Timetable for the 8 - Ely - March Bus Route

Timetable for 8 - Ely - March Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Cambus Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 20/06/2021 End Date: 08/01/2022

bus timetable 8 Ely - March

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Chatteris -> Doddington -> Wimblington -> March -> Town End

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

March -> Town End -> Wimblington -> Doddington -> Chatteris

Map Showing the Routes of the 8 Ely - March Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Ely - March Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Station Road, near, Broad Street, March06:4006:4006:4006:40
Bevills Place, near, High Street, March06:4006:4006:4006:40
Burrowmoor Road, opp, High Street, March06:4006:4006:4006:40
Scargell's Lane, adj, High Street, March06:4006:4006:4006:40
Springfield Avenue, opp, The Causeway, March06:4106:4106:4106:41
The Avenue, S-bound, March06:4106:4106:4106:41
Monument View, near, The Avenue, March06:4206:4206:4206:42
Neale Wade College, near, Wimblington Road, Town End06:4206:4206:4206:42
Wimblington Road, o/s 32, March06:4306:4306:4306:43
Lambs Hill Drove, near, Wimblington Road, March06:4306:4306:4306:43
Isle Of Ely Way, near, Wimblington Road, March06:4406:4406:4406:44
March Road, SW-bound, Wimblington06:4506:4506:4506:45
Bridge Lane, near, March Road, Wimblington06:4606:4606:4606:46
Honeymead Road, near, March Road, Wimblington06:4606:4606:4606:46
Addison Road, near, March Road, Wimblington06:4706:4706:4706:47
Chapel Lane, near, Doddington Road, Wimblington06:4706:4706:4706:47
Doddington Road, S-bound, Wimblington06:4806:4806:4806:48
Rays Court, opp, Doddington Road, Wimblington06:4806:4806:4806:48
Brickmaker's Arms Lane, near, Wimblington Road, Wimblington06:4906:4906:4906:49
Wimblington Road, W-bound, Doddington06:4906:4906:4906:49
Childs Lane, near, Wimblington Road, Doddington06:5006:5006:5006:50
Ingle's Lane, near, High Street, Doddington06:5106:5106:5106:51
Thistledown, opp, New Street, Doddington06:5106:5106:5106:51
Cook's Green, near, Newgate Street, Doddington06:5206:5206:5206:52
Primrose Hill, opp 9, Doddington06:5206:5206:5206:52
Primrose Cottage, opp, Primrose Hill, Doddington06:5306:5306:5306:53
Howmoor Farm, o/s, Primrose Hill, Doddington06:5406:5406:5406:54
Forty Foot Bank, opp, Doddington Road, Chatteris06:5506:5506:5506:55
Doddington Road, opp 15, Chatteris06:5706:5706:5706:57
Little Curf Drove, near, Doddington Road, Chatteris06:5706:5706:5706:57
Fenland Way, opp, Bridge Street, Chatteris06:5806:5806:5806:58
Dock Road, near, Bridge Street, Chatteris06:5806:5806:5806:58
Ash Grove, opp, High Street, Chatteris06:5906:5906:5906:59
King Edward Road, opp, High Street, Chatteris06:5906:5906:5906:59
East Park Street, SE-bound, Chatteris07:0007:0007:0007:00

Week Days - outbound

East Park Street, NW-bound, Chatteris19:2919:2919:2919:29
King Edward Road, near, High Street, Chatteris19:2919:2919:2919:29
Ash Grove, near, High Street, Chatteris19:2919:2919:2919:29
Dock Road, opp, Bridge Street, Chatteris19:3019:3019:3019:30
Fenland Way, near, Bridge Street, Chatteris19:3019:3019:3019:30
Little Curf Drove, opp, Doddington Road, Chatteris19:3119:3119:3119:31
Doddington Road, o/s 19, Chatteris19:3219:3219:3219:32
Forty Foot Bank, near, Doddington Road, Chatteris19:3319:3319:3319:33
Howmoor Farm, opp, Primrose Hill, Doddington19:3519:3519:3519:35
Primrose Cottage, o/s, Primrose Hill, Doddington19:3519:3519:3519:35
Primrose Hill, o/s 9, Doddington19:3719:3719:3719:37
Cook's Green, opp, Newgate Street, Doddington19:3719:3719:3719:37
Thistledown, adj, New Street, Doddington19:3819:3819:3819:38
Ingle's Lane, opp, High Street, Doddington19:3919:3919:3919:39
Childs Lane, opp, Wimblington Road, Doddington19:3919:3919:3919:39
Wimblington Road, E-bound, Doddington19:4019:4019:4019:40
Brickmaker's Arms Lane, opp, Doddington Road, Wimblington19:4119:4119:4119:41
Rays Court, near, Doddington Road, Wimblington19:4119:4119:4119:41
Doddington Road, N-bound, Wimblington19:4219:4219:4219:42
Chapel Lane, opp, Doddington Road, Wimblington19:4219:4219:4219:42
Addison Road, opp, March Road, Wimblington19:4319:4319:4319:43
Honeymead Road, opp, March Road, Wimblington19:4419:4419:4419:44
Bridge Lane, opp, March Road, Wimblington19:4519:4519:4519:45
March Road, o/s 53, Wimblington19:4519:4519:4519:45
Isle Of Ely Way, opp, Wimblington Road, March19:4719:4719:4719:47
Lambs Hill Drove, opp, Wimblington Road, March19:4819:4819:4819:48
Wimblington Road, opp 8, March19:4919:4919:4919:49
Neale Wade College, opp, The Avenue, Town End19:4919:4919:4919:49
Monument View, opp, The Avenue, March19:5019:5019:5019:50
The Avenue, N-bound, March19:5019:5019:5019:50
Causeway Close, near, The Causeway, March19:5019:5019:5019:50
Scargell's Lane, opp, High Street, March19:5119:5119:5119:51
Bevills Place, opp, High Street, March19:5219:5219:5219:52
Grays Lane, near, Broad Street, March19:5319:5319:5319:53

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