Timetable for the 25X - Doncaster - Harworth - Worksop Bus Route
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Timetable for 25X - Doncaster - Harworth - Worksop Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Lincolnshire Road Car Co Ltd

Timetable Starts 22 May 2018.

bus timetable 25X Doncaster - Harworth - Worksop

Google Map Showing the Routes of the 25X Doncaster - Harworth - Worksop Bus.

Bus Timetable for the Doncaster - Harworth - Worksop Service

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.

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Whitehouse Court - Bus Station
Service operates from 19/06/2018 until 20/12/2018
Service operates Monday to Friday
Service does not run August Bank Holiday
Inbound, Monday to Friday
Bircotes, Whitehouse Court, opp 05:01
Bircotes, Waterslack Road, S-bound 05:01
Bircotes, Sports Ground, adj 05:01
Bircotes, Colliery, adj 05:02
Harworth, Grosvenor Road, N-bound 05:02
Harworth, Beverley Road, W-bound 05:03
Harworth, West Street, N-bound 05:04
Harworth, Sandymount, adj 05:04
Harworth, Devonshire Road, opp 05:05
Harworth, Mayfair Close, adj 05:05
Harworth, Melbourne Grove, adj 05:06
Harworth, War Memorial, opp 05:06
Harworth, The Green, adj 05:07
Harworth, Common Lane, opp 05:07
Styrrup, Pagdin Drive, opp 05:10
Harworth, Certex, adj 05:11
Blyth (Notts), The Woodlands, adj 05:13
Blyth (Notts), Brookside, opp 05:13
Blyth (Notts), Nornay Close, opp 05:14
Blyth (Notts), Methodist Church, opp 05:15
Blyth (Notts), Worksop Road, W-bound 05:15
Blyth (Notts), Briber Road, adj 05:15
Carlton Forest, Hundred Acre Wood, adj 05:19
Carlton Forest, Red Lane, opp 05:19
Worksop, Champions Plantation, o/s 05:21
Larwood, Birkdale, adj 05:21
Larwood, Community Centre, o/s 05:22
Larwood, Holding, opp 05:22
Kilton (Worksop), Goldsmith Road, S-bound 05:23
Kilton (Worksop), Coleridge Road, adj 05:23
Kilton (Worksop), Thackeray Close, adj 05:23
Kilton (Worksop), Sitwell Road, adj 05:24
Kilton (Worksop), Longfellow Drive, opp 05:24
Kilton (Worksop), Rayton Spur, S-bound 05:25
Bracebridge (Notts), Bracebridge, opp 49 05:26
Bracebridge (Notts), Bracebridge, o/s 26 05:26
Bracebridge (Notts), High Hoe Road, S-bound 05:26
Manton (Notts), Howard Street, opp 05:27
Manton (Notts), Shrewsbury Road, S-bound 05:27
Manton (Notts), Hardwick Road West, adj 05:27
Manton (Notts), Post Office, o/s 05:28
Manton (Notts), Cemetery, opp 05:28
Manton (Notts), Depots, adj 05:28
Manton (Notts), Garage, opp 05:29
Manton (Notts), B & Q, opp 05:29
Manton (Notts), B & Q, in 05:30
Manton (Notts), Roundabout, NE-bound 05:30
Manton Wood(Worksop), Enterprise Zone, adj 05:32
Manton Wood(Worksop), Prolog, opp 05:32
Manton Wood(Worksop), Greencore, opp 05:32
Manton Wood(Worksop), Solway Foods, o/s 05:33
Manton Wood(Worksop), Greencore, o/s 05:33
Manton Wood(Worksop), Prolog, nr 05:33
Manton Wood(Worksop), Wilkinsons, o/s 05:37
Manton Wood(Worksop), Enterprise Zone, opp 05:42
Manton (Notts), Roundabout, SW-bound 05:44
Manton (Notts), B & Q, o/s 05:45
Manton (Notts), Garage, o/s 05:46
Manton (Notts), Depots, opp 05:47
Manton (Notts), Cemetery, o/s 05:48
Manton (Notts), Post Office, opp 05:49
Worksop, Retford Road, NW-bound 05:50
Worksop, Cemetery Road, opp 05:51
Worksop, Priory, opp 05:52
Worksop, Victoria Road, adj 05:53
Worksop, Bus Station, Bay G 05:55
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