Timetable for the 60 - Northampton - Guilsborough - Welford Bus Route
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Timetable for 60 - Northampton - Guilsborough - Welford Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Centrebus (licensed as Centrebus North Ltd).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 03/04/2020

bus timetable 60 Northampton - Guilsborough - Welford
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Map Showing the Routes of the 60 Northampton - Guilsborough - Welford Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Northampton - Guilsborough - Welford Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

Notes Operates on Northamptonshire Schooldays only
Bay 3, Northampton Bus Interchange, Northampton/Nhants, Northamptonshire07:4009:0014:3017:35
adj, Gala Casino, Northampton/Nhants, Northamptonshire07:4209:0214:3217:37
o/s, Royal Mail Sorting Office, Semilong, Northamptonshire07:4309:0314:3317:38
adj, Marriott Street, Semilong, Northamptonshire07:4409:0414:3417:39
adj, Arnold Road, Kingsthorpe Hollow, Northamptonshire07:4509:0514:3517:40
nr, Balmoral Road, Kingsthorpe Hollow, Northamptonshire07:4609:0614:3617:41
o/s, Grose's Garage, Queens Park/Nhants, Northamptonshire07:4709:0714:3717:42
o/s, The Cock, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire07:4809:0814:3817:43
o/s, Shopping Centre, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire07:5009:1014:4017:45
opp, Texaco Garage, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire07:5109:1114:4017:45
adj, Kingsway, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire07:5109:1114:4117:46
opp, Acre Lane, Spring Park (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:5209:1214:4117:46
opp, The Windmill, Spring Park (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:5209:1214:4217:47
opp, Fairmead Rise, Spring Park (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:5309:1314:4217:47
opp, Brampton Lane, Spring Park (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:5409:1414:4317:48
opp, The Spencer Arms, Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire07:5609:1614:4517:50
opp, Cedar Hythe, Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire07:5709:1714:4617:51
adj, Gorse Road, Spratton, Northamptonshire14:5017:55
adj, Allotments, Spratton, Northamptonshire08:0109:21
adj, Ryefields, Spratton, Northamptonshire14:5017:55
opp, Starvold Close, Spratton, Northamptonshire14:5117:56
adj, Allotments, Spratton, Northamptonshire14:5217:57
adj, The Jetty, Creaton, Northamptonshire14:5518:00
opp, Bricklayers Arms, Creaton, Northamptonshire08:0509:25
o/s, St Michael's Church, Creaton, Northamptonshire14:5618:01
adj, The Green, Hollowell, Northamptonshire08:0809:2814:5818:03
adj, Coton Road, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire08:1009:3015:0018:05
opp, Bus Shelter, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire08:1209:3215:0218:07
o/s, Manor Farm, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire09:3315:03
adj, Guilsborough County School, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire08:14
opp, Red Lion, Thornby (Nhants), Northamptonshire09:3715:07
o/s, Black Horse, Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire09:4315:13
o/s, Phone Box, Naseby, Northamptonshire15:17
adj, Newlands Road, Welford (Nhants), Northamptonshire09:5115:25
adj, Orchard Terrace, Welford (Nhants), Northamptonshire09:5115:25
adj, The Square, Welford (Nhants), Northamptonshire09:5215:26
opp, Westfield Crescent, Welford (Nhants), Northamptonshire09:5215:26
opp, Primary School, Welford (Nhants), Northamptonshire09:5315:27

MondayToFriday - outbound

Stops Operates on Northamptonshire Schooldays only
opp, Primary School, Welford (Nhants), Northamptonshire10:2513:40
adj, The Leys, Welford (Nhants), Northamptonshire10:2613:41
o/s, Black Horse, Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire13:50
o/s, Phone Box, Naseby, Northamptonshire10:35
o/s, Black Horse, Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire10:39
o/s, Red Lion, Thornby (Nhants), Northamptonshire10:4413:55
opp, Manor Farm, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire10:4813:59
adj, Bus Shelter, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire07:0608:2010:5014:01
opp, Coton Road, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire07:0608:2010:5014:01
opp, The Green, Hollowell, Northamptonshire07:0908:2310:5314:04
o/s, Bricklayers Arms, Creaton, Northamptonshire07:1208:2610:5614:07
adj, The Jetty, Creaton, Northamptonshire10:58
opp, Allotments, Spratton, Northamptonshire07:1608:3014:11
o/s, St Michael's Church, Creaton, Northamptonshire10:58
o/s, Bricklayers Arms, Creaton, Northamptonshire10:59
opp, Allotments, Spratton, Northamptonshire11:01
adj, Cedar Hythe, Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire07:2008:3414:15
adj, Starvold Close, Spratton, Northamptonshire11:02
opp, Ryefields, Spratton, Northamptonshire11:03
opp, Gorse Road, Spratton, Northamptonshire11:04
adj, Cedar Hythe, Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire11:08
o/s, The Spencer Arms, Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire07:2008:3411:0814:15
adj, Brampton Lane, Spring Park (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:2108:3511:0914:16
adj, Fairmead Rise, Spring Park (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:2108:3511:0914:16
o/s, The Windmill, Spring Park (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:2208:3611:1014:17
nr, Acre Lane, Spring Park (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:2208:3611:1014:17
opp, Kingsway, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire07:2308:3711:1114:18
o/s, Texaco Garage, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire07:2408:3811:1214:19
opp, Shopping Centre, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire07:2608:4011:1414:21
opp, The Cock, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire07:2708:4211:1514:22
opp, Grose's Garage, Queens Park/Nhants, Northamptonshire07:2808:4311:1614:23
adj, Balmoral Road, Kingsthorpe Hollow, Northamptonshire07:2808:4311:1614:23
opp, Arnold Road, Kingsthorpe Hollow, Northamptonshire07:2908:4411:1714:24
opp, Marriott Street, Semilong, Northamptonshire07:3008:4511:1814:25
opp, Royal Mail Sorting Office, Semilong, Northamptonshire07:3108:4611:1814:25
opp, Gala Casino, Northampton/Nhants, Northamptonshire07:3308:4811:2014:27
Bay 3, Northampton Bus Interchange, Northampton/Nhants, Northamptonshire07:3508:5111:2214:29

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.