Timetable for the 138 - Killamarsh - Eckington School Bus Route
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Timetable for 138 - Killamarsh - Eckington School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Powells Bus (licensed as Powells Bus Co Ltd).

Start Date: 01/10/2019 - End Date: 03/04/2020

bus timetable 138 Killamarsh - Eckington School
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Operator Information for Powells Bus
Fares Address
01709702220 Unit 2, 6 Hellaby Lane, Hellaby Industrial Estate, Rotherham S66 8HN

Map Showing the Routes of the 138 Killamarsh - Eckington School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Killamarsh - Eckington School Service

MondayToFriday - inbound

Notes Schooldays only
SE-bound, Bridge Street, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:00
opp, Canal Bridge, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:00
adj, Church On The Hill, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:01
S-bound, High Street, Upperthorpe/Derbys, Derbyshire08:01
Opp, Nags Head, Upperthorpe/Derbys, Derbyshire08:02
W-bound, Cherry Tree Drive, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:02
Opp, Bull And Badger, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:03
Adj, Oak Close, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:03
Adj, Maple Drive, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:04
adj, Mulberry Way, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:05
opp, Aspen Close, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:05
Opp, St Giles School, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:06
Adj, Chandos Crescent, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:06
Opp, Church Hall, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:06
Adj, Canal Bridge, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:07
Adj, Bridge Street, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:08
adj, Walford Road, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:08
Adj, Station Road, Killamarsh, Derbyshire08:09
opp, Meadowbrook Park, Holbrook (SYork), South Yorkshire08:10
nr, Rotherham Road, Halfway Tram Stop, South Yorkshire08:11
opp, Station Road, Halfway (SYork), South Yorkshire08:12
nr, School Avenue, Halfway (SYork), South Yorkshire08:13
opp, Sewell Road, Halfway (SYork), South Yorkshire08:14
Adj, Pipworth Lane, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:15
adj, Rectory Close, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:16
Adj, Prince of Wales, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:16
Opp, School Street, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:17
Adj, Atkinson Mews, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:18
Adj, Fanshaw Road, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:19
Adj, Fenton Street, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:19
opp, Ravencar Road, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:19
Adj, School bus park, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire08:20

MondayToFriday - outbound

Stops Schooldays only
Adj, School bus park, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:25
Adj, Ravencar Road, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:25
Opp, Fenton Street, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:25
Opp, Fanshaw Road, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:26
Opp, Atkinson Mews, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:26
adj, School Street, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:27
Opp, Prince of Wales, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:28
Opp, Rectory Close, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:29
Opp, Pipworth Lane, Eckington (Derbys), Derbyshire15:30
adj, Hollow Lane, Halfway (SYork), South Yorkshire15:32
nr, Morton Mount, Halfway (SYork), South Yorkshire15:32
adj, Eckington Way, Halfway Tram Stop, South Yorkshire15:33
adj, South View, Holbrook (SYork), South Yorkshire15:34
adj, Rother Valley Way, Holbrook (SYork), South Yorkshire15:35
Opp, Station Road, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:36
opp, Walford Road, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:36
SE-bound, Bridge Street, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:37
opp, Canal Bridge, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:37
Adj, Church Hall, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:38
Opp, Chandos Crescent, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:38
Adj, St Giles School, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:39
Adj, Aspen Close, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:39
opp, Mulberry Way, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:40
opp, Maple Drive, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:40
Adj, Bull And Badger, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:41
E-bound, Cherry Tree Drive, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:42
Adj, Nags Head, Upperthorpe/Derbys, Derbyshire15:42
N-bound, High Street, Upperthorpe/Derbys, Derbyshire15:42
opp, Church On The Hill, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:43
Adj, Canal Bridge, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:44
adj, Bridge Street setting down, Killamarsh, Derbyshire15:45

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.