Timetable for the 360 - Scunthorpe - East Halton Bus Route

Timetable for 360 - Scunthorpe - East Halton Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Lincolnshire Road Car Co Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 02/01/2022

bus timetable 360 Scunthorpe - East Halton

Map Showing the Routes of the 360 Scunthorpe - East Halton Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Scunthorpe - East Halton Service

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Week Days - inbound

King Street, E-bound, East Halton07:20
Towles Corner, College Road, East Halton07:20
Abbey, adj, College Road, Thornton Curtis07:24
Rail Station, o/s, Howe Lane, Goxhill07:30
Crossroads, W-bound, Barrow Road, Goxhill07:32
Palmer Lane, adj, Beck Lane, Barrow upon Humber07:39
Holy Trinity Church, opp, Thorngarth Lane, Barrow Upon Humber07:40
Market Place, o/s, High Street, Barrow Upon Humber07:42
Ferry Road, o/s 49, Barrow upon Humber07:43
Cemetery, opp, Barrow Road, Barton Upon Humber07:48
Baysgarth School, o/s, Barrow Road, Barton Upon Humber07:49
Railway Station, adj, Butts Road, Barton Upon Humber07:30
Butts Road, o/s 73, Barton Upon Humber07:32
East Grove, adj, Pasture Road, Barton Upon Humber07:34
Market Place, opp, Market Lane, Barton Upon Humber07:5007:38
Fire Station, o/s, Holydyke, Barton Upon Humber07:5007:38
Holydyke, o/s 17, Ferriby Road, Barton Upon Humber07:5107:38
Tofts Road, adj, Ferriby Road, Barton Upon Humber07:5107:39
Hillside Drive, o/s 1, Ferriby Road, Barton Upon Humber07:5207:39
Black Smiths, opp, High Street, South Ferriby08:0007:45
Low Street, adj, Sluice Road, South Ferriby08:0007:45
Old Warp Lane, adj, Sluice Road, South Ferriby08:0107:46
Andrew Road, adj, Sluice Road, South Ferriby08:0107:46
Ferriby Sluice, o/s, Sluice Road, South Ferriby08:0307:48
Ermine Street, adj, Winteringham08:0807:53
Winteringham Fields Hotel, opp, Silver Street, Winteringham08:0907:54
Mere Farm, opp, Winterton Road, Winteringham08:1107:56
Mere Garage, adj, Winterton Road, Winteringham08:1107:56
Selling Centre, opp, North Street, Winterton08:1307:58
Newport Drive, opp, North Street, Winterton08:1407:5907:50
Mill House Lane, opp, North Street, Winterton08:1407:5907:50
North Street, o/s 8, Winterton08:1407:5907:50
Hart Lane, opp, King Street, Winterton08:1407:5907:50
Cross Keys, adj, King Street, Winterton08:1508:0007:51
Post Office, opp, High Street, Winterton08:1508:0007:51
Leek Hill, adj j, Earlsgate Road, Winterton08:1508:0007:51
Lincoln Drive, adj, Earlsgate Road, Winterton08:1608:0107:52
Fish Shop, opp, Earlsgate Road, Winterton08:1608:0207:52
Garage, opp, Roxby Road, Winterton08:1708:0207:53
Roxby Corner, S-bound, Roxby Road, Roxby08:1908:0507:55
Hill, SW-bound, Winterton Road, Roxby08:2708:1408:04
Mannaberg Way, Scunthorpe08:3008:1808:08
Normanby Grange, opp, Normanby Road, Scunthorpe08:3108:1908:09
Chatterton Crescent, opp, Old Crosby, Scunthorpe08:3208:2108:11
Grosvenor Hotel, adj, Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe08:3208:2108:11
Sheffield Street, adj, Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe08:3308:2208:12
Porter Street, adj, Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe08:3408:2308:13
Shops, o/s, Oswald Road, Scunthorpe08:3408:2308:13
Museum, opp, Oswald Road, Scunthorpe08:3508:2408:14
Cottage Beck Road, adj, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe08:3608:2508:15
The Pods, opp, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe08:3608:2608:16
Lloyds Avenue, opp, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe08:3708:2708:17
West Common Lane, o/s 56, Scunthorpe08:3908:2808:18
Peveril Avenue, opp, Glover Road, Scunthorpe08:4008:3008:20
North Lindsey College, o/s, Glover Road, Scunthorpe08:4508:3508:25

Week Days - outbound

Peveril Avenue, opp, Glover Road, Scunthorpe16:1016:1016:10
North Lindsey College, o/s, Glover Road, Scunthorpe16:1216:1216:12
Hamilton Road, opp, Lloyds Avenue, Scunthorpe16:1216:1216:12
Lloyds Avenue, o/s 60, Scunthorpe16:1316:1316:13
Kingsway House, o/s, Lloyds Avenue, Scunthorpe16:1316:1316:13
The Pods, o/s, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe16:1516:1516:15
Cottage Beck Road, opp, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe16:1516:1516:15
Museum, o/s, Oswald Road, Scunthorpe16:1716:1716:17
Cliff Gardens, adj, Oswald Road, Scunthorpe16:1716:1716:17
Dunstall Street, adj, Mary Street, Scunthorpe16:1816:1816:18
Mary Street Car Park, adj, Mary Street, Scunthorpe16:1916:1916:19
Bus Station, Stand L, Scunthorpe16:2016:2016:20
Parkinson Avenue, adj, Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe16:2116:2116:21
Holy Souls Church, opp, Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe16:2116:2116:21
Crosby Primary School, o/s, Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe16:2116:2116:21
Grosvenor Hotel, opp, Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe16:2216:2216:22
Chatterton Crescent, adj, Old Crosby, Scunthorpe16:2216:2216:22
Normanby Grange, o/s, Normanby Road, Scunthorpe16:2316:2316:23
Mannaberg Way, Scunthorpe16:2316:2316:23
Hill, NE-bound, Winterton Road, Roxby16:2616:2616:26
Aalps College, o/s, Winterton Road, Roxby16:3116:3116:31
Roxby Corner, in, Roxby Road, Roxby16:3216:3216:32
Garage, o/s, Roxby Road, Winterton16:3316:3316:33
Fish Shop, o/s, Earlsgate Road, Winterton16:3416:3416:34
Lincoln Drive, opp, Earlsgate Road, Winterton16:3416:3416:34
Leek Hill, opp, Earlsgate Road, Winterton16:3516:3516:35
Post Office, o/s, High Street, Winterton16:3516:3516:35
Cross Keys, o/s, King Street, Winterton16:3616:3616:36
Hart Lane, adj, King Street, Winterton16:3616:3616:36
North Street, adj 15, Winterton16:3616:3616:36
Mill House Lane, adj, North Street, Winterton16:3616:3616:36
Newport Drive, adj, North Street, Winterton16:3716:3716:37
Selling Centre, adj, North Street, Winterton16:3716:37
Mere Garage, opp, Winterton Road, Winteringham16:3916:39
Mere Farm, adj, Winterton Road, Winteringham16:3916:39
Back Lane, adj, High Burgage, Winteringham16:4116:41
Winteringham Fields Hotel, o/s, Silver Street, Winteringham16:4216:42
Ermine Street, opp, Winteringham16:4216:42
Ferriby Sluice, opp, Sluice Road, South Ferriby16:4816:48
Andrew Road, opp, Sluice Road, South Ferriby16:4916:49
Old Warp Lane, opp, Sluice Road, South Ferriby16:4916:49
Low Street, opp, Sluice Road, South Ferriby16:5016:50
Black Smiths, o/s, High Street, South Ferriby16:5116:51
Hillside Drive, o/s 72, Ferriby Road, Barton Upon Humber16:5616:56
Tofts Road, opp, Ferriby Road, Barton Upon Humber16:5616:56
Holydyke, adj, Ferriby Road, Barton Upon Humber16:5716:57
Fire Station, opp, Holydyke, Barton Upon Humber16:5716:57
Market Place, adj, Market Lane, Barton Upon Humber16:5816:58
East Grove, opp, Pasture Road, Barton Upon Humber16:58
Butts Road, o/s 108, Barton Upon Humber16:59
Cemetery, o/s, Barrow Road, Barton Upon Humber16:59
Ferry Road, o/s 38, Barrow upon Humber17:08
Market Place, opp, High Street, Barrow Upon Humber17:10
Holy Trinity Church, o/s, Thorngarth Lane, Barrow Upon Humber17:10
Palmer Lane, opp, Beck Lane, Barrow upon Humber17:10
Crossroads, E-bound, Barrow Road, Goxhill17:14
Rail Station, o/s, Howe Lane, Goxhill17:15
School Corner, adj, Mill Lane, East Halton17:24
King Street, E-bound, East Halton17:25

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