Timetable for the NSG1 - Blackthorn - Northampton School For Girls Bus Route
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Timetable for NSG1 - Blackthorn - Northampton School For Girls Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Hamiltons & Buckbys Coaches (licensed as Minesh Uka).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 03/04/2020

bus timetable NSG1 Blackthorn - Northampton School For Girls
Operator Information for Hamiltons & Buckbys Coaches
Email Fares Address
hamiltonscoaches@googlemail.com 01536772268 The Coach Station, Pipewell Road Industrial Estate, Pipewell Road, Desborough NN14 2SW

Map Showing the Routes of the NSG1 Blackthorn - Northampton School For Girls Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Blackthorn - Northampton School For Girls Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

Notes Operates on Northamptonshire Schooldays only Operates on Northamptonshire Schooldays only
o/s, School for Girls, Parklands (Nhants), Northamptonshire16:00
o/s, Pig and Whistle, Blackthorn (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:2316:10
adj, Greatmeadow, Blackthorn (Nhants), Northamptonshire07:2516:12
adj, Fellmead Road, Rectory Farm, Northamptonshire07:2716:14
adj, Allard Close, Rectory Farm, Northamptonshire07:2816:15
adj, Daimler Close, Rectory Farm, Northamptonshire07:2916:16
nr, Sheerwater Drive, Ecton Brook, Northamptonshire07:3216:19
opp, St Andrews Primary School, Ecton Brook, Northamptonshire07:3316:20
o/s, Primary School, Ecton Brook, Northamptonshire07:3416:21
opp, Long Mallows Rise, Ecton Brook, Northamptonshire07:3516:22
opp, Thorburn Road, Weston Favell, Northamptonshire07:4016:27
opp, Dulverton Road, Abington Vale, Northamptonshire07:4116:28
opp, Allotments, Abington Vale, Northamptonshire07:4116:28
opp, Landcross Drive, Abington Vale, Northamptonshire07:4216:29
o/s, Upper School, Abington Vale, Northamptonshire07:4316:30
opp, Lynmouth Avenue, Abington Vale, Northamptonshire07:4416:31
opp, Filleigh Way, Abington Vale, Northamptonshire07:4416:31
opp, Abington Park Crescent, Headlands, Northamptonshire07:4616:33
opp, Greenway, Headlands, Northamptonshire07:4716:34
opp, The Trumpet, Weston Favell, Northamptonshire07:4816:35
adj, Booth Lane South, Weston Favell, Northamptonshire07:4916:36
adj, Fir Tree Walk, Westone, Northamptonshire07:5016:37
opp, Flaxwell Court, Standens Barn, Northamptonshire07:5416:41
adj, Topwell Court Turning Circle, Standens Barn, Northamptonshire07:5616:42
opp, Flaxfield Walk, Little Billing, Northamptonshire07:5816:44
adj, Orchard Hill, Little Billing, Northamptonshire07:5916:45
adj, Gibbsacre Court, Bellinge, Northamptonshire08:0016:46
opp, Bellinge Primary School, Bellinge, Northamptonshire08:0116:47
opp, Fieldmill Road, Bellinge, Northamptonshire08:0216:48
opp, Campion Court, Bellinge, Northamptonshire08:0316:49
opp, Worcester Close, Little Billing, Northamptonshire08:0316:49
adj, Russet Drive, Little Billing, Northamptonshire08:0416:50
opp, Ashmead, Little Billing, Northamptonshire08:0416:50
opp, Little Billing Way, Weston Favell Centre, Northamptonshire08:0516:51
opp, Wildacre Drive, Lings, Northamptonshire08:0516:51
opp, Lingswood Park, Lings, Northamptonshire08:0616:52
opp, Lings Wood, Lings, Northamptonshire08:0616:52
adj, Waterpump Court, Thorplands, Northamptonshire08:0816:54
opp, Sulby Road, Thorplands, Northamptonshire08:0916:55
opp, Hillfields Community Centre, Thorplands, Northamptonshire08:1016:56
opp, Arbour Wood, Thorplands, Northamptonshire08:1116:57
opp, Brookside Community Centre, Lings, Northamptonshire08:1216:58
opp, Billing Brook School, Lumbertubs, Northamptonshire08:1216:58
opp, Fir Tree Walk, Westone, Northamptonshire08:1316:59
opp, Oaklands Drive, Westone, Northamptonshire08:1417:00
adj, Ekins Close, Westone, Northamptonshire08:15
opp, Weston Favell School, Headlands, Northamptonshire08:16
adj, The Headlands, Headlands, Northamptonshire08:17
adj, St Gregory's Primary School, Boothville, Northamptonshire08:18
adj, Lanercost Walk, Boothville, Northamptonshire08:19
opp, Kirkstone Walk, Boothville, Northamptonshire08:20
adj, Eden Close, Boothville, Northamptonshire08:20
opp, Coppice Drive, Spinney Hill, Northamptonshire08:22
opp, Parklands Avenue, Parklands (Nhants), Northamptonshire08:23
adj, Ledaig Way, Parklands (Nhants), Northamptonshire08:24
o/s, School for Girls, Parklands (Nhants), Northamptonshire08:25

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.