opp, Trentside, Keadby08:1108:11
Trentside, opp, Keadby08:1308:13
Club, nr, Station Road, Keadby08:1408:14
Primary School, o/s, Station Road, Keadby08:1508:15
Althorpe Rail Station, opp, Station Road, Keadby08:1608:16
Jolly Sailor, opp, Station Road, Scunthorpe08:1808:18
Gunness Straight, opp 71, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe08:1808:18
Doncaster Road, o/s 31, Scunthorpe08:2308:23
Collinson Avenue, adj, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe08:2308:23
Highfield Avenue, opp, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe08:2508:25
Sainsbury`s, o/s, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe08:2608:26
Pavillion Row, opp, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe08:2608:26
Dunstall Street, adj, Mary Street, Scunthorpe08:2708:27
Mary Street Car Park, adj, Mary Street, Scunthorpe08:2808:28
Bus Station, Stand J, Scunthorpe08:3008:30
Railway Station, o/s, Station Road, Scunthorpe08:33
Cottage Beck Road, adj, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe08:34
The Pods, opp, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe08:34
Lloyds Avenue, opp, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe08:36
West Common Lane, o/s 56, Scunthorpe08:37
Peveril Avenue, opp, Glover Road, Scunthorpe08:39
North Lindsey College, o/s, Glover Road, Scunthorpe08:40
North Lindsey College, in, Kingsway, Scunthorpe08:42

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