Timetable for the 57F - Epworth - Doncaster Bus Route
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Timetable for 57F - Epworth - Doncaster Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First South Yorkshire (licensed as First South Yorkshire Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 24/03/2020 End Date: 25/09/2020

bus timetable 57F Epworth - Doncaster

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Epworth -> Low Burnham -> Haxey -> Westwoodside -> Blaxton -> Auckley -> Branton -> Cantley -> Belle Vue -> Bennetthorpe -> Doncaster Town Centre

Operator Information for First South Yorkshire
Fares Twitter Address
03456460707 @FirstSouthYorks First South Yorkshire, Ceres Building, 9 Effingham Square, Rotherham S65 1AP

Map Showing the Routes of the 57F Epworth - Doncaster Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Epworth - Doncaster Service

Week Days - inbound

NE-bound, Blow Row, Epworth, North Lincolnshire07:10
opp, Leisure Centre, Epworth, North Lincolnshire07:12
S-bound, A161, Low Burnham, North Lincolnshire07:15
o/s 2, Memorial, Haxey, North Lincolnshire07:16
opp, Marlborough Avenue, Haxey, North Lincolnshire07:18
adj, Garage, Haxey, North Lincolnshire07:20
o/s 2, Vinehall Road, Haxey, North Lincolnshire07:21
adj, Water Tower, Westwoodside, North Lincolnshire07:23
o/s 1, Commonside, Westwoodside, North Lincolnshire07:25
adj, Pond, Westwoodside, North Lincolnshire07:26
o/s 6, Park Lane, Westwoodside, North Lincolnshire07:27
adj, The Meadows, Westwoodside, North Lincolnshire07:29
adj, Fiftyeights Road, Blaxton, South Yorkshire07:30
opp, Wroot Road, Blaxton, South Yorkshire07:31
adj, Station Road, Blaxton, South Yorkshire07:33
opp, Mosham Close, Blaxton, South Yorkshire07:36
at, Brooke Farm, Auckley, South Yorkshire07:40
opp, River Way, Auckley, South Yorkshire07:41
adj, Glen Road, Branton (SYork), South Yorkshire07:42
adj, Badgers Holt, Branton (SYork), South Yorkshire07:43
adj, Quarry Lane, Branton (SYork), South Yorkshire07:44
adj, St Vincents Avenue, Branton (SYork), South Yorkshire07:45
at, The Mcauley School, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:46
adj, Staunton Road, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:47
adj, Packington Road, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:48
opp, Tatenhill Gardens, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:49
opp, Cantley Manor Avenue, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:50
opp, Limpool Close, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:51
opp, Church Lane, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:52
adj, Heatherbank Road, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:53
Opp, St Wilfrids Road, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:54
opp, Cantley Lane, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:55
adj, Ansten Crescent, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:56
adj, Elmham Road, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:57
Aldesworth Road, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:58
opp, Sandown Gardens, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire07:59
at, Rose Hill Cemetery, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire08:00
adj, St Augustines Road, Cantley (SYork), South Yorkshire08:01
adj, The Dome, Belle Vue (SYork), South Yorkshire08:03
adj, Gliwice Way, Belle Vue (SYork), South Yorkshire08:04
opp, Bawtry Road, Belle Vue (SYork), South Yorkshire08:05
at, Grand St Leger Hotel, Belle Vue (SYork), South Yorkshire08:06
at, Danum Road, Bennetthorpe, South Yorkshire08:08
adj, Roman Road, Bennetthorpe, South Yorkshire08:11
opp, Regent Square, Doncaster Centre, South Yorkshire08:12
Stop WS1, WS1, Doncaster Centre, South Yorkshire08:14
Stop CS2, CS2, Doncaster Centre, South Yorkshire08:15
at, Doncaster Interchange, Doncaster Centre, South Yorkshire08:17

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.