Timetable for the 12 - Newmarket - Fordham - Soham - Stuntney - Ely Bus Route

Timetable for 12 - Newmarket - Fordham - Soham - Stuntney - Ely Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Big Green Bus Company (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 08/07/2019

bus timetable 12 Newmarket - Fordham - Soham - Stuntney - Ely

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Newmarket -> Fordham -> Down Field -> Soham -> Stuntney -> Ely

Map Showing the Routes of the 12 Newmarket - Fordham - Soham - Stuntney - Ely Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Newmarket - Fordham - Soham - Stuntney - Ely Service

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Week Days - outbound

The Guineas Bus Station, Bay, Newmarket06:01
Tannersfield Way, Adjacent, Newmarket06:02
Hospital, Opposite, Newmarket06:02
Newmarket Academy, Adjacent, Exning Road, Newmarket06:03
Depot Road, Opposite, Exning Road, Newmarket06:04
Laureate School Road, Opposite, Exning Road, Newmarket06:04
Studlands Park Avenue, opp, Exning Road, Newmarket06:05
Victoria Way, adj, Studlands Park Avenue, Newmarket06:05
Kings Court, Adjacent, Willie Snaith Road, Newmarket06:06
Tesco, Adjacent, Fordham Road, Newmarket06:06
Mill Lane, near, River Lane, Fordham06:10
Church, o/s, Collin's Hill, Fordham06:10
Collin's Hill, near, Church Street, Fordham06:11
War Memorial, opp, Carter Street, Fordham06:11
New Path, near, Carter Street, Fordham06:12
Harry Palmer Close, opp, Sharman's Road, Fordham06:12
Murfitts Lane, opp, Soham Road, Fordham06:13
Centre Road, near, Fordham Road, Down Field06:15
Regal Lane, opp, Fordham Road, Down Field06:15
Staples Lane, opp, Fordham Road, Soham06:16
Brook Dam Lane, opp, High Street, Soham06:17
White Hart Lane, opp, Fountain Lane, Soham06:17
Ten Bell Lane, opp, Pratt Street, Soham06:17
Bushel Lane, opp, Hall Street, Soham06:18
Julius Martin Lane, near, Hall Street, Soham06:18
Holmes Lane, opp, Townsend, Soham06:18
The Birches, near, Townsend, Soham06:19
Barcham Road, opp, The Shade, Soham06:20
Eye Hill Drove, opp, Ely Road, Soham06:22
Soham Road, o/s 5, Stuntney06:24
Lower Road, near, Soham Road, Stuntney06:25
EMG Garage, adj, Angel Drove, Ely06:29
Tower Road, near, Cambridge Road, Ely06:30
W Fen Road, near, St Mary's Street, Ely06:31
Newnham Street, opp, Nutholt Lane, Ely06:32
Market Street, Stop C, Ely06:33

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.