Timetable for the 2C - Corby Estates - Corby Town Centre - Weldon Industry - Asda Bus Route
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Timetable for 2C - Corby Estates - Corby Town Centre - Weldon Industry - Asda Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach Midlands (licensed as Midland Red (South) Ltd).

Start Date: 22/01/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Arkwright Road - Welland Vale Road Shops
  • Corby. Priors Hall - George Street

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Welland Vale Road Shops - ASDA Superstore
  • Corby. RC Church - ASDA Superstore
bus timetable 2C Corby Estates - Corby Town Centre - Weldon Industry - Asda
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Map Showing the Routes of the 2C Corby Estates - Corby Town Centre - Weldon Industry - Asda Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Corby Estates - Corby Town Centre - Weldon Industry - Asda Service

- inbound

No.Bus StopTimeTime
1Arkwright Road,(adj), Weldon Industry22:15
2Baird Road,(adj), Weldon Industry22:16
3Curver Way,(opp), Weldon Industry22:16
4Shelton Road,(adj), Weldon Industry22:17
5Sallow Road,(opp), Weldon Industry22:18
6RS Components,(opp), Weldon Industry22:20
7Corby Business Academy,(o/s), Weldon Industry22:20
8Priors Hall Future Centre,(o/s), Weldon Industry07:5722:22
8Priors Hall Future Centre,(o/s), Weldon Industry07:5722:22
9Priors Hall Future Centre,(opp), Weldon Industry07:57
10Footway to Cooks Road,(opp), Weldon Industry22:24
11Central Workshops,(opp), Weldon Industry22:27
12Corby Gate,(opp), Weldon Industry07:59
13Deene End,(adj), Weldon (Nhants)08:03
14Church View,(adj), Weldon (Nhants)08:05
15Hillside Crescent,(adj), Weldon (Nhants)08:05
16Water Lane,(nr), Weldon (Nhants)08:06
17Corby Road,(opp 141), Weldon (Nhants)08:08
18British Oxygen,(opp), Weldon Industry08:1022:30
18British Oxygen,(opp), Weldon Industry08:1022:30
19St John the Baptist's Church,(opp), Corby Village08:1022:30
20St James Road,(adj), Corby Village08:1122:31
21St Marks Road,(adj), Corby Village08:1122:32
22Burghley Drive,(adj), Exeter (Nhants)08:1222:33
22Burghley Drive,(adj), Exeter (Nhants)08:1222:33
23Elizabeth Street,(Stop L), Corby08:1322:34
24George Street,(Stop A), Corby08:1522:36
25Leighton Road,(opp), Hazel Leys22:37
26Blake Road,(adj), Hazel Leys22:39
27Recreation Ground,(opp), Hazel Leys22:41
28Hazel Leys School,(o/s), King's Wood (Corby)22:42
29Patrick Road,(adj), King's Wood (Corby)22:43
30Harlech,(opp), King's Wood (Corby)22:45
31Barnard,(opp), King's Wood (Corby)22:45
32Quebec Close,(opp), King's Wood (Corby)22:46
33Brisbane Gardens,(nr), King's Wood (Corby)22:47
34Colyers Avenue,(adj), Danesholme22:48
35Underpass,(SE-bound), Danesholme22:48
36Thetford Close,(adj), Danesholme22:50
37Breedon Close,(adj), Danesholme22:50
38Bamburg Close,(adj), Danesholme22:51
39Herford Close,(opp), Danesholme22:51
40Minden Close,(opp), Danesholme22:51
41Brunswick Gardens,(opp), Danesholme22:52
42Oldenburgh Road,(opp), Danesholme22:52
43Denmark Close,(opp), Danesholme22:52
44Kingswood School,(o/s), Corby22:53
45Glyndebourne Gardens,(adj), Beanfield22:54
46Greenhill Rise,(adj), King's Wood (Corby)22:54
47Eastbrook,(opp), King's Wood (Corby)22:54
48York Road,(o/s 1), Beanfield22:55
49Todmorden Close,(opp), Beanfield22:55
50Halifax Square,(adj), Beanfield22:55
51The Hazel Tree,(o/s), Beanfield22:56
52Burgess Court,(adj), Beanfield22:56
53Bodiam Place,(adj), Beanfield22:57
54Glastonbury Road,(adj), Beanfield22:57
55The Phoenix,(o/s), Beanfield22:58
56St Brendan's Church,(o/s), Beanfield22:59
57Beanfield Avenue,(adj), Beanfield23:00
58Abington Road,(adj), Lodge Park (Nhants)23:02
59Duncan Road,(adj), Lodge Park (Nhants)23:02
60Grendon Avenue,(opp), Lodge Park (Nhants)23:03
61The Kingfisher,(opp), Lodge Park (Nhants)23:03
62Vian Way,(adj), Lodge Park (Nhants)23:03
63Lodge Park School,(o/s), Shire Lodge23:04
64Nene Crescent,(adj), Shire Lodge23:04
65Medina Road,(adj), Shire Lodge23:04
66Stour Road,(adj), Shire Lodge23:05
67Welland Vale Road Shops,(opp), Welland Vale23:06

- outbound

No.Bus StopTimeTimeTime
1Church of Our Lady,(o/s), Dales06:44
2Ashdown Place,(adj), Dales06:45
3Rockingham Arms,(o/s), Dales06:49
4Clarke Road,(adj), Dales06:50
5Open Hearth,(o/s), Dales06:52
6Rowlett Road,(adj), Lloyds06:53
7Pascal Close,(opp), Welland Vale06:54
8Wharfedale Road,(adj), Welland Vale06:54
9Yardley Close,(adj), Welland Vale06:55
10Welland Vale Road Shops,(o/s), Welland Vale05:0506:1706:57
10Welland Vale Road Shops,(o/s), Welland Vale05:0506:1706:57
11Stour Road,(opp), Shire Lodge05:0506:1706:57
12Medina Road,(opp), Shire Lodge05:0506:1706:57
13Nene Crescent,(opp), Shire Lodge05:0606:1806:58
14Lodge Park School,(opp), Shire Lodge05:0606:1806:58
15Vian Way,(opp), Lodge Park (Nhants)05:0706:1906:59
16The Kingfisher,(o/s), Lodge Park (Nhants)05:0706:1906:59
17Duncan Road,(opp), Lodge Park (Nhants)05:0806:2007:00
18Abington Road,(opp), Lodge Park (Nhants)05:0906:2107:01
19Beanfield Avenue,(opp), Beanfield05:1006:2207:02
20St Brendan's Church,(opp), Beanfield05:1106:2307:03
21The Phoenix,(opp), Beanfield05:1306:2507:05
22Marlow Court,(o/s), Beanfield05:1306:2507:05
23Glastonbury Road,(opp), Beanfield05:1306:2507:05
24Bodiam Place,(opp), Beanfield05:1406:2607:06
25Burgess Court,(opp), Beanfield05:1406:2607:06
26The Hazel Tree,(opp), Beanfield05:1506:2707:07
27Halifax Square,(opp), Beanfield05:1506:2707:07
28Todmorden Close,(adj), Beanfield05:1506:2707:07
29York Road,(opp), Beanfield05:1506:2707:07
30Eastbrook,(adj), King's Wood (Corby)05:1606:2807:08
31Glyndebourne Gardens,(opp), Beanfield05:1606:2807:08
32Kingswood School,(opp), Corby05:1706:2907:09
33Denmark Close,(adj), Danesholme05:1706:2907:09
34Oldenburgh Road,(adj), Danesholme05:1806:3007:10
35Brunswick Gardens,(adj), Danesholme05:1806:3007:10
36Minden Close,(adj), Danesholme05:1906:3107:11
37Herford Close,(adj), Danesholme05:1906:3107:11
38Bamburg Close,(opp), Danesholme05:2006:3207:12
39Breedon Close,(opp), Danesholme05:2006:3207:12
40Thetford Close,(opp), Danesholme05:2106:3307:13
41Underpass,(NW-bound), Danesholme05:2106:3307:13
42Colyers Avenue,(opp), Danesholme05:2206:3407:14
43Brisbane Gardens,(adj), King's Wood (Corby)05:2306:3507:15
44Quebec Close,(adj), King's Wood (Corby)05:2406:3607:16
45Barnard,(adj), King's Wood (Corby)05:2406:3607:16
46Harlech,(adj), King's Wood (Corby)05:2606:3807:18
47Patrick Road,(opp), King's Wood (Corby)05:2606:3807:18
48Recreation Ground,(adj), Hazel Leys05:2906:4107:21
49Blake Road,(nr), Hazel Leys05:3106:4307:23
50Leighton Road,(adj), Hazel Leys05:3306:4507:25
51George Street,(Stop E), Corby05:3506:4707:27
52Elizabeth Street,(Stop M), Corby05:3606:4807:28
53Burghley Drive,(nr), Exeter (Nhants)05:3706:4907:29
54St Marks Road,(opp), Corby Village05:3806:5007:30
55St James Road,(opp), Corby Village05:3906:5107:31
56St John the Baptist's Church,(o/s), Corby Village05:4006:5207:32
57British Oxygen,(o/s), Weldon Industry05:4106:5307:33
58Central Workshops,(adj), Weldon Industry05:4306:5507:35
59Footway to Cooks Road,(adj), Weldon Industry05:4606:5807:38
60Weldon North Industrial Estate,(opp), Weldon Industry05:5107:0307:43
61Hunters Road,(adj), Weldon Industry05:5207:0407:44
62RS Components,(opp), Weldon Industry05:4807:0007:40
63Corby Business Academy,(o/s), Weldon Industry05:4807:0007:40
64Priors Hall Future Centre,(o/s), Weldon Industry05:5007:0207:42
65Priors Hall Future Centre,(opp), Weldon Industry05:5007:0207:42
66Corby Gate,(opp), Weldon Industry05:5107:0307:43
67Weldon North Industrial Estate,(opp), Weldon Industry05:5107:0307:43
68Hunters Road,(adj), Weldon Industry05:5207:0407:44
69Sallow Road,(adj), Weldon Industry05:5307:0507:45
70Curver Way,(adj), Weldon Industry05:5307:0507:45
71Baird Road,(opp), Weldon Industry05:5407:0607:46
72Arkwright Road,(opp), Weldon Industry05:5507:0707:47
73Whittle Road,(adj), Weldon Industry05:5607:0807:48
74ASDA Superstore,(opp), Corby Village05:5807:1007:50

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.